By Wonderful_0 - 23/06/2015 17:58 - United Kingdom - Luton

Today, my creepy 12-year-old neighbour stood on his trampoline, looked over my fence and started waving a large net around, chanting my dog's name. Now I'm scared to let my dog outside alone. FML
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Hi no my dog is very controlled and well behaved, and only barks to ward off danger. However, because he's just a big softie, (he's a border collie/black Labrador cross breed) all the neighbours love him, but apparently this kid loves him a little too much...

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Relax he's just training to be a Pokemon master.

Thats when you get a bigger net and start calling his name


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Thing is, OP is from Luton so this kid could actually be psycho.

cynthianicole95 9

It doesn't matter that he's only 12. Kids are capable of hurting animals, too.

Most serial killers begin killing animals while they're teenagers

We studied that in my college psyc class. The childhood of serial killers and how many were pyromaniacs, bed wetters, and animal abusers. Or something like that, was a while ago.

Exactly. He's twelve. He should know better, or he actually has some serious mental condition

I was choked so badly for no reason by my crazy 6 year old neighbour I had to go to the emergency room. Who somehow got into my very secure fenced in yard while sunbathing. Imagine what a psycho 12 year old could do

Well I know how I am spending my 52nd birthday.

"He's only 12"... If love to believe innocence is present in every child, however life has proved me wrong. This one 11 year old I knew took a baby kitten and ran over it with his bike, he also said he loved the wolves i drew, because they made him want to skin them. He was ****** up. Honestly, I've heard of kids not much older than 12 murdering their own pets and shit like that, or hurting other kids not in a playful way but in an evil way

Killing pets is a sign of psychopathy.

Serial killers start young, and usually start with animals. Talk to his parents OP! Maybe they can get him into counseling.

add razorwire and an electrical current to your fence to solve this problem, if this does not help, hire armed gaurds

Relax he's just training to be a Pokemon master.

nataliewby 25

But OP would block his pokeball, after all you can't catch another trainer's Pokemon

On a slightly unrelated note, my cat keeps carrying around a toy Pidgey. My cat is better at catching Pokemanz than this kid.

he must be team rocket's new trainee then.

You should talk to his parents and let them know. Hopefully they'll do their job with their child.

"Hopefully they'll do their job with their child." Except if the child's parents are construction workers. Children really shouldn't be working with their parents in construction areas. *laugh track* My comment was written in front of a live studio audience.

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He's just appeasing our soon to be dog overlords.

Dog are far from being overlords. Now cat overlords are something that's reasonable.

mds9986 24

That's what they want you to think.

no that's what the government wants you to think that the dog wants to think that will make this make you think more than you think should be thinking while reading this and thinking of what the heck this comment is about. Think about this.

I seriously got confused by what the heck I just wrote.

I don't think you have anything to worry about... Unless he's got the other two signs in the psychopath trifecta.

I'm sure a large net is not the only thing he has to catch your dog

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Maybe he knows you think he is creepy and he is doing it on purpose.

It would be a shame if he... fell. For the dog.

If you were from China, I would have yelled, "Yulin pigs!"... But I guess "creepy kid" is the best I can do.

Thats when you get a bigger net and start calling his name