By ChrisD2V - 01/12/2011 03:52 - United States

Today, I photocopied several hundred pages of my school's textbook because I didn't want to buy it. My school later says to just buy it and it will be reimbursed. FML
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Bind the photocopied pages together and sell it to the next un-informed student for cheaper.


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Not only a tree killer but a complete idiot.

OP is definetly idiotic for not being able to see in the futur. I guess I too am a dumb person for not forseeing events...

1 - Wouldn't printing each page of the textbook be the same as producing the textbook? OP is not as much of a tree killer as the companies that produce the books. Boom.

33 is right. Same amount of paper the actual book would have taken up! And OP was just trying to save money so what's the big deal?

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I hope they at least recycle the paper mountain.

Watch out op the democrats are going to murder you in your sleep

36 and 33 the text book was already made not his copy he pointlessly made another one and that's why they are calling him a treekiller

Well said 82, plus we have a thing called technology, Op could have simply taken pictures of the book put them into a PDF or word doc and loaded them onto a laptop or a tablet.....

82 - When Universities offer textbooks, they charge fees for the production of the textbooks. So, yes and no.

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Well wouldnt it cost the same bc the price of the ink and paper he just wasted?!

I take it you've never seen the prices on University textbooks.... They are really expensive.

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You are very special. What do you think the book is made of? Think long and hard.

I don't understand how 1 has like 100 upvotes, but 2 has negative votes and they said pretty much the same thing.

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how long would that honestly take

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Guessing an hour maybe? Matters on the scanner and printer. Books are expensive now a days for college. I use chegg, though. Cheap and 100% reliable!

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Too bad the OP didn't have hinesight

Plus it's illegal to photocopy a copyrighted textbook

Plus it's illegal to photocopy a copyrighted textbook

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Well now at least you have two copies! But not very environmentally or time friendly...

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You just killed so many trees you jackass.

What 60 said. When you go to a store and ask for a ream of paper, a tree doesn't just tragically clutch its heart and die.

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No but they cringe terribly at the sight of an ax, wood chipper or chainsaw.

Trees grow back, everyone chill out its a renewable resource

Well that's what you get for me stingy with money!

Some people have to be stingy. My dad recently changed jobs and lost alot of his income he worked for, so my parents are really stingy at the moment.

It's spelled with a K. Mr. Eugene H. Krabs.

Bind the photocopied pages together and sell it to the next un-informed student for cheaper.

25, Not if you hole punch it, put it in a binder and separate the chapters with tabs.

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63- Power drill it :) haha just put a small bit on, clamp the papers together and hope it works.