By First Kiss - 07/12/2012 12:39 - Australia - Melbourne

Today, after a romantic dinner, movie, and stroll in the park, we had our first kiss. It would have been perfect, had a passerby not thrown rubbish at us for "unnecessary public display of affection." FML
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Dafuq? Enjoy the day. **** that loser. He's just sad that he can't kiss anyone.

Tell him off for his unnecessary display of littering.


Dafuq? Enjoy the day. **** that loser. He's just sad that he can't kiss anyone.

ryry013 6

I couldn't imagine myself walking through the park, and throwing my trash at someone, because they were kissing.

Lindahhxd 7

Hey! Doesn't mean you can't have a second kiss that's meaningful again.

Guys don't be so harsh, he helped Op make it a night she will never forget. :) But he is still an asscracker.

43, I'd rather remember a night because some great happened, not because someone threw trash at me.

I don't understand why people hate displays of affection so much. My friends give me a hard time each and every time they see me kiss my boyfriend.

CharresBarkrey 15

75 - It gets annoying when it happens a lot. Sometimes it's better to save it for when you're alone, and not with friends.

Why was 43 thumbed down so much? I'm sure he meant that they'll all be able to look back on the incident and laugh at it. Much unlike some of the commenters on this post

CharresBarkrey 15

89 - I'm sure not everyone reads comments the same exact way you do. Personally, I read their comment as being sarcastic.

...and say it was for unnecessary display of douchebaggery.

Tell him off for his unnecessary display of littering.

Actions speak louder than words. Your show that you're in a loving relationship. Theirs show that they're an asshole. And probably lonely.


So? Throw rocks at them for "Unnecessary public displays of stupidity."

MichellinMan 20

81- They'll stone you when you're tryin to be so good, They'll stone you just like they said they said they would, They'll stone you when you're tryin to go home, Yea, they'll stone you when you're there all alone. But I WOULD NOT FEEL SO ALL ALONE...

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Or not trashy enough... Thus the addition.

Dinner, movie, and a walk in the park? What is this, 1957? I thought dates these days consisted of fast food, Xbox, and making out on your parents' sofa.

Young love, Doc. We don't know how old these 'uns are. So I think you mean "Fast food, *twitter and Facebook status updates, and sexting each other."

Schizomaniac 24

1957? Is that the year you graduated medical school?

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Your sarcasm offends me 34. I flipping love video games!

Trisha_aus 15

I was just watching an old episode of House..too similar

Why 46, you apparently know it is sarcasm and not meant to be serious. In all serious I used to have a gf that could easily kick my ass in any videogame.

perdix 29

#9, Doc, you're even more out of it than I am! "Making out on your parents' couch?" Everyone knows that today's good-night kiss is a ********!

Yeah, Op you aren't getting lucky tonight, all of this is to cliche.

Well.. Looks like you're never getting lucky if that's the way you think..

Yeah I was trying to reference a passed FML, but as you can see I failed.

Passed? D: I never new it died! R.I.P old FML, you will be missed. *taps*

Haha shit.....Past*. Today's just one of those days man.

Hey it's ok. Made for a funny thought.

follow him then throw trash at him for unnecessary walking

More like unnecessarily breathing. What a loser!