By johncabbot25 - 23/12/2011 10:53 - Canada

Today, I had my first kiss with the woman I've been in love with for two years. Right as I kissed her, some guys drove by in a car and threw some soggy spaghetti at me, yelling, "Noob!" FML
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SinfulTragedy 19

At least you unlocked an achievement!

flockz 19

44- you misspelled *captain* twice, in two different ways, in the same comment... *facedictionary*


SinfulTragedy 19

At least you unlocked an achievement!

bertoelmexicano 6

Who's the one kissing a girl? And who are the ones with a car full of dudes? I think we know who really won on this one.


dammit you beat me to it. haha. 50 points added to your gamer score

JustCallMePic 2

When I was a kid I was obsessed with turning into an inanimate object.

monkeysareyummy 0

Attack helicopter inbound.

Captan: Get to the chopper Noob: But I don't wanna Captin:(face palm)

Atleast you got 50 Gamerscore...

Doesn't matter had... Kiss??

you got free spaghetti too. 2 achievements? yes

flockz 19

44- you misspelled *captain* twice, in two different ways, in the same comment... *facedictionary*

Maybe be knew he didn't know how to spell it and tried two different variations, hoping one be right. In any event, epic fail.

thatoneitalian 3

Dogs inbound.. Fetch me their souls!

YUCK! they threw Noobles at me!

Ooh, you've been Internetsed. I feel your pain. 101 get!

xcdog16 0

I see what you did there lol

44- U spelled "captain" wrong twice and in different ways.....

Who the hell has soggy spaghetti at the ready like that..?

72 and 133, 45 misspelled captain not 44. #glasses.

GhostlyGhoulish 1

This sounds to me like an episode of how I met your mother

Banana_Pancakes6 0

144 - Hashtags aren't welcome here.

Sucks man...better luck next time

FruityLoooons 8

...but he still kissed her?

I don't think it's that bad at least it's memorable! My first kiss with my girlfriend was interrupted by a huge group of joggers. It just gave us something to laugh about and it relieved the slight awkwardness.



Wait, your first kiss all together? Or your first kiss with that woman?

JustinThunder 8


If it was first ever, then that sucks. If it was first with her, it still sucks. Moral of the story: no matter what you're doing, getting spaghetti thrown at you sucks.

debatingalways 0

If they waited to years it was probably both

58-just because he's been in love with her for two years doesn't mean they have been together for two years.


70 - I don't like your picture very much...

Haha it's just a joke..boys are awesome:)


I knew somebody was going to say this as soon as i read the fml...

41 - What if you are getting spaghetti thrown at you because you are hungry and want some spaghetti?

Yeah what if you were starving and hadn't had a bite to eat in weeks? I don't know about you but I would be pretty damn happy to get spagetti thrown at me! xD

Dine and dash? haha

leogirl95 12

Um, no

*Throws soggy Spaghetti* Noob! No, but really, that was a terrible joke and you should be ashamed of yourself.

Good story for your future kids, OP. don't sweat it.

nixter5 18

I think throwing soggy spaghetti maybe a first. Never heard of that!

tylermt1999 17

Smooth like Keith Stone

I despise your prof. pic....

Is that really a reason to comment?

^ Was that?

Glitterhinoceros 14

Agreed with 43

tylermt1999 17

we got crosby fuck ovechkin

At least ovi isn't in a skate chair

HogwartsDropout7 0

At least you won't forget it.

This is a victory for the record books! Pop the champagne.

This only happens in movies haha

ikickgingers 15

Queue scene from lady and the tramp...

Sorry I'm not a grammar nazi or anything but it should be cue scene. Just saying!

ikickgingers 15

Oh well. :)

ikickgingers 15

And 53 ... Google "lady and the tramp".

perdix 29

53 - Here's the rule: If someone uses a reference you don't understand, either look it up or STFU. Don't clog FML with your PDI, Public Display of Ignorance. I don't know what Annoying Orange is and that's why I didn't chime in on that thread.