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Today, I got a call from the police. Apparently my son tried robbing a teenage couple, but wound up getting his ass beat by both of them. I don't know what's worse, that my 32-year-old son is a criminal, or that he got it handed to him by 15-year-olds. FML
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This is OP, here to clear a few things up. For the person who asked, it was a male/female couple. He had pulled out a knife on the girl and that set the guy into attack mode or something, since he started punching my son in the face. The girl pushed him down and then the guy pinned him till the cops showed up. Yes, the call came from him asking for bail, which I did NOT post. He has been involved in illegal activities since he was 17, and this was the final straw. His trial starts in about a week (this happened about six months ago) and the prosecution is going for armed robbery. I hate to say it but I hope they get a conviction, he needs a wake up call. For those who posted supportive comments thank you, for those who blamed me, it is probably my fault for how I raised him. Hope this clears some things up. OP

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It's brave of you to admit that it was probably your fault, OP, but I disagree. My grandmother raised 4 children, and 3 out of 4 of them ended up very successful. She was a wonderful mother, but her oldest son had no ambition and had dropped out of high school after having to repeat 8th grade three times. He's been in and out of jail ever since and is in his 40's now. It was your son's own choices that got him where he is today. What i mean is that its not always the parents fault, so don't resort to blaming yourself. :)

They whopped his ass so you didn't have to.


They whopped his ass so you didn't have to.

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Not at all, I'm already in stitches

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The girlfriends probably like babe your so manly

#18 What is it was a gay/lesbian couple :O

Well it says he got his ass handed to him by both of them, so I guess they tag teamed. "Babe you're so manly, but you couldn't have done it without my help."

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What good would even come out of robbing 2 teens?

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Really, we have no money. Ever.

that's what you get for never charging money when you save the world, Doctor. ;) But surely you don't really need money where you're going...

Maybe not cash but teens carry smartphones, jewelry and remember when they were mugging kids for their Air Jordon's?

Teenagers always have phones on them, possibly iPods, ect. OP probably figured they would be easy targets.

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Teens actually carry a lot of money with them, being one. I have more free money than my parents because I don't have bills and a good paying job. And don't forget all our electronics :p

#27-Until he got jumped by them. Karma

At this age you kind of miss grounding him, dont you?

At this age, the state does it for him...

Ha ha ha that's brilliant...serves him right. Now in prison he is gonna drop the soap and get a 15 inch present! 15 will be his lucky number

As of writing this comment you have 15 thumbs up... I won't change it just for the simple joy of it

He's grown up- his decisions aren't yours. Let him learn his lesson and then try and help him!

he totally deserved it but its not your fault.

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Wow, all those minuses because I think a parent should know that his son not winning a fight is nowhere near as bad as his son committing armed robbery. Go figure.

I think you’re right. A grown-up man overpowered by 15 year olds might be surprising but it’s for sure not that bad. On the other hand, a criminal son committing armed robbery is terrible. If OP really doesn’t know the difference I’m questioning the values she tought her son because it simply means that being a good and law-abiding citizen is not more important than being strong and winning a fight. So I thing 43 negative votes so far are not fair to #9.

Not your fault, OP. Just roll with the punches.

"You got to roll with the punches and get to what's real" **Thanks now I have Van Halen's--"Jump" in my head! :P

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You may need to have a chat with your boy about what's right and wrong.

If OP's son doesn't know right from wrong at 32 I don't think he ever will. That talk is way too late.

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Brings a whole new meaning to the phrase "15 will get you 20".