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By Anonymous - 27/11/2009 23:23 - United States

Today, my date kissed me after our second date. The way he leaned towards my mouth was very romantic. He's pretty tall, so I stretched myself as high as possible to make the kiss as passionate as possible. That's how I ended up belching into his mouth. FML
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I'm betting that that's the last time he'll kiss you; that sucks.



ARGH, the way i see it there is ONLY 2 solutions to this problem 1. Make him a damn sammich 2. Sex things up Hope i helped. Yours sincerly The_Pleb

personally i think that's awesome : D i would laugh if my gf did that to me.

dude shut up with the sammiches

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I wouldn't mind that unless the burp brought up vomit.

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YDI. How could you not feel it coming? Ew.

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well if she decides to sex things up she's gonna have to make a sandwich when she's done so either way he's a happy man

I agree 56. but those aren't solutions they're jobs.

that is so gross....

I'm betting that that's the last time he'll kiss you; that sucks.

your ugly is that mean? yes do i care? no

She's not ugly and this is irrelevant.

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Or maybe he's a nice guy and laughed it off and moved forward with their date? Obviously things were going well if they're on their second date and he went in to kiss her. Every human burps, i don't think that should of been a deal breaker. I'd like an update from OP though!

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ew your sick

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hahaha oh dear, that is so gross but too funny. Hopefully he has a sense of humor and doesnt use it against you

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hey maybe you'll get lucky. and he's in to that sort of thing

I hope he didn't break up with you

haha what did he do? !

This really depends on what you ate that morning.