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  iamnuff  |  11

Someone needs to retain control of the steering wheel.
Granted, there are ways to push and steer at the same time (with the door open) but theres much more risk of getting hurt if it rolls off down a hill.

TLDR, someone had to remain in the cab, and i'm assuming OP cant drive.

By  Chazzster  |  20

That reminds me of the time Mom got stuck in a muddy spot in our very long driveway. I was dressed and ready for school. Dad took me to school. Mom had me push the car while she revved it up. I got little mud spots all over the front of my clothes and Mom just took off. It wasn’t really necessary or desirable to rev the car so high while I was pushing - that just got me muddy. But I guess Mom was not as good at dealing with mud as I would have liked....

Sometimes parents don’t seem to act as nice to us as we wished. Sometimes there is a reason - like they can drive but they do not trust your driving in the situation. And Mom was certainly not going to get muddy in my case.

  Rabite  |  28

I would congratulate you for being so strong and good but if you only feel good when putting others down, you might not be as strong and good as you think.