By little nokken - 19/05/2018 13:00 - United States

Today, I was out driving with my dad when the car broke down. He made me get out and push. I am a 5 ft tall 90 lb girl, and the car was an SUV. FML
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manb91uk 22

You need to bulk up a bit. Thank your dad for the personal training!


manb91uk 22
Emma Marshall 19

....gender equality would be both of them pushing....

JustALesbian 16

Yeah but 90 ******* pounds...

Emma Marshall 19

Yah obviously but I'm speaking hypothetically

She could still hold the weel and the car would have been pushed better.

manb91uk 22

You're assuming dad isn't also 5' and 90lbs? Youve made a little short dude very ubhappy

You need to bulk up a bit. Thank your dad for the personal training!

Emma Marshall 19

Not necessarily. That's an average weight for that size.

I don’t think so. My daughter is 5 feet and in the high 90’s and she’s borderline underweight. She’s healthy, though, so I don’t worry.

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I had no idea what the hell you were talking about until I kept scrolling lol

Probably would've done better than me anyway xD

Your dad is trash! Much like some of the dudes in this comment section.

That reminds me of the time Mom got stuck in a muddy spot in our very long driveway. I was dressed and ready for school. Dad took me to school. Mom had me push the car while she revved it up. I got little mud spots all over the front of my clothes and Mom just took off. It wasn’t really necessary or desirable to rev the car so high while I was pushing - that just got me muddy. But I guess Mom was not as good at dealing with mud as I would have liked.... Sometimes parents don’t seem to act as nice to us as we wished. Sometimes there is a reason - like they can drive but they do not trust your driving in the situation. And Mom was certainly not going to get muddy in my case.

You must really suck at driving if he won’t trust you to steer and brake

I'm 4'10", female, and sling 70lb bales of hay above my head. You helped your dad. The only FML part to your story is that you're a weakling.

I would congratulate you for being so strong and good but if you only feel good when putting others down, you might not be as strong and good as you think.

bass_ftp 12

So he should have let a minor drive instead? Get over it princess.

Lobby_Bee 17

I'm sure it's just a joke, you probably wouldn't be able to move the SUV an inch.