By Anonymous - 07/12/2012 15:30 - United States

Today, I came home to find a mouse in the garage. Frantic, I killed it. My 7-year-old son came home from soccer, and started crying because he couldn't find the class pet, Mr. Whiskers. I killed my son's class pet. FML
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Time to go get mister whiskers #2

3rdbass 9

The mouse wasn't asking for a cookie. You didn't need to kill him.


QueenChristy 6

Damn why would you do something like that? Lol it's gross anyways :p

Buy a new mouse look alike pronto!

1- Why would you comment with something like that? Lol it's dumb anyways :3

because... there was a mouse in her house?

39- Correction, garage. It actually makes me sick when people have the guts to kill an animal. Like the FML about the girl stomping on the boyfriend's sister's pet mouse.

unknown_user5566 26

43- It's not like OP killed the class kitty cat. A mouse is widely viewed as a pest. Sucks that it happened to be the class pet, but OP's reaction to it isn't unheard of.

You won't want to let mice run around. They are vermin and get into small spaces. FYL OP because your son didn't tell you he brought a pet home. It also makes me sick when people let vermin run around their house. It's gross.

43, Mice multiply incredibly quickly. They get into your food, and not only eat it, but walk all over it so that it gets contaminated with everything they've stepped in. And if that's not gross enough, I've also heard that they leave a trail of piss and shit everywhere they go. By killing one mouse you may prevent an infestation of hundreds. If OP killed it quickly and humanely, I don't fault them for that. The health of OP's family is more important than a rodent. It's when people use those horrible sticky mouse traps I can't stand. They get stuck there until they die of thirst, which is a horrible way to die. I've heard that mice that get caught in those things get so desperate that they've been known to gnaw off their own feet to escape.

KiddNYC1O 20

^ Ohhh, no wonder the ones I catch with the glue traps escape so easily... Or maybe it's the oil from the peanut butter...

43, just shut up..

43 - Eat bacon, your opinion might change.

I swear I read this as "moose" the first time. I was wondering why they would have a moose as a class pet.

MichellinMan 20

43- last time I checked the garage was part of the house, that is unless your garage is a complete separate building.

165: that's not so in common. Very few people on my street have an attached garage, for example.

A garage is always part of your house. It is an interior space and is normally added to sq footage. Even if detached. Sometimes garages are also heated and properly sealed air-wise.

Cause one do not want mice in their house?

Omg xD that's horrible...but funny c:

Tell me again how this is even the slightest bit funny?

RvidxrKlvn 8

Because it's on a website that thrives on people's misfortunes?

MichellinMan 20

Am I the only one who's realized this website has turned into a ******* group therapy?

RvidxrKlvn 8

No, not at all. It's actually extremely annoying and you can tell the difference between the commentators now and the ones from like 2 years ago when you go into random FMLs.

2. Don't worry, I laughed as well. :P

3rdbass 9

The mouse wasn't asking for a cookie. You didn't need to kill him.

Mr. Whiskers: hey human can you feed me? It's lunch time. OP: Oh Shit a mouse *steps On Mr. Whiskers violently* Mr. Whiskers: Whhyy *coughs*I just wanted foooo.....*flatlines*

But I like the cookie * sad puppy dog face*

if you give a mouse a cookie, he'll want a glass if milk...

osm1989_fml 6

If this is a reference to the book, I don't remember it ending with the boy killing the mouse. "If you give a mouse a cookie, he's going to want a glass of milk to go with it. Then, he'll want.. Oh, **** that, you freeloading mouse! I'ma kill you! The end." However, I kinda like that better.

143-"over the hedge" reference?

I still have the book "If you take a mouse to school" :)

Time to go get mister whiskers #2

Inheritance 10

Little Stuart is a better name.

chickenflem 8

And not leave it roaming around the garage before big sis kills it.

Might want to reread the FML, 19. It was the mother, not the sister.

16- it's Stuart Little...

Inheritance 10

Oh shit! I was in a rush to get a awesome post

Exactly, no one will ever know.

chickenflem 8

33 I know. If the mother bought another mouse why would she kill it again that's why I picked another family member....

WatsonIsThatDood 6

Yay first!!! But anyway YDI. Mice are peaceful loving creatures just as you are. They have a family and offspring. Mice sole purpose is to make it day to day just like we do.

Sure... "first".

So close...

Well that's gonna be an awkward explanation to the teacher...

Rddvl 11

I don't understand though why wouldn't the mouse be in a cage? If it was just running around in the garage, then OP wouldn't be at fault to want to kill it. If it was in a cage, then OP should have asked her son about it.

It probably got out somehow.

It would be more awkward explanation for OP from the teacher to say why there was a mouse in their house! :/

Whaaaaaat734 6

You could've let it out into the wilderness OP..Yes they're vermin but that was a bit of an over reaction.


So killing cockroaches is fine, but killing the third most disease ridden pest on earth is bad? Tell me what the cockroach did wrong.

BlueFlatts 20

Mice are small animals, cockroaches are giant bugs. So animals are meant to be loved and bugs are meant to be squished. Example: King Kong vs. alien roach in MIB. Plus we are of course jealous that roaches will be around to see the new year.

59, Because mammals have souls and bugs don't. That's my theory, anyway.

I'd put mice and cockroaches outside alike, but yea... The misconception that everything that's cute and fluffy should be rescued and everything scaly, slimy or 6-legged should be killed is still all too common :(

Because had it been wild, it found its way to the house, what's to say it won't find it's way there again?

LiesAndMischief 4

59 - I don't even like killing insects. Ask my mom, it bugs the hell out of her. Granted, I'm a little less enthusiastic about bees but that's because I have an honest phobia of them.

I have a huge problem with killing animals. Whenever my mom frantically kills the tarantula's that appear in the house from time to time I get really mad. The only animals I have no problem killing are mosquitoes and parasites(Fleas, lice, etc).

They come back to your house once they know how to get it

Whaaaaaat734 6

137- Have you ever tried bacon??

Well, I can maybe understand if it was loose in there, but if he had it contained, that was clearly an immense overreaction. If not, it probably would have gotten lost anyway.

Haha, yea, i'm sure she found a mouse in a cage and then proceeded to beat it to death.

Not necessarily a cage. The kid is young, he may have just put it in a bin.

ryry013 6

I see what youre saying, but I'm sure the parents would be more involved in the care taking (specifically the shelter here) instead of just letting a seven year old handle it by himself

Nobody really likes a teacher's pet anyway.

MichellinMan 20

Yea, really. I accidentally killed my third grade teacher's class pet. She hated me.

I killed the annoying class pet on purpose, what an annoying kid who did whatever the teacher told him to do. Wait we're talking bout an actual pet? Oh...

KVKdragon 26

Unless its some dangerous critter, I wouldn't have killed it if I couldn't help it. Why'd you have to kill that poor innocent creature? :(

Because it deserved to die!

Additional commenting rule: PETA activists forbidden.

10 - Mice can be dangeeous. They can carry all sorts of diseases and if one is in your kitchen, you're gonna want to set up traps. Even though the mouse was a class pet, OP didn't know that.

10- your statement makes my brain hurt. What idea are you truly conveying with "I would not have killed it if I could not have helped it."

KVKdragon 26

@155 Yes, it's a little messed up. Blame autocorrect for that. I'm usually more elaborate and grammatically correct with my statements (virtual or real life)