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  loloalltheway  |  23

I don't know but don't only old people play bingo? I don't know so correct me if i am wrong.
So if only seniors play i don't think it would be so awkward to yell bingo ...

  evilplatypus  |  38

I'm twenty five and love bingo. The RV campground I used to go to when I was little had candy bar bingo for the kids. Everyone always went; it was the event of the summer!

  qqaz  |  6

Today, I was playing Bingo and got 5 in a row. Excitedly I shouted "Bingo!", only to have some crazy person have their tiger attack me. I ended up with a missing leg and a ticket to the hospital before they could get it off me. FML.

  Nanael_fml  |  4

That would cause the guy calling the numbers to yell " we have a bingo over here!" and he'd probably point at them and everyone would look and wonder 'why the fuck did he walk up there to tell him' yeah.. Smart move guy

By  Jf770  |  10

I have social anxiety too, although I've never had a problem shouting out bingo...then again I'm not sure when was the last time I played bingo. Don't worry about it, OP

  ebonyirony  |  29

Lol my anxiety is awful as well. I went to prom with a friend from another school and he basically had to make sure no one even looked at me. I was terrified and cried after.

  Jf770  |  10

#26, I don't actually really look like that anymore. I dyed my hair and finally stopped applying my makeup like a raccoon. I really should change that picture.


I also have social anxiety I don't even have to talk in class because last time I fainted :( I just talk to my teacher. Anyway, bingo with old people is scary, once my brother one at an old folks home and the people there were saying " dumb boy doesnt know what he's doing!" and "he cheated he used his smart phone and went on the internet!"

  p3mguin  |  7

I just jumped off a building and got hit by a plane while holding my hand up... Im now In the hospital and my mother is writing this as my final statement. Thanks it's been a great life!


You got hit by a plane and jumped off a building and they managed to find enough to bring back to the hospital? I'd say it worked pretty well. People these days are so greedy, makes me sick.