By Anonymous - 11/08/2012 14:20 - United Kingdom - Bishops Stortford

Today, my social anxiety hit a new low. I was playing bingo and, although I won, I didn't shout "bingo" because I thought too many people would look at me. FML
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I feel for you, OP. We all are awkward.

No that's a legitimate fear. Personally, I've been known to lunge at/sick my tiger on people who beat me in bingo. You were right to purposely lose.


I feel for you, OP. We all are awkward.

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That awesome moment when you moderated this an hour ago XD

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I read this and realized I'm the exact same way....don't feel too bad, OP.

That's why I don't play bingo. I wouldn't want to shout eigher.

I don't know but don't only old people play bingo? I don't know so correct me if i am wrong. So if only seniors play i don't think it would be so awkward to yell bingo ...

I'm twenty five and love bingo. The RV campground I used to go to when I was little had candy bar bingo for the kids. Everyone always went; it was the event of the summer!

Oh sorry never been there but thanks For clearing that up just My mother always told me seniors only go now i would like to try if younger people go as Well :)

Bingo can be pretty fun! Although I get too shy to shout BINGO also.

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Not only old people, people of all ages can play, it says so on the box!

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I think a lot of us can relate to this.

No that's a legitimate fear. Personally, I've been known to lunge at/sick my tiger on people who beat me in bingo. You were right to purposely lose.

Today, I was playing Bingo and got 5 in a row. Excitedly I shouted "Bingo!", only to have some crazy person have their tiger attack me. I ended up with a missing leg and a ticket to the hospital before they could get it off me. FML.

You see the last time some nutter send their tiger to attack me, I was picking raspberries, they clearly got the wrong idea... °_•

SenselessPattern 12

Demonfish, I feel like I'm not getting what your saying, since to me it seems utterly random. Care to explain for my unworthy brain to understand?

That there seemingly nonsensical comment, was in fact a reference to a sketch from Monty Python's Flying Circus. A damn good sketch too :)

SenselessPattern 12

That makes sense, as I have never seen Monty Python, unfortunately. Thanks for the explanation!

You are most welcome! I strongly suggest that you do, it is truly great British comedy :)

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then quietly walk up and tell the person calling the numbers

Then everyone will see her stand up and walk. She loses either way.

20,you're onto something with that idea,sir.

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That's even more socially awkward .

Nanael_fml 4

That would cause the guy calling the numbers to yell " we have a bingo over here!" and he'd probably point at them and everyone would look and wonder 'why the **** did he walk up there to tell him' yeah.. Smart move guy

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I have social anxiety too, although I've never had a problem shouting out bingo...then again I'm not sure when was the last time I played bingo. Don't worry about it, OP

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That's a cool basket ball hoop!

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Lol my anxiety is awful as well. I went to prom with a friend from another school and he basically had to make sure no one even looked at me. I was terrified and cried after.

#26, I don't actually really look like that anymore. I dyed my hair and finally stopped applying my makeup like a raccoon. I really should change that picture.

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I also have social anxiety I don't even have to talk in class because last time I fainted :( I just talk to my teacher. Anyway, bingo with old people is scary, once my brother one at an old folks home and the people there were saying " dumb boy doesnt know what he's doing!" and "he cheated he used his smart phone and went on the internet!"

You can always ask your neighbor to shout it out for you. People are generally polite and understanding when it comes to social shyness.

I think that would make OP even more nervous.

Michael_92 20

What if the neighbor stole OPs bingo and OP was to shy to say anything?

It would take a really cruel person to steal a bingo card.

33- No, that would definitely happen. We hardcore bingo players don't **** around.

PeytonBieda 8

What happens if your neighbor is socially awkward? And the person beside them? And beside them? That would be the best game of telephone ever. :)

KiddNYC1O 20

Because raising your hand makes you invisible.

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I just jumped off a building and got hit by a plane while holding my hand up... Im now In the hospital and my mother is writing this as my final statement. Thanks it's been a great life!

SenselessPattern 12

You got hit by a plane and jumped off a building and they managed to find enough to bring back to the hospital? I'd say it worked pretty well. People these days are so greedy, makes me sick.

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No, it's an alternative to shouting out bingo. Good job being a smart ass.

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We're all strangely awkward in our own way. But you'll feel better with a little more confidence. Go on, try it :)

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Tomorrow's breaking news: OP died of a panic attack caused by forcing conferencing in a bingo arena.

KiiwiiRox 6

Nobody said I forced I said "try" it

OhDearBetrayal 25

93- Sorry but I thought it would be clear that I meant she tried/pushed herself and then would have a panic attack because of being overwhelmed.

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Nothing gets past you does it?

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No he wasn't scared to yell bingo because of his social anxiety. where did you get that crazy thought? It's not like that is what the whole Fml is about or anything.