By Someguy - Belgium
Today, I thought it would be a good idea to declare my love to the girl I have a crush on. I guess I shouldn't have gone and kissed her without warning, because now my face is covered with slap marks, and I had to explain myself at the police station for sexual harassement. FML
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By  mk58  |  31

You're supposed to declare your love BEFORE trying to kiss her rather than declaring your love BY kissing her. Now she's going to think you're a creep.

  0opsie  |  6

#29: doesn't count if she didn't want it.

  monzach  |  5

Here's my FML: Today I read on FML, for the thousandth time, some idiot thinking he can score some by being a dipshit then complaining about the obvious bad consequence on the Internet. FML.


Honestly, this situation sounds ridiculous, but I guess it's all down to what the OP really means by "a kiss".

If it was just a peck, a single slap should have been plenty to clue him in, not a series of slaps followed by a complaint to the police.

On the other end, if he held her and forced her to receive the kiss...

It looks to me that most people here assume the worst from the OP.

A good way to figure out if this is really all that bad would be to imagine the situation was reversed:

If the OP was a female giving an impromptu kiss to a male, then getting beaten up and reported to the police. Would you feel the same way about it?

  JesusFishTaco  |  5

Obviously in his mind, he had a fantasy that she was crazed about him, but was too shy to approach him. So he had this idea that if he expressed his love for her, not through words, but through a romantic gesture, she would instantly confess her love and everyone would live happily ever after. Unfortunately for him, this isn't fantasy.