By Someguy - 06/06/2011 18:55 - Belgium

Today, I thought it would be a good idea to declare my love to the girl I have a crush on. I guess I shouldn't have gone and kissed her without warning, because now my face is covered with slap marks, and I had to explain myself at the police station for sexual harassement. FML
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dannyydanny 0

are you fucking retarded ....

You're supposed to declare your love BEFORE trying to kiss her rather than declaring your love BY kissing her. Now she's going to think you're a creep.


dannyydanny 0

are you fucking retarded ....

wow you need to stop trying so hard, grow some balls, and just go up to her and talk.

at least he got some. kindof

at least he learned his lesson?

everybody makes mistakes....

sixfoot2 0


While that's what a lot of girls might call "cute" (that being said, she had to like it and kiss you back) it's a bad idea...

And if she liked him, she would've been okay with it.

cummbubble 0

did you get a... bonner?

0opsie 6

#29: doesn't count if she didn't want it.

ydnar 5

now 34 thumbs up HAHAHAHAHAHAHA I can't quit laughing

Here's my FML: Today I read on FML, for the thousandth time, some idiot thinking he can score some by being a dipshit then complaining about the obvious bad consequence on the Internet. FML.

Trupe 3

As nice as I can possibly be, you should know that was dumb as fuck.

1123nic 0

pow! right in the kisser

And I thought it would be a good a idea to o and talk to her like normal people..

imacreeper 3

That's just some fuckery right there, bro.

not the greatest way ever.

not the greatest way ever.

I don't get it. It always works in the movies! :)

#82 I believe it's spelled BONER dumbass

Never approach a girl with a kiss, especially if she isn't your girlfriend!

BeastNerd 3

There's an apostrophe in the contraction 'I'm' in your profile summary. Fuck off!

can't say you didn't give it a shot. but you can't say she didn't either. lol

JokinglySerious 0

that was still a little rough though

exactly what I was thinking. She could have reacted a little less dramatically.

he's not dum. He is just showing his dominance as a male. The girl should be punished if anything.

u dont like cows but u like chocolate milk......

Yeah 199. What was OP doing in the kitchen anyways?

Jojo0114 0

u cute

Yes. Yes he is retarded.


krista2009 0

hell yea man totally agree with ya lol

sylverdrag_fml 9

Honestly, this situation sounds ridiculous, but I guess it's all down to what the OP really means by "a kiss". If it was just a peck, a single slap should have been plenty to clue him in, not a series of slaps followed by a complaint to the police. On the other end, if he held her and forced her to receive the kiss... It looks to me that most people here assume the worst from the OP. A good way to figure out if this is really all that bad would be to imagine the situation was reversed: If the OP was a female giving an impromptu kiss to a male, then getting beaten up and reported to the police. Would you feel the same way about it?

LupeFiascoLovaa 0

who would do that????

Uh....... No? :/

stormlvr 0

good job. *slaps forehead*

tell her "i'll show you sexual harassment!!!"

shibainu519 0

you got lucky op. I would've shot you.

lyshieelove 0

who does that

well apparently this guy

robotiick 12

your lucky op tht your not gay and kissed me if u did I would have to nuke u

shortie916 0

53- Nice :)

Sexual Harassment, Panda!

I suggest you stop watching romantic movies.

Idonebeenhad 17

what made you think that was a good idea??

Hahahaha exactly, I don't know what reaction he was looking for...

Obviously in his mind, he had a fantasy that she was crazed about him, but was too shy to approach him. So he had this idea that if he expressed his love for her, not through words, but through a romantic gesture, she would instantly confess her love and everyone would live happily ever after. Unfortunately for him, this isn't fantasy.

If OP was a waiter, he would give everyone food before they even had a chance to order.

It's just a crush. Calm down.

sensoon15 7

yea it's weird that OP kissed her without waiting to hear whether she's likes him back or not

Today, this guy in my math class who I have never spoken to before came up and kissed me. He was shocked when I reported him. I only attract idiots. FML


This is almost the same thing that happened to last week. I said the same exact thing to the dude...

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if u would take the time 2 read u would no dumbfuck

ballwiz24 0

he was joking

I think you already know the answer to that question...

Ouch. That's embarrassing...

-two handed face palm-

sublime420 11

I think she's already covered that.

Why would you post your phone number on the Internet? That's fucking stupid.

Herpa Derp how do I relationship?

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I don't think he was aiming for that kind of outcome... That's where the problem lies.

well, it's YDI so bad... =="

jaidonsafira 0

That's nothing. Try taking two Sweedish twins with a bottle of jacks and a monkey hanging in an upside down "wannabango." Ah, memories. Giggity.