By hannaslifesucks - 24/06/2012 18:41 - Norway - Kleppe

Today, a kid got his hand stuck inside my store's giant gumball machine. He started crying, and his negligent trainwreck of a mom bitched me out for being "unobservant." I'd been mopping up the mess she'd made after she'd spilled an open can of beer all over the floor. FML
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TheVelocirabbit 10

"You have now been banished from the kingdom of this store. Be gone, troll!"

The mom was unobservant her self for not noticing you were cleaning up her mess.


TheVelocirabbit 10

"You have now been banished from the kingdom of this store. Be gone, troll!"

Should've spanked him and then bitched her out for not stopping you.

TheVelocirabbit 10

Thanks for posting a comment that doesn't involve a thing I said, even though it was a reply.

If only it were that easy to banish trolls... People are such asshats.

xoconnie 8

I feel pretty bad for the kid. His mother is obviously a fail. FYL for having to deal with her, but F the kids life even more for being stuck with her 24/7 :(

Oreohugzpenny 4

17 The child was not raised right hit the mother and bitch her out at the same time;)

Oreohugzpenny 4

1# Just out of curiousity is your photo a Dino with bunny ears on??

Retail sucks. The customer is NEVER right.

TheVelocirabbit 10

Yes. It is a Velociraptor mixed with a rabbit. Thus my username, TheVelocirabbit.

TheVelocirabbit 10

Yes, they will, but there's a difference between morons and plain old oblivious.

rcgirl2 11

*in the voice of Odin from Thor* I CAST YOU OUT!

Velocirabbit, do yo by chance own a ps3?

Once, I was riding a bicycle. I fell off and skinned my knee and cried.

tsent8 15

You shall not pass! (Through These doors ever again you little troll)

That mom should be awarded the 'parent of the year award'...

syley 5

Your sarcasm isn't being gotten, judging from your - votes.

Thats ok, I must have a different sense of humor then.

If only we had more parents like here out there the world would be a better place.

Hey if people cant get a joke then maybe they should get a life!

egc573 40

I don't know about parent of the year, but this would definitely fit in on Not Always Right. And in the spirit of that website, I really hope that the OP didn't back down.

I didn't get it! Can someone explain it to me?

Some moms just don't understand how dumb they really are.

That's like giving Michael Lohan that award.

That's like giving Michael Lohan that award.

I would have just left her kid there. FYL.

drewnewton 0
klovemachine 24

Take that mop, OP, and shove it up her butt. She definitely deserves it. Poor kid :(

EnzaiFreak 1

#63-Unless, you know, she's into things like that....

bubbly31 0

You know 3 the kid might be better of living in the store stuck forever than at home being raised by a women who takes a can of beer on her shopping trip

alicexo_fml 8

F the kids life for having to put up with her

It's not the poor's kid's fault! I think kids shouldn't be mixed in adult's pathetic problem! The mom however, she deserve a nice smack in the face with a dust pan!

The mom was unobservant her self for not noticing you were cleaning up her mess.

Hey! Don't make fun of the captain, Lt. Sarcasm

Mommyof2_91 10

I can't stand when parents blame their shitty parenting on other people. Since your grown up enough to bring a child into the world, take responsibly when you f*** up.

Mommyof2_91 10

Meant to type "can't stand it" *

Ouch, **** the kids life even though he deserved it. I feel for you OP, the child is her responsibility not yours, looks like you had two kids in the store to look after... Only one should be big enough to handle herself before handling a kid.

Yeah the kid deserves an alcoholic inattentive mother.

No, they're saying he deserved to get his hand stuck because he had no business sticking it in there.

How could it be your fault her kid got his hand stuck in a gumball machine? She's the one who clearly wasn't paying enough attention to him to stop him.

egc573 40

It isn't her (OP's) fault at all. The mother's just one of those people who thinks she can treat employees anyway she wants because she's a customer.

trollolol95 4

That's pretty much what they just said.

Aug1508 9

Bad parents always look for some other fool to blame for their own mistakes.

Believe me I know. I work in an airport and got yelled at by a kids mom for touching her kid. I pulled her 3 year old out of an active xray machine because she was too busy talking on her phone to notice her child leaving.

Aug1508 9

I love your comment! Those damn hillbillies!

nadnerbz 6

They have hillbillies in Norway?

It's where Seasick Steve lives. As awesome as he is, he still counts as a hillbilly (by his own admission) in Norway.

What a beyaaatch. Sorry that happened :(

Your creative diction makes your comment so amazingly insightful!

Wow.. For about three seconds I genuinely thought you wrote “what a baywatch”. Then I reread it and it still sounded stupid.

Sorry OP. but that's how some people are. It's sad the world we live in