By Anonymous - 11/11/2010 17:46 - United States

Today, I was drinking coffee out of my favorite mug, when it slipped out of my hand. I caught it, but not before most of the hot coffee spilled all over my lap. In reaction, I dropped the mug again, shattering it. FML
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spilled it on your lap? sounds hot ;D no really, that had to burn

What did we learn today? Iced coffee, bro.


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first and lmao :D fyl

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Not for long. :]

First to be moderated. Congratulations. You win -345 internets.

Shoulda had a v8!

lol^ too funny! Poor OP sounds like something that would happen in a sitcom.

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Ouch. I spilled hot coffee in my lap while driving once, that was no fun for me..

very impressive.

spilled it on your lap? sounds hot ;D no really, that had to burn

Spider Man wouldn't have. You should hire him.

Yes I am, thank you

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That definitely would shatter any of my plans for the day.

Damn some one had a shitty day...

I suppose that trip to the strip club tonight is out of the question.

Why? He already got his mugshots, and ladies love the firecrotch(;

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Hot coffee burns on your lap. Hmm... hot.