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Today, trying to pocket a little extra cash for himself, my dad responded to multiple babysitting ads on Craigslist, accepting them all on my behalf. I despise children with all my heart. FML
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I don't think I would trust my kids with some random off of Craigslist.. 0.0

Also being kidnapped sucks. Make sure he comes with you to meet them.


That awkward moment when you are the first comment and you don't know what to say!

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The awkward moment when you get moderated by the gods.

Also being kidnapped sucks. Make sure he comes with you to meet them.

Being kidnapped does suck. I know from experience.

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11, Having been one in no way means she has to like them now. Most of everyone will at some time in their life have qualities they won't enjoy seeing in others later.

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YDI for "despising children with all your heart." That's harsh, OP! You sound like an evil version of the Grinch. Not all children behave the same - I'm sure you have nieces, nephews, cousins, or siblings who are children. Do you despise them with all your heart????

@11, yes - we were children once. But now that we've grown up I find it perfectly acceptable to hate them with all my heart, second only to those mad tossers that spill your own drink over you in bars. *Rant over*

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I grab a child. I choke him and I kick the s... out of him. All day long got my foot up a child's ass. Just bang, bang, bang up his ass. That's my pleasure. Oh wait never mind that was for dogs not children. Darn!

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That's an easy job to get fired from, even easier since you despise children.

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I wonder if there is a reason why OP hates children. Even though they may upset me sometimes, I love them to death! I don't understand why anyone could dislike them, but that's just me. ^_^

I dislike most because they're sticky, nasty, rude little noise-makers. Most parents where I live don't know how to raise a kid, so in public their brat tends to make a scene. I think I'm entitled to live my life without having to deal with some idiot's spoiled monster ruining my experience. I was raised to be well-behaved in public, and I know people whose children are just as respectful, so there is NO excuse! Even at an older age, children will purposely be a nuisance, just for the sake of getting attention. I can't stand it, I hate other people's brats, and I think that's a fair opinion.

134 I think it is a matter of genes. Some kids are just born assholes and others are born mellow as a cello. That being said, **** children. Seriously I hate them so much that it can not be healthy to have so much utter loathing for other human beings. Children are selfish, stupid, ignorant, overconfident douchebags. If they were anything but children people would ostracize them and cast them into the garbage can of humanity. **** kids.

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I don't hate children, I hate the responsibility that comes with them. Having another human being that solely relies on you is terrifying to me. I am in no way responsible enough to even babysit a child.

I despise the parents of children that just don't know how to raise them. Some people should just not be allowed to breed !

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Thats gonna suck like ultimately!!!!! I feel sorry....

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Lawl? Why do you hate children they are a gift!

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#54, It's perfectly acceptable to dislike children. Not everyone is built to "love" the same things. Some think them a curse, some think them a blessing, for OP s/he doesn't like them. The point is its WRONG for someone else to volunteer you to do work while they pocket the cash. OP you should email everyone back informing them of what happened and include your fathers cell number as a contact.

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That sucks but he was just trying to help.... I also think your hatred of children is a bit strong...

I don't trust people who hate kids. It says something about their personality.

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Wow I just realized I totally read this fml wrong. I apologize. I change my opinion of your dad, he's a lazy jerk. The second half of my comment I'm sticking too.

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Putting aside a general like or dislike for children, you've got to think about how terrible these particular kids must be that their parents would resort to trusting them with someone from Craigslist.

Nothing's wrong with hating kids. Accepting a babysitting job if you know you hate kids, on the other hand, would be wrong. At least OP knows their limits.

I used to love kids, until I got a job as a children's party planner, now I hate them. They are loud, always hungry, too full of energy, never do what they're told and then there's he dreaded "but whyyyyyyy?" I would've left the house full of kids and called children's services!

Wow. All of you that "hate" kids are...special individuals.

This part is to the children haters negative comments you want at me, but I am the worlds future. When you are dead and gone I will cheer, by the way. I am getting a kick out of your idiotic comments. This part is in response to #146 I have tried to be quiet, but no one listens to me. You can tell me I have nothing good to say but I won't care because I must if you are reading this. Of course I am hungry! I am growing into someone like you (unfortunately). I am very energetic. Why wouldn't I be energetic at a party? I have to sit in school 5 days a week, plus homework. Now don't you complain to me about having to work 7 days a week or some sh*t like that, because that is either what you chose or what you made for yourself. I never chose to go to school. I do do what I am supposed to do sometimes, but I am not wasting my limited years being a kid havng idiots tell me what to do. That's stupid. I a kid is walking naked on tne street, everybody blames the parents. If you were to walk naked on the street the police would be called (I am not trying to insult your appearence or anything so please don't get the wrong idea. I am just saying that when people walk naked on the street, someone tends to call the police. You probably look very nice.) Lastly, I am not gonna do something I don't want to unless I know the reason it has to be done. "Why do I have to clean up the floor when I am doing something when I am not doing something later?" "Why do I have to pack my robe when there are newer cleaner prettier robes supplied by the hotel?" Please write back if you have any questions about why kids do what they do. Sorry for insulting you, I was just a little angry.

you're an idiot. I'm a teenager too and I'm telling you, you're an idiot. You are making yourself look like a fool. First of all, people don't choose to work or "make it for themselves." people work to afford food, etc. Or, as in the case of lazy ***** like you, they go on welfare.

I know a girl who babysits but doesn't like kids. She complains about them all the time on Twitter.

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Actually I hate children but children love me. My friends get a kick out of it. I think it's because they sense I'm not going to baby them and they usually behave better for me than adults that fawn all over them. For the record I hated children when I was a child. I thought they were disgusting whiny poop machines with the intelligence of pond scum.

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Isn't OP's dad kind of pimping her out as a baby sitter?

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Its kind of ironic when people insult kids when they acted like the same spoiled brats when they were little.

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You despise children with all of your heart?? Sounds pretty evil lol.

Your dad sounds like a pretty swell fellow.

><. I realized I read the fml wrong after I posted my comment. Excuse my small brain and thank god for edit :D.

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Matilda reference for you people who need to ask

desireev 17

And an awesome one, at that! Very nice reference! :)

Aah. Matilda played a major role in my childhood.

It says 'for himself', so no, he wasn't trying to be nice

i TOTALLY understand. i hate kids too >:-P

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Says the person with a children's cartoon creature as their prof pic.

20- I'm pretty sure Pokémon is for all ages, considering all the people in highschool/college I know that still love the old Pokémon.

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And their location set as Narnia.

Liking childish things doesn't automatically mean one must like children. Think first, then comment.