By NoRespect - / Sunday 22 May 2011 19:50 / United States
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  iAmScrubs  |  19

1- That's like saying a teacher is responsible for making every single kid in their class brilliant, while the child's parents sit around all day watching Family Guy and eating bee. jerkey. Parents need to play a role in raising children and not just let someone else do the job.

  lunaXXdennice  |  0

1- it would be the OP's job,yes, but it would also be the moms job to take care of her own child if she's not going to take care of the child then why did she have him in the first place??

  dbt88  |  15

She did her job and it should have stayed a display. I hate when people mess up tons of crap in a store because it's "our job" to clean it up. Pretty sure we work in customer service, not in adult cleanup services.
As you may be able to tell, I can understand OP's frustration from experience.

  RileyL29  |  0

109= future (possibly current) shit mom. Way to go. It's called teaching children manners and respect.. not let them tear shit up and not accept responsibility.

  a_nutritionist  |  10

@109 ive never heard of "deal with unruly ignorant customers" in a position requirement for a sales job. i recommend if you have kids you leave them in day care as often as possible, its their only chance of turning out even close to well adjusted.

  CitrusGirl  |  0

My parents never spanked me. Punishment always fit the crime. Example: if I swore I'd get soap in my mouth. If I hit my brother I'd have to hug him until he stopped crying. And I'd get the "we're dissapointed in you" talk. That works a lot better because you feel guilty for it.

  skyeyez9  |  24

You said punishment fit the crime. No spanking worked for you, but to be honest, if I was a kid again, that wouldnt work for me. for starters, my brother was abusive to me. If I hit him out of retaliation, I didn't feel guilty and hugging him wouldn't make me feel guilty. Because In my perspective, he deserved it.


I was a kid that got hit.. And by hit I mean dss calling hit. Im for spanking but only once in a while, like if timeouts dont work and the kids being smug about it.
Not sure about how well the punishment fiting the crime works though. My crime when I was 7 was going out on the porch when I wasnt supposed too.
My punishment.... To be hung over the 7th story balcony and told to let go.
I mean, I guess it worked. I NEVER went out on that porch again! LOL

  CitrusGirl  |  0

I'm not saying it works for everyone. Most kids learn right and wrong as "if I do this I'll be punished." My parents taught it to me as "if I do this it will make someone sad." Obviously that can't work for everyone, because everyone is different. But it worked for me.

  igpyitl  |  0

^^ I agree. w/ some kids spanking isn't neccessary but with others it is. for example, with me, if I hit my sister I would get hit by my mom and then she would ask how it felt. I would say I didn't like it and my mom would point out that I had made my sister feel that way. after feeling the pain and humiliation I caused my sister I didn't hit her anymore. if all I had to do was hug her I wouldn't fully understand what I put her through

  kingatowning  |  2

well as for me, being Asian. not only do your parents beat the stuffing out of you when you get a "B" in math or for being disobedient or for not having manners. they will even use solid sticks or make you stand still while they perform a martial arts move that will practically leave you half paralyzed with pain. but they also yell quite a colorful dictionary of swear words in their cultural language. yeah it sucks being an asian

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