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Wait...the birthday party was In your basement?? Damn, and here I was thinking it was in Noor's camper...Oh well.

I WAS going to give her a special diarrhea monster cake--chocolate flavor, of course-- but if I don't make it, then more for me, I guess.
*stifles sobs*

  onlychildFTW  |  33

70- haha no that's not why. She's my ex for being a creepy stalkerish girl who dumped me for another guy then a week later dumped him and wanted me back. Then she stalked me for about a year until she ended up moving away. Haha gotta love crazy girls.

78- I for got about that one. But yeah it must suck to have to use a rubber band to keep something stretchy on.

173-Oh well. It's FML, no big deal. Haha

  egc573  |  40

179-Neither do I. It's probably something really unflattering, like...they don't often have sex because their fat fingers can't open a condom wrapper. (As an example, of course)

  Queen_Cosmos  |  7

32, 69 - I know he was being sarcastic, I'm not that dumb. My comment wasn't in response to 4's comment, I was just saying that in general who would buy a used condom? Especially from a homeless guy, it could have an STD or something. You're better off giving the dude some money and telling him to keep it.

  Queen_Cosmos  |  7

153- First of all not everything on FML has to be funny. Second, I'm sorry but I was just trying to clear things up because people were assuming I don't understand sarcasm.