By justwantingtohelp - United States - Highland
Today, a child was choking in the store I work at. He was alone in the aisle, so I started the Heimlich without his parents' permission. After dislodging what was caught, his mother turned the corner and went screaming to my manager for touching her kid. I got a write up. FML
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  niallo  |  23

If the kid was old enough to be left alone in the aisle, the kid was old enough to be asked what happened. This is exactly why people don't help each other in emergencies. I guarantee that this woman would whine like a banshee if you didn't help.

  acs123acs  |  22

@72 doesn't that sound like in the movie "The Incredibles" how the one saves a guys life breaking his back in the process. However the guy was committing suicide and sued the hero for ruining his life when he tried to save it?

  hutch66  |  13

A local firefighter where I live saved a girl from drowning and was then fired because that was not part of his job. Needless to say, people were not to happy with the fire department and we eventually got the fireman his job back. But still, he got fired for helping someone which makes absolutely no sense.

  MDTeddy  |  13

Dumb people don't deserve to graduate. I just hope the kids in school today are actually learning. Btw, most of them have an iphone(maybe android) and/or ipad. Why would a parent give a 12 or 13 year old kid an iphone? What do they need one for? Anyway, if they are listening to 1D(mainly girls as 13 year old boys play cod and spam comments on YT videos) then they clearly are not as smart as they think they are. I guess it just means that they have horrible taste in music and nothing to do with being smart. Then again, I read a comment once of a girl who stated that she was a 1Der and then said she agreed that their songs sucked. How does that even work? Back on topic...Teachers need to be unfraid of failing students. When I was in high-school this one kid never did his homework and managed to pass. That is some bs. One more thing. I notice a lot of underage kids on Minecraft servers which bothers me so much as they do not know how to type and they ask such common sense questions where the answer is clearly typed on a sign at spawn or the first thing showing in the chat box that you normally see as soon as you get on the server(ex is a website). How did they manage to pay for an account? Idk.

  Axipiter  |  24

Exactly 98. Thankfully my province has the "good Samaritan" law in place. If a victim is unresponsive, even as a bystander, you have the right to essentially save their life. I don't understand how anything else makes sense...

  asherm  |  15

'Merica, land of lost common sense and decency. Sad seeing all these stories of people helping others and it biting them in the ass. Be proud that you saved that kid OP!!! and hope that mother doesn't breed anymore, or your employer for that matter

  Ctrl_H  |  18

Yeah, then people wonder how somebody could walk past a person who needs help. I bet at least 4 people walked past op and the kid while he was choking.

  Jennipher Stillwell  |  11

I bet if he hadn't, she'd still would have bitched that no one did anything cause she left her fucking kid alone.

  Scorpio1691  |  29

I was having the same thought. The camera will show the parent that it was needed.

If you did nothing the police would be involved for not doing anything to same the child's life. No good deed goes unpunished

By  Bevspeaks  |  11

People can be so unthankful, and what if her kid had choked to death? She would have yelled at you then too for not doing anything. Just be glad you saved a life OP