By spitstopper - 07/08/2014 02:22 - United States - Birmingham

Today, I stopped two little boys from spitting over a railing at the piano player two floors below in the department store I work at. Their mom complained to my boss about me. FML
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sorry op... at least u protected the dignity of the piano player


sorry op... at least u protected the dignity of the piano player

Yes! Thank-you! Thank-you for saving a fellow pianist!!

cheshireau 26

Exactly. He would have had to keep playing even with the spitting I imagine. As for the boss, I would have told them to leave the store and not to come back until the children learnt some manners.

If their mom complained about OP doing this, what would she do if OP kicked their ass?

She might learn a lesson about watching her idiot children.

I'm sure kicking their asses would've looked really good on OP to his boss

At least you saved the piano! Ahole kids

AHzulu 25

I think you're the asshole here!

Unfortunately the boss always has to listen to the customer, but really they're thinking the customer is an asshat and won't take them seriously.

do you know this person's boss? not all bosses are like that.

I can't imagine any boss (even an asshat one) taking the side of the mother with those bratty kids. Unless the OP was extreme and threw those kids over the railing in order to stop the spitting, I doubt the OP got in any trouble. Probably got a "good job" remark once the mom left with her "Bébé's kids.

catanita 18

Where this people are coming from? Her kids are at fault and she is the one complaining? I don't mean kicking their asses but at least told them that was a bad thing to do. Hope your boss did the right thing.

catanita 18

Please let us know what your boss did next. THX

These kids are probably raised really bratty, just like their bratty mom

It's things like this that prevent people from taking action for a good cause. Whatever happened to personal responsibility and accountability for ones own actions?

You didn't let kids have fun! Shame on your soul!

skyeyez9 24

As a teen I used to work in a grocery store, the worst customers were the retired old men. All they did was bitch about everything. One guy always complained about something: the baked potatoes are too small, next week they were too big. Or he'd bring over a package of beef and demand I open it, cut it in half and give him the smaller portion (which I am not allowed to do). Because apparently, its too difficult to freeze the other half at home himself for another meal.

I think I would've broke down if I were you and told him how I felt. I applaud your patience.

91hayek 31

I respect older people but seniority doesn't give them a license to be asses for no reason. Sorry you had to deal with that constantly; that takes patience and tact.

Goblin182 26

Cut it in half and give him the smaller portion? Apparently he didn't understand the concept of "half".

skyeyez9 24

You would not believe some of the customers. One native american family on ebt and they also get govt (our tax dollars) money for being a native american. They always came in on the 12th of every month and buy about $600 worth of beef, pork and chicken. I overheard a conversation between two: husband: babe, we should get some more chicken breasts. Wife: but we already have a bunch in the freezer. Husband: just throw it all away and we can get new chicken.

I like how you said "our tax dollars" as if Native Americans don't pay taxes. In reality, they pay federal taxes, and, if they do business outside of the reservation, they pay state and sales taxes too.

Not that it is your job necessarily, but in this case, perhaps the elderly man just really wants someone to talk to?

skyeyez9 24

If the old customer wanted to have a conversation, I would have been happy to talk, but not when all he did was complain.

91hayek 31

This is the kind of idiocy that results in signs like "please do not spit on the pianist." Not because the public are stupid but because of individuals that take issue with being told that doing that is wrong and disgusting. All it takes is for one person to ruin it for everyone else.

Their mother is responsible for what they did today. she reported you and now these kids will execute this stupidity again.

not if some good samaritan executes them first. I swear the world is resembling the movie Idiocracy more every day.