By flowerchildd2 - 12/12/2011 23:17 - United States

Today, a creepy old guy on the bus asked me if I wanted to "lick it." When I said no, he tried to convince me by telling me that "it tastes good." FML
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This is why I hate the bus I feel sorry for you OP.

This guy in town who rides the city bus in my town everyday always asks the others around him if they "took his gloves", he's crazy. Don't "cool story bro" me. ._.

Probably no one would have actually "cool story bro"ed you either if you hadn't said anything about it.... Then again, I could be overestimating the people of FML...

This is one of the few times when public transport is scary.

Yeah, you haven't really lived until a junkie throws a syringe at you on the train.

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Or when a lady gets in a fight with a confused man on the subway. Poor guy had no idea what was going on

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Let's not forget the bus drivers who seem mistaken they are on a racetrack going 20-30km/h over speed limit on ice. There was also the crazy guy who decapitated a fellow passenger because voices in his head said to.

What's really scary is how the old man knows what it tastes like.

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How could you turn down an offer like that?

Well why not? I mean, there's absolutely nothing sketchy about that...besides, he says it tastes good!

Um, that's creepy. I'm glad I walk to school. (Hopefully I didn't jinx that...)

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But candy from strangers is always the best kind.