By anonmys - United States
Today, I was riding the train and saw a cute guy licking his lips at me. Flattered, I gave him my number when the train stopped. He looked at me and said, "Don't flatter yourself. You have mustard on your face." FML
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123: I was too disturbed to react, but I certainly could have "owned him," as you said below. While I'm not up to aardvark status, let's just say I don't necessarily need napkins to remove the occasional stray bit of mustard. ;)

  Raleigh_bruh  |  7

Thank you, Captain. :]
Bianca, I'm well aware you're not scared of me; and in all honesty I don't want you to be. I just want you to be aware that attempting to hurt me might get you beat up by some very high up people. :)

  Raleigh_bruh  |  7

Weeell #144 I don't hit females, but I assume by your retort to my post that you do? Niiiice. :P
Bianca, get in my square. :]
Lol, I've always wanted to say that to someone..

  Raleigh_bruh  |  7

Nope, get in my square translates to the exact opposite actually. :]
You would do Chris Brown as in sleep with him? Wow.. Why is everything you type not coming out right lately? :|
Also, I know you don't hate me because you've told me otherwise. :)

  Chrisskiies  |  0

Everybody, plain is best.

Not really, lol

my ps3 is dead D: 

not really but i can't see anything when its turned on. :(