Little shit

By Anonymous - 12/12/2021 16:58

Today, while at a family reunion, I jokingly asked my 18-year-old son, "When are you and your girlfriend going to give me a grandson?" He then retorted, "When are you going to die?" I was unable to answer at all. FML
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Why would you joke about teenagers giving you a grandchild?

You sound like an irritating person.


When are you going to learn to shut your mouth and mind your f*cking business?

Why would you joke about teenagers giving you a grandchild?

You sound like an irritating person.

but... they are so crazy! isn't that joke just crazy!? all their friends are always talking about how funny and crazy they are!!! I agree, these type of people annoy me. jokes to make other feel awkward in a social setting, that makes them hate people.

That's a pretty crappy joke. Maybe you can continue your bit by suggesting he hit on some teenage cousins and make your wishes come true. This routine would be hilarious in Mississippi or Texas. Maybe you ought to see if Jeff Foxworthy wants to use it in his act.

Having kids is growing less common. People value their money, passions, and and mental stamina. The world is also overpopulated so your son would do himself and the world a favor by not having any.

The world is not overpopulated, we can easily feed billions of people.

Are you really that delusional or incredibly misinformed, over 40% of the world can't feed itself properly and you're saying easily done!!! 🤦‍♂️

No, we can't.

Define “easily”

That question is one of the worst you can ask. And it gets even worst when you ask someone so young. Seriously you want your son to be a father at 18???

Right, it was a "joke." It was stupid enough to request a gender of your grandchild, let alone asking for one. Your son does not owe you grandchildren.

You have a disrespectful bastard on your hands. Let him fend for himself and he’ll need you alive for sure

Nope, OP was definitely more disrespectful for even asking him that question.

That kind of response makes me never want to have kids

that kind of response is perfect for making sure that question doesn't come up again for a long while.