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By pokeballbra - 17/10/2011 05:44 - United States

Today, I had to sit on the bus next to a creepy guy. He began pestering me with overly-sexual statements, and finally I told him I had a boyfriend. He responded with, "Tell me his name so I can track him down, kill him, and hopefully take his place." FML
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I'm sure he meant it in the nicest way possible.


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this FML reminds me of the "Mr and Mrs. Smith" when Brad tells Angelina he was married before her and she responds with "what's her name and social security number?" :~)

he just Wants to skin your bosyfriend and make you a lovley chair

boyfriend **** you auto correct you never work when I need you its like having erectile disfuntion

AUTOCORRECT If you had it, you'd know it's spelled dysfunction

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Well he said it never worked when he needs it...he proved his point.

yes I realized like a minute later if you miss an early letter you're **** with suggestions on how to spell the word

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in the old mans situation once you said you already had a boyfriend I would say I don't mind as long as we don't make eye contact or cross swords

I wud say i have a rock Oh im srry i thought we were talking about things that dident matter my bad ;)

I would say I have a math test. Oh sorry I thought we were talking about things we can cheat on;) bahahaha

I'm sure he meant it in the nicest way possible.

Going to these lengths, just for you OP? He seems like a keeper. Just don't cheat on him or make him angry.

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OP must be insanely hot for the creeper to say that.... hmmm I wonder.

Run, run fast and hard and don't look back. Wait aren't you from Texas… put a slug in his shoulder and tel him no

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Well if I was in your situation I would have responded with "that's what she said" for all his sexual comments.

Ask the guy for his name so you can get him tracked down and put into an institution.

or ask him for his number cause he seems like a nice guy and you can catch up later

If he has no problem with murder I doubt a restraining order will do much to detour him..

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Ya he has good intentions, yet it's spelled deter, not detour. Lol damn, some people suck at spelling.

Seems like the guy has a future with restraining orders, if he doesnt have one already against someone.

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