By ugly - 10/07/2011 06:03 - United States

Today, a total stranger on the bus called me hideous and threw a soda in my face. I only asked him if the seat next to him was taken. FML
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ya or just walk by him/her and rip ass in his/her face

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This FML reminds me of the What Would You Do? Episode where they tested how your appearance affects people's treatment of you..

You gotta look at the positive side, you got to see the crazy side of New York AND a free soda!!!!

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I don't think spitting on him is as bad as getting a soda thrown in your face...

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I wanna know why she deserved it. cuz I dont think she did.

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Psh. Gotta love America in general, were all cocky assholes :)

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Thank you 117 :). That was when I was a try hard

Thank you 117 :). It's from when I was a try hard

You must have boosted thts not legit...

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1's pic cud be of anyone Mebbe it's not him?

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should have stopped being a prick and sat next to him...

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what's up with all the fmls involving bus seat ordeals?

Maybe he thought you asked if HE was taken?

147, look at my teams scores. How could we have boosted?

Spitting on someone is the lowest of the lows. A good punch right in the face ought to be sufficient.

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there are so many I was on the bus FML's that you should just expect it

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hideous ppl should try to sit with other pole always ends bad... jk

Kick him in the nuts. Assuming it's male

Well you have failed. 3 just said it's nuts because like 3 was unsure of what the gender was. I am unsure of 3's gender so I kept saying 3 :). Also if you're correcting 3 do it right, it's "he is" or "he's."

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I think 8 was referencing the actual FML.

She was quoting the FML, you ******* moron.

if a girl ever hits my nuts and I didn't lay a hand on her...... -shudders- hit me anywhere but my balls.

I just relized she said him in the FML, damn I fail :(

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it really is. sorry op:( but this is America for ya...


Look on the bright side. You got a free soda! Just lick it off your shirt and face. :)

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No one even said anything -_- for all you know the comments could have been filled with rainbows and unicorns

yeah but he knew because people had thumbed his comment down.

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he had no thumbs at all when i first replied.

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I wish I could bake a cake with rainbow on it & we could all be happy.

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No, I just have a lot of feelings.

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I guess the seat was taken.

Or he figured OP wouldn't want to sit next to him after that and he'd have the seat to himself. Should've plopped your wet, sticky self down right next to him and talked non-stop the entire ride.

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he probably would have just thrown more soda

That is soda-pressing......c way I did thar?

no. I didn't get the memo at the meeting. :(

don't expect many fmlers to get that straight away

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Harharhar. You are sprite on! (That was really..lame, but.)

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7- First thing to make me laugh in literally days.. I need a life.

That was funny! I donut know how you thought of that.

I think it's my 'can'-do attitude which makes me a very 'bubbly' person

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Oh my god. It took me minutes to find that out! Hahahah!

you must be soo ugly. why would you even ask to sit next to him?

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^that's what I'm sayin^ why would you write that? asshole.

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Because they were on a bus that I'm assuming was crowded?

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^that's what I'm sayin^ why would you write that? asshole.

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uhhhhm what's your problem?? take it easy there scout, gosh.

Call him an asshole. Serves him right for calling you hideous.

You must have looked at his imaginary friend rudely