By Anonymous - 08/02/2015 16:05 - United States

Today, a creepy old guy kept hitting on me in line at Subway. I got scared and told him to back off because my dad was waiting for me outside. He replied that he wouldn't object to a three-way. FML
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Well, he thought you were there for a 6 inch!


Well, he thought you were there for a 6 inch!

gintwinsmoore 20

well he was creepy and old, so probably only 3 inches...on hard.

13, his dick is a video game difficulty? Sweet!

WTF? Didn't anyone else in the line say anything?

marcmaralou 15

That's what I was thinking... at some point someone should have intervened

As someone who's been harassed on a train, people are more likely than not to keep their mouths shut.

Its something.. I forget the actual term but basically everyone will think that other people will do something and wont help... But once one person helps then people usually do (or there was no one else in subway)

it's called being a pussy. help someone if they're in trouble, **** what everyone else is doing or not doing

I believe it's called the Bystander Effect.

26. As someone who has stood up for someone else on a train and been stabbed because of it, I can confirm silence is usually your best option.

66, I'm aware what trouble it can get you in. If someone looks harmless than I think you should stand up for them, but if they look dangerous/drunk everyone should shut their mouths and those being harassed should get off at the next stop.

Not necessarily, then the drunk/harasser could follow you off whereas on the train hopefully people will intervene if things get too out of hand. People are ridiculous this is why I have my CC permit and carry everywhere.

My lord that would frighten me! I don't know how you kept it polite after that one.

It is simple, we kill the old people.

xChaos 29

Yes, it's the only way. No alternative. Nothing. Nothing at all.

If I ever grow into that big of a douchetesticle when I get old, please kill me.

Seriously! A pedophile AND into incest? Two disgusting traits...

cadillacgal79 32

This is also why there's concealed carry

not really, its meant for assault situations, but hey! idc how you use it as long as it doesn't effect me.

You should've told him that creepy old guys weren't your type

Huh just when you thought that all the creepy things have been said on fml, you get this. Well played subway creep, well played.

Some people are so disgusting... sorry OP! hope you didnt lose your appetite, i know i would have