By needanewride - United States - Newton Center
Today, I took a crowded train home. I was holding on to the rail when an old man started rubbing his crotch across my hand. I moved my hand but he moved too and kept doing it. When I moved my hand higher, he started licking it. I had to wait ten minutes for the next stop. FML
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  missamberrose  |  17

I agree that what the man did was unacceptable, but he could have had dementia or some other mental illness. OP should have asserted herself and made it clear that his behavior was inappropriate. For goodness sake she doesn't have to beat the man up.

  spaboolly  |  26

OP also said she was holding the rail, which would suggest that she was standing and probably couldn't get away from the guy. I've been in similar situations -_-

  vannahlol  |  6

I have no idea why you're getting thumbed down into oblivion for that comment.. I live in a decently small town and I'm glad I don't have to deal with that stuff either.

By  IOmnomHard  |  10

I feel like old pervy men are in abundance...Just because they're old, though, doesn't mean a kick to the nuts is off limits. (Though in old age, you might have to aim a little lower..)

  gracehi  |  31

EXACTLY! Being old is no excuse for such behavior! I don't care how old someone is, if they're molesting me, I'm kicking some ass. They guy was probably deranged, but even so, you don't just let deranged people violate you.