By scarlet - 09/05/2011 15:02 - Canada

Today, on the bus, a large smelly man was sat next to me, pushing me against the divider and sliding into me on every turn. When he got up for his stop, his pants had loosened and his bare ass was staring me in the face. FML
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If you wanted to smell his ass, you could have just asked. Pervert.

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Yes, but wtf, it's not a FML at all.

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you should have told him crack is wack

FYL.. really op but YDI for stare back at his ass

He's a large man with a large ass. I think it's hard to not stare when his ass is two feet far from your face.

Why was his bare ass staring at you? Did his ass think you looked funny?

you shouldve spanked him and told him he's a bad boy just to see what he'd do

At least you didn't see his junk. Or did you? ;)

I'll have you know that was me and I'm offended!

lol 54 she stared cuz the ass cracked up at her

If you wanted to smell his ass, you could have just asked. Pervert.

I'm surprised she didn't spank it!! ha ha ha

obviously it's a fake. it's computer generated, and 3 is a dude.

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damn that's a hot pic. to bad it's weird ass guy.

it's the pic of a house/techno channel on youtube, don't hate

The picture in my profile is actually one that I took, last year, in SoCal. Her name is Vee.

KUTAIDSVLEKHOER:D Dutch Ftw. no rly im swedish >.>

definitely not a *****. zeker niet een hoer. and Swedish != Dutch. FYI.

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Why did you not get up and move? Or even stand if the bus was full?

I hope you said loudly 'Eeeeeeeew, that's ******* gross', so that the whole bus could share in it.