By Disgusted - 05/07/2009 06:30 - United States

Today, I met my biological mother for the first time. I also found out from her husband that she has her nipples and nether regions pierced. FML
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this site really needs a "what's the big deal?" button.

OMG NOT PIERCINGS NOOOOO! ...Seriously. So what?


this site really needs a "what's the big deal?" button.

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I think she was more grossed out at the extreme amount of information she was given. The husband didn't need to tell her any of those things and as it was her first time meeting her mum, it made an impression.

I SO second that. This is like My Life's Awesome, not a FML...

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so the **** what.. I agree.. not a fml or a ydi just a stfw

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You want me to call the wambulance? Sheesh.

you're right, she has the right to be disgusted. but, luckly for her, it was only something like this. when she walks in on her parents having sex, then we can talk on equal footing.

I agree or a "stop complaining" or "stfu" button. What's the big deal with this? It's not like her mom showed her the piercings after her husband mentioned them.

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OK, everyone who is saying "this is not an FML"- imagine YOUR mom having that. Isn't that at least a little shameful? Freaking sex-ridden jerks. OP, sorry for you. *Sympathy*

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Can't wait to see your future spouses FML, #86...."FML, my spouse is such an uptight prude"

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Wow too much info for a FIRST encountering with ur MOM.

OMG NOT PIERCINGS NOOOOO! ...Seriously. So what?

...How would you feel if you were just meeting your mother and her husband comes up to you and says "HEY Guess what?? your mom has her nipples and pussy pierced!!"

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And how did this come up in your chat , sounds like a sicko to me .

This is an FML alright! Way to go first impression!