By thanksmom - 20/07/2010 00:23 - United States

Today, I met my biological mother for the first time. She stole my wallet. FML
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That's what my biological mother would do if she wasn't dead.


That's what my biological mother would do if she wasn't dead.

And, shortly afterwards, your biological fist broke her biological face.

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next time u see her punch her in the face I would

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this reminds me of tonights episode of the secret life of the American teenager! ahh, who saw it?! xD

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Owned by bio mommy. nuff said.

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hah that's hilarious Sorry op, this is why she didn't raise you:) Be glad

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oh, btw, you deserve it for being adopted. for those who will start hating after this comment, go watch Ray William Johnson first, kay? thx

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I bet op did. now watch as I debunk it, like ghost adventures. O: scandalous.

If you're going to insult someone, do it right. Don't try to justify your trolling. Just troll.

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aw sorry babe your real mom is a crack *****.

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Thats why you steal her keys and call it even. Unless the keys are to someone elses car that she stole and dumped at the bottom of a lake after a night of drinking heavily and partying hard. =]

ray owns and yeah he/she deserved it

At least you know that your life was better without her in it. Imagine if she had raised you.

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ray William johnson sucks. yourevilheroz are better

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haha!! I love Ray William Johnson!

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She likes your tat and she cannot lie, those other sisters can deny, but when a guy walks by with a tit in his tat she gets wet he's gonna be her favorite pet

79- haha, same! :D though it's weird how he calls his viewers 'forum'. does anyone watch mychonny? he is a awesome Asian :)

There's a message here - be glad you didn't have to spend your entire childhood with this woman.

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hey!! don't be stingy, sharing is caring!

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41- i was not trolling, which is exactly why i explained myself afterwards. i was only making a joke for RWJ viewers. so shut up.

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Pfft...Chhc...BAHAHAHA! *snort* AhHaHa! *wheeze* 80 FTW.

sounds like an episode of Everybody Hates Chris.

u deaerv it fur having a biological mother!! 16 there's nooo way....

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she's dead... that's a good thing right? couse it is! how I wish one of my family died. not in a bad way of course but I think I've nailed down depression by death but I have to test it and not show signs of greif

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awww that's so terribly sad, I'm sorry

sorry his fault for having a wallet! I use a pouch cliped on to my belt, or those loops a belt would normally go through.

You so cute #3 You make smiles appear on my face. =]

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too bad you don't look half good as her huh?

Too bad im not phased by your attempt at an insult.

Agree! At least now you know you're better of without her :)

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dude that sucks, I have it bad to, my dad left me at age 9 for my uncles wife, his sister in law.....parents suck sometimes

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They getcha coming and they getcha going!

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I know this sounds mean but that's friggin hilarious XD.

wow. "nice to meet you, son. nice, fat wallet you got there."

and by "son" i mean "daughter." obviously.

well op, you found her once, I'm pretty sure you'll find her again... it'll probably take you another 20 years... in the meantime, fyl for trusting someone you just met.