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Does anyone know how these ads on this site work about making $2000+ from the comfort of my living room? I mean do I send them my bank details before or after I receive the cheque?

  farrito102993  |  9

I have a third nipple. It is also a birthmark. I think this persons case is similar to mine, as to where it is under developed. I have absolutely no fat tissue around it, and it does not 'poke out'. it's just a light brown little spot, but its classified as a third nipple, even as my doctor has said.

  perdix  |  29

Sounds catchy, but the normal number of nipples is two, therefore, it would be correct if you said:

1.5 times the nipple, 1.5 times the foreplay.

Too bad there's not a sexy bit that rhymes with "one-point-five," but you have to get it right. Now you can see why ñerds are so good at sex ;)