By triplenipple - 10/01/2011 20:35 - Sweden

Today, I realized the birthmark I have on my chest isn't a birthmark at all; it's a third nipple. FML
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triple the nipple, triple the foreplay?


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a lot of ppl have em they don't even look like nipples

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Hidan_fml 0

Since when does a mark look like a nipple?

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I got a third nipple too but mine was taken off

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That sucks. But, Harry Styles has four nipples and a bunch of girls want him (Not me).

How would you not notice the difference? nipples poke out, and have at least some fat/muscle around them.

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Not third nipples in most vases they are not functioning and do not grow after birth and do not resemble nipples

I call shenanigans, doctor would have noticed it by now.

farrito102993 9

I have a third nipple. It is also a birthmark. I think this persons case is similar to mine, as to where it is under developed. I have absolutely no fat tissue around it, and it does not 'poke out'. it's just a light brown little spot, but its classified as a third nipple, even as my doctor has said.

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triple the nipple, triple the foreplay?

perdix 29

Sounds catchy, but the normal number of nipples is two, therefore, it would be correct if you said: 1.5 times the nipple, 1.5 times the foreplay. Too bad there's not a sexy bit that rhymes with "one-point-five," but you have to get it right. Now you can see why ñerds are so good at sex ;)

Ñerd? Is that a Spanish geek? A Spanish SEX geek with a third nipple… now THAT'S what I'm talking about!