By oliverP123 - 22/07/2011 04:11 - United States

Today, I walked in on my mom and her friends comparing the differences in their nipples. FML
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Were you asked to judge?

I think it's probably breast not to get involved.


Were you asked to judge?

8.5/10, 9/10, 9/10, and sorry mom but 7.5/10

would it be like wine tasting? swish each one around in your mouth a bit then spit it out?

I think it's probably breast not to get involved.

today I was in the bedroom with my friends minding our own business, comparing nipples. then all of a sudden my son barged through the door, I think he had a boner. fml

is your mum or her friends MILFs?

Whose complaining?

-54 my bad, sorry I couldn't please a complete stranger, come again.

lmfao. oh that's too rich. 54 is such a fucking hypocrite if you read her bio.

I thought you hate grammar Nazis

54- you're uh... kinda young... are you sure you want the world wide web knowing your skype? I mean there are creepers out there. I know I would be upset if I went to my computer and 67 yo Chester the molester wanted cyber sex. careful what ya put up. it's not my business :) but you did target yourself as the stereotypical 'stupid' type.

a lot of stupid people are on the Internet.. also. OP whose was better?

You shoulda judged on which were better. maybe a little taste test

63 keeps driving all my business away

hmm if they were milfs that would be nice

54- what do you mean by "skype action" you d.t.f? youre wayy to young girl

just like in my favorite Porno............ jk ;) but however very kinky

-63 I agree with you! I noticed that when I read her bio.

I hate hypocrites. That girl is too young to be posting about doing things on Skpe. She shouldn't be sharing her body or anything with strangers on the Internet. By the way, anyone want to exchange nudes? My e-mail is [email protected]

BItch!.. you R the grammar don't say that they piss you off

54 you say you hate grammar Nazis but still you blatantly spellcheck someone else's comment? Have you ever been called a hippocrit?

HAHA win

If Your A Dude;; Actually, No, Because You Saw Your Moms Boobs,,, Deeply Scarred Indeed...

What the fuck are you trying to say, 165?

165 - Lesbihonest, either gender would feel horrified and traumatized seeing any family members "no-no" parts. In other words, SHUSH, you don't know what you're talking about.

Were the differences vast?

Join in, the more the merrier!

all different colors and shapes.

did they get their nips hard to see who could cut through a diamond the fastest?

were your moms friends hot or did they have big breasts?

So wait... having big breast makes someone not hot?

sxe Dude you got me to quit smoking weeks ago. I can't take your profile pic anymore... will I really have a mustache like that one day?

yes spazmatic you'll grow a mustache like an Asian pedophile

dont copy sxe-phil .

congrats spazmattic

Pics or it didn't happen :D

( ‘ )( ‘ ) High nipples (o)(o) Perfect breasts (+)(+) Fake silicone breasts (oYo) Wonderbra breasts (^)(^) Cold breasts (Q)(O) Pierced breasts ( - )( - ) Flat against the Shower

Flat against the shower is my personal fav

Hahaahah :). is it awkward for me to ask which you have?

Haha, yes it is!(: Just as awkward as me asking if you know What an Australian kiss is? A French kiss done down under! Lol

Not quite sure if I WANT to see it... depends how old his mum and her friends are first? PMSL

sourgirl (off topic) why would u tell random people so much about you in your bio?

So, perfect breasts are ones where the nipples take up almost all the surface area? The picture put a gross image in my head.

This is an interesting conversation

no I don't think it is we all wondering ;)

i think she had high nipples

perfect breats are (o)Y(o)

those are cinnamon rolls

oh god -41 she's married and has kids! This is quite awkward!

Maybe they're broken?

Broken nipples? lol that's gonna be the new name for my band

You will probably fit in among modern artists.

Why do you have to say such horrible things?!! *runs away crying and slams bedroom door*

I meant that in a nice way, I think.. *pat*

But.. Gaga.. Bieber... Aaron Lewis does country!!! *rocks back n forth humming softly*

*screams* WHY ARE YOU YELLING?!?!?! Waaaaah

your live only sucks if you were asked to join -___-

Did you get hard, thatd be akward, or did you pull yours out to and compare as well?

there's eye wash for that

yeah it's called acid.

I think it's called sulfuric acid