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  MissFukMyLuck  |  0

54- you're uh... kinda young... are you sure you want the world wide web knowing your skype? I mean there are creepers out there. I know I would be upset if I went to my computer and 67 yo Chester the molester wanted cyber sex. careful what ya put up. it's not my business :) but you did target yourself as the stereotypical 'stupid' type.

By  junkboy  |  4

HAHA win

  AsianCookie247  |  14

165 - Lesbihonest, either gender would feel horrified and traumatized seeing any family members "no-no" parts.
In other words, SHUSH, you don't know what you're talking about.

  sourgirl101  |  28

( ‘ )( ‘ ) High nipples
(o)(o) Perfect breasts
(+)(+) Fake silicone breasts
(oYo) Wonderbra breasts
(^)(^) Cold breasts
(Q)(O) Pierced breasts
( - )( - ) Flat against the Shower