By emeraldarcher74 - United States - Lake Stevens
Today, my mother made me a delicious meal of gravy, stuffing, mashed and sweet potatoes, and cranberries. Overjoyed, I tried to give her a hug. Instead, I accidentally punched her in the face. FML
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By  emeraldarcher74  |  30

Howdy, all! Just a bit of backstory: I came to my mother's house to help her cook for a Thanksgiving party we were attending. When she showed me the meal, I immediately tried to throw my arms around her neck in a thankful hug - however, my left hand made contact with her face. I was frantically apologizing, and after a little ice, everything got back to normal. We both enjoyed the meal together, and as I write this, me and her have just finished her signature mushroom gravy dish for the upcoming party. Happy Thanksgiving, everybody!