By emeraldarcher74 - / Saturday 19 November 2016 18:34 / United States - Lake Stevens
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By  emeraldarcher74  |  30

Howdy, all! Just a bit of backstory: I came to my mother's house to help her cook for a Thanksgiving party we were attending. When she showed me the meal, I immediately tried to throw my arms around her neck in a thankful hug - however, my left hand made contact with her face. I was frantically apologizing, and after a little ice, everything got back to normal. We both enjoyed the meal together, and as I write this, me and her have just finished her signature mushroom gravy dish for the upcoming party. Happy Thanksgiving, everybody!


Today, my insane roommate yelled at me for using the word "stupid" because apparently it is a slur against mentally disabled people. Later, she went on and on about this "queer" club she's attending to meet "queer" people to talk about "queer" issues. She's not gay. I am. FML

By TooLesbian - / Thursday 25 September 2014 02:33 / Australia - Kellyville
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