By Anonymous - 14/01/2011 20:53 - United States

Today, while playing with my cat, she decided to give me a surprise nipple piercing with her claws. FML
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chazzlerazzle 0

at least it was free a lot of people have to pay a lot for one of those

yes yes, because cats are no match for a mighty t shirt.


Epilepsy_fml 0

Well someone just wanted to be first. My God, I wonder who it was?

Was it you? I bet it was you, #6. I hate the comment bug.

WallyTheWombat 0

I read it as: Today, while playing with my clit... I was all o.o fml getting a little graphic.

Cat scratch fever! Da na dun! Cat scratch feva! Baow wa waow!

Hide_Yo_Kids 0

#1,,,,ever hear of eyebrow waxing?

46, ha ha, look who's talking. BTW, 1 has beautiful eyebrows. Why mess with perfection?

Hide Yo Kids - ever hear of not being an asshole?

talb1 7

It says comment moderated, but I can imagine what was said. And 46 has some self esteem issues.

@70, Cats can usually claw through fabric, especially something as thin as a t-shirt. I know my cat certainly can. :P

She wasn't wearing any ?!? And it's good, 'cause it can be really sexy !! :p

lol 46 why do you care? It's not on your face.

TeaLover_fml 0

Waxing actually slows down the hair growth. Her eyebrows are nice but go in a bit too far, in my opinion. All in all, it's her choice.

wth r u guys all so consumed w her eye brows! geeeeez get a life

93, because being consumed BY her eyebrows would be preposterous!

sweet_candy_ - I think you're cute. #46 is just a jerk.

chazzlerazzle 0

at least it was free a lot of people have to pay a lot for one of those

awsomeroncat22 0

ydi for playing with you cat withought a shirt on

lol this can still happen with a shirt on.

yes yes, because cats are no match for a mighty t shirt.

Epilepsy_fml 0

Never had a cat before I presume? You incompetent baffoon. A CATS CLAWS CAN GO THROUGH A PIECE OF FABRIC. But I still love you.

I always put on my suit of armor before playing with a cat. And I don't still love you.

Epilepsy_fml 0

A better one could have been, "Quit being such a pussy!"

LightningLadyy 0
kattylizbeth 19

Or: "are you a nun? Because you sure have a holey nipple!" haha.

taffy1239 3

meowwww. someone thinks nipple peircings are sexyyy.

Do you have some sort of typing stutter? If not, wwwwhyyy do that?

FMLephant 2

Their keys are stick from too much ****. Could be the OP from the email Fml.

taffy1239 3

I appoligize. my computer did something strange.... then broke. (I'm on my iPod now, it's all good)

90, don't iPods have spellcheck like my iPhone? last I checked it was 'apologize', just saying..

97, they do have spell check. Way to make him look like an ass

taffy1239 3

well I'm sorry if my iPod hates me.

MarineWifey88 3

My sister's dog did that to my husband once. Perfectly straight and everything. He almost got in trouble with his command when he got back from leave, they didn't believe a dog did it.

FunwithBumperCar 0

Your pussy needs better foreplay.

See a doctor or something, it could get infected.

Yours it the only serious comment here..