By Anonymous - 14/01/2011 20:53 - United States

Today, while playing with my cat, she decided to give me a surprise nipple piercing with her claws. FML
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at least it was free a lot of people have to pay a lot for one of those

yes yes, because cats are no match for a mighty t shirt.


Well someone just wanted to be first. My God, I wonder who it was?

Was it you? I bet it was you, #6. I hate the comment bug.

lol I don't care if I am first.

I read it as: Today, while playing with my clit... I was all o.o fml getting a little graphic.

Cat scratch fever! Da na dun! Cat scratch feva! Baow wa waow!

#1,,,,ever hear of eyebrow waxing?

46, ha ha, look who's talking. BTW, 1 has beautiful eyebrows. Why mess with perfection?

Hide Yo Kids - ever hear of not being an asshole?

Dude you are a douche bag.

It says comment moderated, but I can imagine what was said. And 46 has some self esteem issues.

and 46 has some self esteem issues

@70, Cats can usually claw through fabric, especially something as thin as a t-shirt. I know my cat certainly can. :P

but what about a bra?

She wasn't wearing any ?!? And it's good, 'cause it can be really sexy !! :p

lol 46 why do you care? It's not on your face.

Waxing actually slows down the hair growth. Her eyebrows are nice but go in a bit too far, in my opinion. All in all, it's her choice.

wth r u guys all so consumed w her eye brows! geeeeez get a life

93, because being consumed BY her eyebrows would be preposterous!

sweet_candy_ - I think you're cute. #46 is just a jerk.

at least it was free a lot of people have to pay a lot for one of those

I was thinking the same thing

Lolz me to

lovely, shall I supply a ring for you?

you have nipple rings for lease? lol

No kitten mittens.

ydi for playing with you cat withought a shirt on

lol this can still happen with a shirt on.

yes yes, because cats are no match for a mighty t shirt.

Never had a cat before I presume? You incompetent baffoon. A CATS CLAWS CAN GO THROUGH A PIECE OF FABRIC. But I still love you.

I always put on my suit of armor before playing with a cat. And I don't still love you.

holey nipple! lame pun-.-

A better one could have been, "Quit being such a pussy!"


Or: "are you a nun? Because you sure have a holey nipple!" haha.

meowwww. someone thinks nipple peircings are sexyyy.

Do you have some sort of typing stutter? If not, wwwwhyyy do that?

Their keys are stick from too much porn. Could be the OP from the email Fml.

I appoligize. my computer did something strange.... then broke. (I'm on my iPod now, it's all good)

90, don't iPods have spellcheck like my iPhone? last I checked it was 'apologize', just saying..

97, they do have spell check. Way to make him look like an ass

well I'm sorry if my iPod hates me.

My sister's dog did that to my husband once. Perfectly straight and everything. He almost got in trouble with his command when he got back from leave, they didn't believe a dog did it.

Your pussy needs better foreplay.

See a doctor or something, it could get infected.

Yours it the only serious comment here..

u should get it checked