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By Anonymous - 17/03/2010 15:38 - United States

Today, I took my girlfriend of five and a half years to family dinner at a restaurant. After we all had finished dessert, I got down on one knee, pulled out my great grandmother's ring and proposed. The entire restaurant was dead silent. She looked around and then slowly walked out. FML
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Wow I'm so sorry. Have you gotten an explanation? You'd think after 5 1/2 years she'd shout YES.


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sad! you stole your grandmas ring you cheapskate

damm now with all the stuff u see on here im not sure wat a true FML is ...but damm this here has 2 be somewhere close

miss101 3

that sucks. but a dinner? a girl wants more then that! choose a more special place

got to say that's pretty said on the OPs part. did he think just because his whole family was there she just had to say yes. way to prove you are a rapist at heart.

your now EX girlfriend is a mean bitch... 5 years and she walks out on you because you propposed?!? I bet she's screwing someone else. Sorry man.

We saw this fml yesterday. Dude, don't do it at a McDonalds.

Yeah and in front of the family. Maybe she's shy?

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better to know now than find out later. freedom ftw.

lmao i love how it says ''from david'' then says (woman) xD

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i wonder if the restaurant had anything to do with it?

I guess you seriously mis-read your girlfriend. It sounds like she either doesn't at all have marriage on her mind or she is a very private person who didn't want to be proposed to in front of your family and a bunch of strangers (which, after 5 1/2 years of dating, you should have known).

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he deserves it for waiting so long. 5 1/2 years? Jesus christ man

Maybe she thinks that there's no need, the two of you were practically married before. Or you could be the guy that proposed to his at a McDonald's.

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I leik ******* totally ******* agree that he's ******* ******.. exhibit "B" of a 15 year old wannabe

heh david is a woman xD. thats a new thing

omg 106 is Justin beiber!!!! I love her!!

Justin Beiber is the long lost Jonas brother and must die.

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She was probably just surprised and embarassed. Come down. Lesbian relationships always work lol

Ooh, sorry about that one OP, but hey, there are always other fish, right?

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ok and maybe he wanted to wait a while to propose to her

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#146 made me google every word... I'm still confused <_> that is ******. up. :( and in front of your family? are you still with her?

my question is what the hells wrong with that bitch that she wasted five years of his life...AND hers. maybe she used him as a security blanket. but you'd think five years in you would have talked about that shit by now, just wow

Justin bieber is my idol! everytime I listen to him he cheers me up :D but fyl that must be a terrible thing to go through. maybe she was just shy since the restaurant was quiet.

Justin bieber sounds gay why I hate most pop songs 1. record voice for 30 seconds 2. alter voice digitally 3. add beats 4. repeat recording 3-4 times and you have a pop song takes NO skill

Yuikes, Either David is an ugly woman or he clicked the wrong gender button (or her parents have a really sick sense of humor).

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were you the guy that took his girlfriend to mcdonalds for lunch? and she thought you were going "all out"?

Damn that sucks well now you know she's not the one sorry. Hopefully you'll find someone better.

Can someone please explain to me why it's so terrible and he deserves it for waiting 5 years to propose? I mean, I know I personally wouldn't mind waiting. I figure, what's the rush? If two people plan on spending their lives together, why do they need to hurry into the official married status? Also, like this FML for example, wouldn't it be better to know the relationship didn't work out five years in verses realizing it doesn't work out three years into marriage?

If he had proposed two years in he would have learned two years in she didn't want to be with Him.

woo op's from ri!!! and fyl man that blows

i feel so bad for you this is one reason i gave up on dating a lot of girls will just treat you like shit when you try to show you care and they dont care they only care about themselves

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who ever says he deserves it is a person with no heart its suxs

seanreddog, she obviously wanted to be with him two years in because she was still with him at 5 1/2 years. You still cannot expect today's reaction with that of her would-be reaction 3 1/2 years ago. Whether she accepted the proposal or not isn't really the issue I'm trying to bring up. I just wanted to know why 5 years is too long without having proposed to a partner already.

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But thats gonna be hard, considering he has a ban of well over a million teenage girls defending him.. and those chicks are vicous, don't mess with them.

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nice dude. I couldn't have said it better myself.

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wow I feel bad for you man but she could have been shy or maybe to scared to get married yet don't go to fast if she's a slow type

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well, were you at mcdonalds?

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HAHAHAHA you're girlfriend turned one in too!!! I just read it on the moderator. she said you've only dated 4 years....and of course, I voted for it

Last week, I dreamed I shot Justin Beiber. With a Carcano rifle, for those of you who would like to know. Turns out, my wife dreamt of torturing him on the same night. You can see why we're married.

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yeah metalhead, that's why you gave up on dating

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140, don't hurt her feelings, She might commit suicide.

maybe she is afraid of a lot of people looking at her? like 'runaway bride' gets nervous when a lot of people look at her

yo 5 and a half years! what a bitch she don't deserve someone like u bro

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aw poor guy! maybe she was under alot of pressure having the whole family there or sonething.. but still, that sucks!

No_habla_espanol 11

that's what I was thinking! lol

he doesn't just sound gay I'm sure he takes it in the ass

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I hope that your ex burns to ashes.

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haha that's funny u guys must be the perfect couple nowadays

that sucks! maybe tell her bf to propose instead. ;)

298 lmao hahahahhaha either les or made it up haga

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ah.. I see what you did there. nice strings of strings of pretty words. seriously. :]

@'ve never read The Mars Volta lyrics have you? poetic. yanno?

what is wrong with that some people just need time

lmao i did the same thing im sure 146 knew what they were trying to say but couldnt articulate it in a normal way

Yeah. When my friend was rejected he bece so depressed that he covered himself in butter and walked into the nearest Golden Corral. Police said that he was ripped the shreds and eaten by fat people before he had a chance to scream.

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ikr I was like where did that come from??? (:

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hah #121 win that made my day :]

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lol 121 ftw!!!!!!!!! dude that made me lmao

Wow I'm so sorry. Have you gotten an explanation? You'd think after 5 1/2 years she'd shout YES.

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getting married is much more than years together, I would think I'm not married.

SeedlessMe 13

But really though, why would you do that in front of the family and a restaurant full of people?? I'd walk out too... Y.D.I.... Big Time!

chillinAK 9

when my husband first told me he loved me, I ran away cuz I didn't know how to react. this might be like that, eh?

139, is it so terrible to want to express the amount of love and trust it takes to marry a person in front of your family? Who cares that it was in front of a restaurant full of people? Something tells me it would have happened even if was done in private. My sympathies OP, hope everything works out....

Ilovemusic237 19

Even if it would have happened in private, at least that would have saved both of them the awkwardness and embarrassment of her rejecting him.

Just because your girlfriend is on crutches due to muscular dystrophy gives you no right to make fun of her "slowly walking out."

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If they're still together, that'll be really awkward at the next family get-together.

What a fag if a guy gives a girl 51/2 years of his life she should say yes but dude there are other fish in the damn sea!

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Obviously. The poster is a woman. So they're both gay.

Sun_Kissed18 25

Oh, that explains the no clapping. I was wondering why a resraunt wouldn't clap for a proposal but now its clear that they are close minded jerks. Sucks about being rejected though :( there better be a good reason

The OP's name is David. I think it's fair to say he clicked woman by accident.

Or "He" wears the pants in the relationship and makes her call her David... we will never know...

Well, you'd think that, but I went to college with a girl named Michael and have met girls named Kyle and Kevin and a guy named Stacey.

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Maybe she hoped for something romantic instead of a mouthful of apple pie at McDs. YDI.

strangly enough I've actually seen fmls where the guy proposed at mcd

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this seems like it could be a string of fmls. guy took his girlfriend to walmart mcdonalds to buy condoms. then he proposed at mcdonalds. then she walked out. they all connect.

datkid117 13

Well of course she'd walk out; he can't please her sexually. After all, she did fake her ******.

SeedlessMe 13

Hahahaha oh man I'm at work right now and laughing my ass off about this string.... People are starting to give me 'the look'

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follow her outside and then beat her.... she deserves it

OMGGGGGG, FYL indeed! After 5 1/2 years.. That's gotta hurt! May be she was cheatin' on U. [not that that's better but whatever]

I'm sure that's why she walked out. chicks named David tend to be abusive

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Rofl @ 24! hahaha that's great.

♪ Is she a mister or is she a miss? Does she stand up when she's taking a piss? She's my little girl; she's my little guy. When I try to "please her," I get poked in the eye. Yeah. ♪

omg^^^ that was amazing. you just made my day xD

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38! YOU ROCK!!!!!!! that was amazing:D