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Today, I met my biological parents for the first time. Their justification for giving me up for adoption was that I wasn't conceived at the ideal time for them. Apparently, the ideal time was six months after the adoption, when they conceived the first of my two brothers. FML
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I'm guessing you got a better deal with your adoptive parents!

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Wow. Seems like they're great people... Not


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Yeah, how could you treat op like that? Bitch!

OPs parents are stupid. You don't give away your child because they weren't born at the ideal time.

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Well, I guess it was their lost op! :)

What if they weren't ready at that time? Like financially and stuff, and they don't believe in abortion? For all we know, one of OPs parents got promoted in those 6 months, opening up enough money to raise a child. And this is from someone who has an older brother who I've never met because it's exactly what happened to my parents. My parents have talked to his parents, and the kid has turned out just fine.

6 months later to conceive plus a 9 month pregnancy - 15 months can change a lot. And perhaps they just couldn't go through adoption again. It sucks for you but I doubt they just did it on a whim either.

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I guess it wasn't time for one of my sarcastic jokes... *crawls back under rock* fyl op. :(

OP if you had a happy childhood without them, then don't worry about it. I know it's crazy, but maybe you had a better life than your brothers.

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Well.... They could have aborted you.

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OP I adopted too my biological dad died when I was 6weeks old and the female genetic donor wasn't worth a shit. I was blessed with 2 amazing parents. I hope you were as well. Adopted kids are special since our parents chose us. I hope that helps. Also it's you biological parents loss for not being able to raise you.

While I agree that it sucks, at least you were given an answer, whereas most adopted children never find out why they were given up. I hope you had a better life, with your adopted family, and maybe you can be lucky enough to have two families now :-).

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Depends on what you mean by "ideal time." I mean, if you're not in a time in your life where you can support a child, then, yeah, you should put the child up for adoption.

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Wow. Seems like they're great people... Not

I had a Borat voice, while reading that, in my head.

Because you can judge someone based on an FML..... Six months could mean a marriage, a major promotion or something else that matters

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Or they just couldn't stand to give up another child.

2 - seems like good people to me... I personally would have hated to see them keep a child they didn't want and possibly show animosity to that child throughout his lifetime..

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Well, it's kind of hard to tell whether they're "good" people or not. Most of the time, you have to save up for a couple of YEARS to be remotely financially ready for a child. Six months seems a little hard to believe. On the other hand, a lot can happen in six months. It's not common, but it is possible. I hope the OP comes back to explain this one a little more.

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Well the baby was only conceived 6 months after he was given up. So they had a lil more than 6 months to prepare

My boyfriend actually had something like this happen to him. He had a brother conceived like a month after he was born, then two more brothers a couple years after that and they all got taken from their biological parents. The day he turned 18, they started hounding him for contact. A year later, less than half of them are actually speaking to him. People like op's parents and my boyfriends deserve the parent of the year awards... Not.

151, the situation could be different for OPs parents, not all circumstances are the same

Adding to adoption stories, my oldest half sister was given for adoption because my mom was 18 and the guy bailed. My mon knew she couldn't give her daughter the life she deserved. My mom chose the adopted family but couldn't meet the parents, due to adoption laws, back then. In 2000, my sister contacted my mom and now it is as if my family doubled. My sister doesn't hold any anger towards my mom. My sister's adopted parents told her, growing up, that my mom did it out of love for her. Sounds like a movie from the Lifetime network but I'm really glad my sister chose to contact my mom.

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sorry to hear and it's not your fault

Oh no, I'm pretty sure OP is 100% to blame here...

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^ Shame on 3 for showing sympathy.

I'm guessing you got a better deal with your adoptive parents!

Hopefully their answer gave you some closure and reminded you that you don't need them in your life and I agree that your adoptive parents are the only ones who should matter. gl OP

I hope 4 is right. Just look how your brothers turned out and see who's life if better. And on the bright side of things at least you gained two brothers.

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I know I'm grateful I was put up for adoption. My parents have been fantastic and I know I had more opportunities than if my birth mother would have kept me.. She was 19 and the guy bailed.

Both of my parents are adopted, doesn't really relate to this but i have no clue what nationality I am, but since i feel cynical... OP your parents could have decided to get an abortion, and therefore we wouldn't be here discussing this get over it, your real parents are douchebags i hope your adoptive parents are better. Have a nice ******* day everyone

146 well whatever nationality you are... you look hot! Good thing your parents were adopted and able to live a decent life with their adoptive parents. They were given a chance to make their own decisions and both decided to give birth and keep the precious gift they conceived! You were born into very special circumstances :)

230 by the looks of the thumb downs, I must've come off the wrong way. I'm sorry! I meant absolutely no offense by it :)

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Its not boo. its like sayin"sweetie!."

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Little known fact: the OP was the child from Monsters Inc.

i fail too see how it's a joke. that is what everyone says when their comment goes to shit.

Actually he was the solitary recluse from To Kill A Mockingbird. True story.

I don't know how this comment got dislikes this guy is ******* hilarious and it is very true lol

So they conceived you then 6 months later they conceived your brother???

Yeah, they gave a fetus up for adoption, ROFL. Think it through.

Actually, the way the FML is worded it seems that way. OP was born a fetus... with all the knowledge and powers of a Bene Gesserit Reverend Mother.

Worded that way or not; common sense needs to be used.

This FML was worded funny but use common sense.

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It doesn't sound that way at all how op worded it, they said the mother got pregnant again 6 months after the adoption, so 6 months after OP's adoption was finalized (which would be about 30 days after the birth) the biological mom CONCEIVED her brother and a total of 15 months later, he was born. Conception and birth are not the same thing. You are pregnant for 40 weeks.

It clearly says the younger brother was conceived six months after OP's adoption

168, not all women are pregnant for 40 weeks, some women are pregnant for 36 weeks or less.

Conceive means when they "made" you. Birth is when you are actually born

It clearly said 6 months after the adoption!

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Actually adoptions take almost a year to be finalized.

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Maybe it really wasn't the right time and then something changed so then they decided it was a good time to start a family. Not everyone can just uproot their lives for a kid. At least they gave you up for adoption so you got the chance to have a family then.

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Ya at the time u were born they were probably having money problems and it took a few months for maybe one or both of them to gets jobs.. Don't be so judge mental of people when u don't know the whole story

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I agree. Six months is actually a pretty decent time for things to change. And it's not as if they can go and take their child back...

If he was still in foster care then they could have gotten him back

76 - he could have just been adopted as soon as birth. Not all kids that are given up go into the foster system.

Well i am going to be cynical and point out that OP shouldn't complain because at least he wasn't aborted. I hope his adoptive parents are better than the real douche bags, that's all i have to say about that.

147- OP wouldn't have known of his own existence if he had been aborted, so why would they complain at all?

OP should be grateful the he was placed in hands of a good set of parents. Your biological mother carried you for 9 months, your real family carried you for 18+ plus years. (for those who don't know, in most countries you legally have to be 18 to meet your biological parents). So which one seems more relevant to your life? Lol

Personally I think it's not a matter of "Uprooting" as u call it, but if you can't raise them keep your legs closed! Is my opinion!

^ yes because sex is only for procreating right? No. Accidents happen, contraception can fail. Just because there's a risk, doesn't mean you shouldn't do something you enjoy. They couldn't handle a child at the time and gave OP a chance at a better life. There's nothing wrong with that. Good God get your head out of your ass.

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I'm sorry op but hopefully you've had a good life with your adopted parents and they love you as their own.

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Wow... I can't believe there's these kinds of parents that are still around... Assholes! That's insane!

6 months is enough time for major changes.

olpally 32

Sorry for my ignorant comment.. *thumb me down* fyl op.