By jules - 10/03/2011 07:53 - United States

Today, an older man sat next to me while he ate his lunch. He dropped what I assumed was his cutlery. Wanting to help out, I picked it up off the floor. It was his teeth. FML
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How on earth do you mistake teeth for cutlery?

You where partially correct. It was "cutlery". XD heehee


well that's just gross

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Ew, just... Ew.

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how the f did that happen?? oh did you drop your spoon? oh wait it was your teeth.

How on earth do you mistake teeth for cutlery?

He probably saw what he wanted to see and then reached for that without looking. Fuck his life, nevertheless.

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She should have looked before reaching down. Gross things can be on the floor. Lucky it didn't fall in someone's vomit too. But yuck, who knows where his teeth have been? (I'm assuming it's a she by the name, because my phone didn't show a gender sign like the ipod does.)

i would have loved to see the awkward moment after she picked up the teeth

"you dropped ur teeth, sir"

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in old people land, it's a mating gesture.

either way its still disgusting

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iSitt, I heard about that... the government had to step in because their population was crowding into Disneyland's territory...

how was the awkward moment when you handed him his tooth?

You where partially correct. It was "cutlery". XD heehee

I see what u did there. v clever!

Did he thank you?

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Ahhh...I won't even touch my own grandmas teeth lol. That's so horrible!

totally not an FML

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So, you like to pick up strangers' slimy teeth off of the floor? You, sir, are disgusting! Point: This is an adequate FML.

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haha that sucks for you.. hope he didnt put them back in his mouth