By mama75 - 17/03/2010 14:18 - United States

Today, I tried an herbal tea that is supposed to increase your milk supply (I'm a breastfeeding mom). Well, it worked, and it kicked in at my office, but only on one side. So when I went into the bathroom, I noticed I had one boob WAY higher and bigger than the other. Great. FML
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Haha! The same thing happened to me, but someone else pointed it out before I noticed.

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You're an idiot. The H is silent and you use "an" when there is a vowel sound.


I don't understand how this was moderated. It was "first! well.... F(uck) Y(our) L(ife) indeed. I mean there are SO many other comments on every other FMLs that are not respecting your rules, and your moderate those 3 letters... oh well.. it doesn't really matter I guess but yeah. Original Poster, listen, don't take those things just get the baby powdered milk or something, if you want to involve some hormones or chemical, I think that could be a best choice. Then again, I don't know much about that.

It was for calling first. The mere fact that others also blatantly abuse the commenting system is not grounds for you to also.

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shouldn't you moderate your comment now seeing as it is no longer relavent to anything like the post or the original comment. I feel this takes away from my experience on FML.

No, my job is to both moderate and inform, Mr. Smartass ;)

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sorry it was a joke. you're ok. :)

32) Win OP) That is so hot. I breast fead until I was 21.

I was joking too ;) ***GROUP HUG, PEOPLE, GROUP HUG***

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so one was big and perky and the other was sad and saggy. that's actually pretty sad I'm sorry OP

lol thanks tho for answering I actually appreciate it. :)

but then again, calling first or anything in that sense isn't forbidden. At least I didn't read anything about that in the rules... Bah anyway, it's all good

Well, it incidentally falls under the out-of-context rule, but it's also one of the unwritten rules that we expect everyone to think about when posting :)

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I called last the other time and got moderated. It had to be done.

@36: That explains why your big sister's nick name is "Droopy".

50) you know the definition of relative humidity? it's when the sweat from your balls drips down your sisters ass crack.

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bahahahaha you have just won my friend

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*Hugs doink* Yes, yes you are.

you need to fired for being bias and for brown nosing snickerdoodles. that, and nobody likes you.

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why can't I ever get here in time for one??? And btw, LAST!!! XD

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wow sirin stop deleting my stuff it was completely relevant. I swear you're just doing this to bug people...

Tweetbaby14, I have messaged you on this issue. If you continue to persist in breaching the rules and whining about being moderated for it, you will be banned.

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@Tweetbaby14: What Sirin said is correct. The decision has been made, and you are persistently ignoring the rules and being disrespectful towards the moderators and their enforcement of the rules. Please stop before we are forced to take further action.

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I'm guessing the group hug is over then :(

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tweetbaby14 18

that's ridiculous I haven't done anything.

The group hug is still on. Who's mean now? *holds a gun to Rjhicks' head*

tweetbaby14 18

and I can't recieve messages I'm using the app. if I had gotten anything I think I would've said something back. and RachelTM what do you mean by further action? because banning people's accounts doesn't do anything, I'm just letting you know.

I am with the whole moderating thing, and find it annoying when someone says first. But, don't you think you are sortof taking away their right to free speech, but then again this is a French based website, but Im sure they have fair rights to. I respect the moderators a lot, but would like an honost response from you Sarin ;)

men hugging men is for gays, or really emotional moments, and this is not the latter :D jk

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the group hug will never be over!

@Otto12: Commenting is a privilege, not a right; the same goes for virtually any forum out there. People can say what they like, with some fair and reasonable restrictions, which they agree to abide by when they comment. Some people, though, think they can trample all over the rules, insult the moderators (who are here to make the place a tolerable one to visit), essentially say "what're you gonna do about it", and expect respect to be shown to them. Unfortunately for them, that's not how it works, and abusing the rights afforded to them results in moderation and if necessary, bans. Hopefully that answers your question :)

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They are free to speak, all history of it is just removed later! :3 If they didn't moderate, you'd get clogged with redundant comments which waste space and time reading until you find the actual good comments. it may be 1 second but overall the user can make up his mind quicker than that, so good on them for tryig to improve the User Experiance. ^^

@45, Where is mtl, canada? Are all the girls there as hot as you?

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why won't my comments go through?

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you mean you were breast fed until you were 21?

Again, there's no applicable fml towards female breasts.

This FML is a fail to punctuaion... "Today, I tried an herbal tea..." Last time I checked, you only use the word "an" when the next word begins with a vowel. OP, please do not attempt to teach your child punctuation...

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You're an idiot. The H is silent and you use "an" when there is a vowel sound.

"An" is the correct word to use in this case. Just like "An historic moment" or "an heirloom." But I digress, that sucks OP. On the other hand, that is also strangely hot.

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"An historic" doesn't count, because of the "h" in historic is not silent.

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this is a win! see, when I get bored from sucking on one tit, I can switch to the bigger, more volumptious tit. and then when I get frustrated that I can't fit the monster in my mouth, I can move back to he mosquito bite.

Ajjas013 6

The real winners in life say, "**** the bigger/smaller tit!" And shoves them both in his mouth at the same time.

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Haha! The same thing happened to me, but someone else pointed it out before I noticed.

what's wrong wit dat, good for the husband ;)

youthink_fml 0

No herbal tea will make your **** bigger, especially to "kick in" in a matter of minutes or even hours. If it was possible, there would be NO itty bitty *******. I feel sorry for your kid, having a mom stupid enough to believe it would actually work.

Please read the fml again. It's not a breast enhancement that makes you grow ****. It's suppose to increase the milk supply.

#8.. Did you miss the "breastfeeding mom" and "to make more milk" parts? There are things like this for breastfeeding women. This isn't about just ANY woman... Jeez..

about reread before making idiotic comments like that. think first!

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and I have to add that not just one breast made more milk. that breast was just more engorged at the time. lactating mama here :) and herbs can help with milk supply.

TahoeFMler 22

And how the hell did OP not FEEL the engorgement?!

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haha this is like that joke Larry the cable guy said when he was talking about his sister or something like that how she won first and third in a wet t-shirt contest.

#8, it's called Fenugreek, and it does make your breasts larger when you are already lactating. It increases milk production/supply, so that in turn increases your breast size. It's actually called engorgement.

Good for you OP, your man won't be bored with your **** now.