By maebyf - 31/08/2010 14:48 - Canada

Today, my boyfriend of three years proposed to me. He brought me to our favorite restaurant and ordered expensive champagne. It was all very romantic, until he got on one knee and I farted out of surprise. Loudly. FML
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yellowdub 4

that's not what you had in mind but still, does that take away from the rest of the evening?

Everybody farts. I did it once.


yellowdub 4

that's not what you had in mind but still, does that take away from the rest of the evening?

good story to tell the kids

This FML be jokin'. Women don't fart.

oh I though he farted. LOL that sucks OP, but congrats!

iTaylor 0

wow how lady-like.

White_Fury 0

Once in a lifetime chance! And you BLEW it :p

fluffy bunnies are yummy! In the place of no darkness we shall meet!

10 is right. Most likely op is a guy.

pooooooooooooottt is the new yes!

Oh noes, my dual blade just died :)

Consider yourself lucky you didn't shit yourself.

KarinaLizeth18 5

hahaha!! priceless

skroal yes women do Fart haha most of them don't do it in front of guys

Something tells me that Skroal was joking. Why is it so hard for people to discern the jokes from the serious comments around here?

jay4who7 0

way to set the mood lol

jmar411 12

uh, check your facts everybody farts it's not I'd your a guy or girl it's something humans do.

KiddNYC1O 20

I agree with 1. you got what you wanted

Lol, 50 "check your facts" haha I wonder if this is something they frequently say in day-to-day life. Check your facts, everyone. Check your facts.

Life is a gas. LOL

the_flaming_ice_ 0

um isnt this from Larry the cable guy: health inspector? faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaake

the_flaming_ice_ 0

um isnt this from Larry the cable guy: health inspector? faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaake

LMAO atleast you're getting married =p that's a way of saying you I feel comfortable with you already

* of you saying

that's gold!!!

You should have burped out the yes.

RachelTheLoser 0

agreed with 1. like really? fyl? don't think so..

40 :o ASSASSIN!!!!!!

klumzy0123456789 6

teehee. lol XD if he is ur soon to b hubby he prolly wot care. just he will never let u live it down!

ehh, it could of gone worse. he could of asked you, you saying "OHEMGEE YESSS!!" him going "APRIL FOOLS!!" and finally you going, "that was like 5 months agooz.. sad face. :("

Almost as good as when you shit on him tonight during anal sex :(@)

first. life goal completed

#2 I think you'd better re-think your life goal.

You are not first. If it is your life goal and you did not complete it then you have something to live for still.

KiddNYC1O 20

lmfao proud for a second. no, #2? sucks lol

That's alright I don't see why guys would wanna brag about coming first anyway

I think you're now talking about something very different.

60 so clever with the jokes

you should post this as a fml #2... Today, i was really happy, i realized my ultimate dream, i completed my life goal : write the first comment of a i thought!!!!! actually, i was second... SECOND!!!! my life is now incomplete and life doesn't worth to be lived anymore... FML.

IPityTheFool 0

#101, Good lord that was basically incomprehensible and now I'm convinced woman can't drive or write :P

DialecticChaos 0

lololol everyone does it, it's ok.

steierr 7

does that mean yes! on planet fart lmao!!!!

That'll be a fun story to tell the kids!

2, you are 2d.. keep working on your dream. and that really stinks man.. i cant even imagine how bad that must be :S

Hahaha, 8, it really does STINK, doesn't it? bwahaha I'm so clever and witty, it's not a dorky joke at all. I am so cool ::puts on sunglasses and leans way back:: B-) heh

Everybody farts. I did it once.

Yeah... you're right... I have done it myself... once or twice...

FYL? Yo if I was the dude I'd be totally embarrassed, you silly female think of how he must've felt. FHL for marrying a self-centered chick like you.


Why, hello, Miss Read.

Haha, it could've been worse. :)

How does one fart out of surprise? I'm...confused?

shhhitsasecret 0

that's what I was wondering. lol.

allisadawn91 8

She was holding it in beforehand during dinner. Duh.

ryansims 0

That had to have been hilarious lol did you say yes