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  starile  |  19

Lol, 50 "check your facts" haha I wonder if this is something they frequently say in day-to-day life.

Check your facts, everyone. Check your facts.


ehh, it could of gone worse.
he could of asked you, you saying "OHEMGEE YESSS!!" him going "APRIL FOOLS!!" and finally you going, "that was like 5 months agooz.. sad face. :("


you should post this as a fml #2...

Today, i was really happy, i realized my ultimate dream, i completed my life goal : write the first comment of a i thought!!!!! actually, i was second... SECOND!!!! my life is now incomplete and life doesn't worth to be lived anymore... FML.

  starile  |  19

Hahaha, 8, it really does STINK, doesn't it? bwahaha I'm so clever and witty, it's not a dorky joke at all.

I am so cool ::puts on sunglasses and leans way back:: B-) heh

By  xDenim  |  0

FYL? Yo if I was the dude I'd be totally embarrassed, you silly female think of how he must've felt. FHL for marrying a self-centered chick like you.