Jumping the gun

By Storm - 23/09/2011 03:05 - Canada

Today, my boyfriend took me on a surprise date to an expensive restaurant. After the meal, he got down on his knee and proposed. We've only been dating for two weeks, so I said no. He just silently kept staring me in the eyes, no matter what I said or did. I ended up having to walk home. FML
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I know, right? Two whole weeks.


MissBunnyWillEat 11

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giantsfan2010 23

I know, right? Two whole weeks.

They were dating TWO WEEKS. Would you of said yes? Two years? Sure. Two weeks? Hell no.

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Everything #29 wrote, and the subsequent thumbs-down-spamming is accurate enough proof of the absurd expectations people have these days. If marriage isn't a mutual, openly addressed desire for both parties- goooooood luck with it working out. I sincerely hope the pheromones are *precisely* in sync. If what I'm conveying strips the magic from 'just knowing' or 'feels so right', then hormones, the modern media's joke, or both... is on you. Because anything else is simply expectation or presumption, merrily misinterpreting the reality of who or what, that someone really is. Don't get me wrong; there are *always* exceptions and presumably a fair enough love-at-first-sight-soul-mates-forever quantity of couples to viably discredit my statement as universal statistical truth... but direct, faithful communication between two people *is* the magic that allows fantasies to become reality. Yuck to all your thumbs down. ...yuck.

leadman1989 15

What I wanna know is... How could someone possibly know they wanna spend the rest of their life with someone after 2 weeks of dating???!!?

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I wonder what everyone thought when they saw her say no.

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Ok, we get it. No need to double post about your enraged *******.

Hell, if he was going to ask you to marry him after two weeks, he should've just taken you to Vegas, gotten you really plastered, and found a wedding chapel to perform an elopement ceremony.

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enonymous 8

MissBunny did the same thing to me. She even told me to calm my ****.

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#63 - One post for each tit?...

LoveMay 10

I can actually kind of see someone getting married after only 2 weeks.. it gives a lot of room to get to know each other and can build both partners compromising skills. The guy is probably just really excited to settle down and found a girl that he'd really like to spend time getting to know. It really comes down to a culture thing. Its weird here in North America to settle down after that short of time but countries with arranged marriages or marriages that you decide to do after a few weeks have a significantly smaller divorce rate. I personally would never do it but for some people it works very well :p

MY **** ARE NOT CALM. Wait, why do I have ****... >.>

The type of person to say yes to this kind of proposal is the same type of person who gets a divorce after they have kids.

you prolly are too you sex kitten you.

damn you. that "your dumb comment was for 140" not the sexy lady.


Has anyone ever thought that just because they've been dating for only two weeks she didn't know him before that? I'm sorry but usually I know the person for a while before I date them.

bizarre_ftw 21

Okay seriously! Is it just me & #21 or does this girl look scaring like ke$ha?!/ ish she ke$ha?!

The_9th_Doctor 18

shut up missbunny. just shut up

Somtimes, rarely, it can glitch and post a comment twice even though it was submitted once Or not show up at first, prompting the person to believe it didnt go through and post it again

MasterE56 4

Probably wanted to get a "subway" in his kitchen:P

"proposing after 2 weeks and staring at you after saying no?" my advice to OP would be run home don't just walk

Well. Not QUITE the same, but I've been seeing this amazing girl for almost 2MONTHS. I am quite sure that I would b rather satisfied spending my life with her.

39-why bother putting quotes if you're not actually quoting it?

^^^because I'm not writing an essay and it is much easier then saying that I am annotating something. So I used quotes to illustrate my point. Sue me?

Two weeks is ridiculous. But if you're dating someone for 2 years before you ask them, I don't think you really want to marry them. I think you're settling for someone you got comfortable with and don't want to start over. Maybe not in all cases this is true, but just look at divorce rates.

My parents got engaged a week and a half after my father met my mother. Their 21st anniversary was September 22.

PrincessesCrown 17

Aww I'm so sorry. I would of said no too.

Not a grammar nazi, but this bugs me. It's 'would have'

Well anorexicbarbie, you ARE a grammar Nazi. But it won't seem out of place on FML anymore, because tomorrow is the day snickerdoodles is allowed back on FML (I confirmed that today.) ... ****.

26- Obviously you are not a grammar nazi. You forgot to add a period to the end of your final sentence.

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72-u grammer nazi u I'm not really bad at grammar. I just want Snickerdoodles to correct that statement. Pleaaaase.

SeedlessMe 13

Wait, what? Snickerdoodles is coming back?! I know she has no idea who I am, but I miss her just the same :)

I'm aware. ;-) P.S. You should add me on xbl and play actual games instead of NHL or whatever it is you kids play nowadays.

olpally 32

Wow... What's with the stage 5 clingers lately?? Fyl indeed op

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olpally 32

He went to the psychotic stage that's for sure... Op needs to run away fast..

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is that her 'a heartbreaker'? I thought it was mine. no?

MissBunnyWillEat 11

Hey guys, English is not my first language, but according to what my boyfriend (native English speaker) says, my grammar is better than most of the language carriers. My question is: do those people really not know how to spell "you're" or they just do it on purpose? It's even pronounced in a different way, isn't it?

Well it is! So get your shit straight and buckle your seatbelts. This is going to be a long ride.

I'm sorry, but maybe you could have said it nicer, or tried explaining why you said no

leadman1989 15

I would say yes but "takes out troublingly long list" hair loss, incontinence, erectile dysfunction, snoring, bad breath, bad teeth, premature ejaculation, uneven butt cheeks, hairy ahole, stinky feet/disgusting toe nails, bad taste in music, and creepy beedy eyes.

How do you know that she didn't ? FML posts aren't always descriptive

64, uneven butt cheeks? Is that your imagination or does your "friend" suffer from this?

leadman1989 15

Hahahaha *wipes away tear... Just my sick dirty mind. :)

404wan 19

no, you dont propose after two weeks unless you're truly crazy.

U had good reason to say no, but u should have told him why u said no...

what? who said she didn't? 300 character limit, dude

Only dating 2 weeks isn't reason enough? lol

Maybe she tried explaining to him why while he stared at her. In situations like that I ran the other way. My 10th grade boyfriend went over the top and we were only together for 4 months. My monthly anniversary gifts were: 1st month - a dog tag engraved with our initials on one side and our faces on the back, 2nd month was a necklace with a heart, 3rd month/Valentines day a book called 101 reasons Why I Love You, hand written, complete with badly drawn illustrations. and a month later, I couldn't really handle that much "love" from a guy I barely knew.

Why didn't you first make him drive you home and then say no?