By shouldabeenapornstar - 17/03/2010 15:46 - United States

Today, I decided to fake it when my husband and I were making love. Afterwards, he told me that he could tell my head was "really in the game" and felt a stronger connection with me now and was glad I opened up and "let go" with him. FML
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Perhaps you should try faking it in other areas of life because fake you sounds better than real you. Fake parenting. Fake family outings. Fake co-woker. That's sad for you.

FYLDeep 25

How about you actually open up like he wants you too. Or tell him what to do so you groove better.



wow... XD

well that's an ass move to do I told know my girl loves it and does it everytime and I told her never to fake it cause that's stupid and would ofend me and to all you who are saying how do you know one word squirter I hate it when wemon do this it's awful your man is trying to make you feel good and you fake it go fix you Vag

your Vag sorry I'm at work gata type fast on phone

Now don't you feel terrible? Faking it leaves you pleasureless and disappointed. Try coaxing him into what makes you feel good. That way, everyone's happy.

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it's ok. he fakes it when he says he cares.

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I don't get this...

you do realise not everyone can squirt?

4) Can you say "run-on sentence?"

wow I'm at work on my phone. Excuse me for not having perfect puncuality, anyway I was just saying the squirt thing so no one said stiff like, "how do you know?" and all that I just makes me a little upset when a man is trying to please you and you have to fake it sure we don't know all the time but don't go posting it online that's mean. you don't see him saying that his wife/girlfriend is not tight and smells bad. I know it's not the same but it still is a slap in the face.

It would have taken you less time to make one concise comment instead of typing three others. NOW GET BACK TO WORK

61 for the WIN

ya I know 61 I'm just excited to post and talk to people like yall

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thats just mean..

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Nobody wants to hear this

You don't deserve to have sex

Change teams and/or get a good dilly. Trust me, you won't have to fake it anymore.

knight0748 5

it's fine, guys fakes it too sometimes. don't ask me how, we just do.

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LOL @ "shouldabeenapornstar" You shoulda been. It would make me happier.

do20ss 4

you r a b*tch!!!!! y would u fake it


everyone can squirt but for some it's harder to make them feel that good and some don't squirt as hard

122, No, not everyone can squirt. Where did you get the idea that every woman is capable of that? I have never once squirted and I have had my fair share of great sex.

girls dont ****** every time you do it do its not that big of a deal and its a bitch move to fake it

kinda sad. I feel bad for the man fhl

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lovelydefiance is so right. never fake it. that's so offensive. I would never have sex with someone if they ever tried to fake it. I would never. I would find a stripper and **** the shit out of them. but seriously. find a real man who will allow you to be comfortable and actually willing to moan and scratch and claw. every guy loves that. unless you sound like a wildebeest when you moan lol...fake it one more time, and I'm gonna rip your ****** out of your body and eat that shit in a hoagie.

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how u fake it?

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140 it's easy to fake it. all you do is moan and pretend you like it. actually I've done it before and it's only because I really didn't want to have sex and I was was kinda too small to physically stop him.

actually every girl is capable of squirting but some don't like the feeling of what it takes to get them to squirt and some take a really long time to get to that point

pineappleducki 4

146 You're right. Every woman can squirt. It just varies how from woman to woman. Some squirt alot, some a little. Others actually shoot it. G-spot orgasms are the ones that make women squirt. OP - You shouldn't fake it. :/

vergaso 0

maby becuz u were concentrated......since u werent into it u could pay attention more

kenman884 2

I beg to differ. Nothing but your lack of skill keeps her from that ******. And every woman can learn to squirt. Just like theoretical physics. Some more naturally than others, and some not much at all.

just tell ur man to pump full throttle, stimulate the ******** and stick his other finger in ur ass.. at a steady pace you will be cumming in no time.

Perhaps you should try faking it in other areas of life because fake you sounds better than real you. Fake parenting. Fake family outings. Fake co-woker. That's sad for you.

Speaking of fake families, some guy owed some money to my not particularly nice cousin and he refused to pay it. So they tied him into a chair and made him watch Bill Cosby comment on the newest episode of Family Matters. Then they set it on loop and and left him for the night. The next day, when they came back, they found the TV smashed and the guy crying in the corner. He had gouged his eyes out with a beer bottle top to get rid of the memories of Steve Urkle trying tp be funny.

In related news, Jersey Shore has been cancelled due to an excessive amount of "fist pumping". Studio representatives say when the sixth cameraman killed himself while fist pumping, they just couldn't air the show anymore.

ahahahahahha I love you afatmonkey!(:

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How the hell is this awesome story relevant!?

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ur hot 82

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I love him more, paigeeatsflesh!!

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wow. your mom must be proud... queer

You realise that it tells your number right next to your name, right? So posting it kind of convinces everyone that you wear a helmet and eat rocks.

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56 wins

haha 56 your comment actually made me laugh out loud,not the sexy giggle either the snort laugh dude.

Ahah, I actually laughed out loud when I read 56.

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Same I ******* cried at eat rocks

kenman884 2

I giggled, but on men it isn't all that sexy. Or is it...?

so your a good actor? I don't see the problem

number 7, my lucky number!!!

ballistic 2

srry to day buh your número eight

6 is afraid of 7 bcz 789 and u sir have failed bcz ur number 8

sourgirl101 28

What's the smartest thing to ever come out of a women's mouth?.....Einstein's penis! Why fake it? Just play with yourself at the same time. There's no reason to pretend. Now get into the game player!

I'm Einstein ;-)

take that as an omen. you'll have some miserable luck today

Is it possible that he knows you faked it and is now ******* with you?

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shud have been a pornstar!!

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get your head in the game your ass in the kitchen and his dick in your mouth. just saying.

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I love it. sexism comment are by far the greatest. all time.

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why is she using the Internet? no phones or computers while you should be cleaning

what a bitch. ydi.

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Boohoo? What's the problem here? You obviously accomplished what you were hoping to, making him believe you. So why exactly is your life ******?

Exactly this. I don't know if there has ever been a clearer case of YDI. I hope your sex life is always crap now since your husband is being uninstructed on how to please you. You must be a lousy lay as well if you have to turn on the histrionics to convince him you're paying attention.