No thanks, Karen

By artdegreemyass - 21/07/2012 21:14 - United States - West Palm Beach

Today, I was cashiering at Walmart, when a customer picked open a cold-sore on her lip before trying to give me her money with the same hand. When I freaked out and refused to take her money, she started screaming and threatening to sue me for "violating the First Amendment." FML
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There's nothing in the first amendment about not accepting herpes-infected money.


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"Break the wrist, and walk away. Break the wrist. Walk away."

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Does she even know what the First Amendment is? I'm pretty sure denying money that's been touched after a cold sore has nothing to do anything with freedom of religion. It's people like this, who can't even get their facts straight about the country they live in, make me lose faith in America.

^ Bitch, do you even know that your comment has jack shit to do with #1 or any of the replies to #1, or are you just THAT much of an attention *****??

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22, what does commenting about the fml itself have to do with anything about being an "attention *****"? I suggest you pull the item from your ass that is making it so tight.

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22, also my name is not "bitch" or aka what others may refer to you. If you would like to address me, please use my username or commenting number, thank you.

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28, oh I am very sorry, my point was not to be seen but just state my opinion. I usually don't comment anymore after 5 or more comments, so I usually just reply to the first, sorry if I ruined any chain or fun of other commenters.

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36, oh heavens no, I'd rather listen to the masochistic melodies of Rihanna before Chris brown. Its just an inside joke that includes my name.

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39 - woah a sarcastic slap? How do you manage that?? Sounds bodacious!

I really don't think 20 was trying to be an "attention *****".. Come on people.. He obviously was just replying to the FML... Big deal if it happened to be on someone's comment rather than "his own" comment. I highly doubt it was all because he wanted others to read it. Sure seems like some of you have a very big stick stuck up your asses that you should work on pulling out... Honest to god, why do some of you have nothing better to do but be rude as **** and assume he did it for the attention. Seems you are calling him out and being an ass for no reason other than for some attention your damn selves. I on the other hand agree with his comment stated to the FML. I mean, that is what most people are hear to reply to. Oops he "thread jacked" someone. Who is to say he did it for attention? Get a life and get real... Damn. I hate when people got to be rude to others for no damn reason other than the fact that they have nothing better to do... Well, said my piece. Good day :)

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104- i would thumbs you up, but your comment is so long & when i click "thumbs up" id have to scroll up, at which the thingy messes up..sorry if u sound like a conolete idiot Edit: please mind my grammer mistakes lmao! Too lazy to vhange dem

22, and 28, I don't mean to be a bitch but 20's comment was fine, and he stated his opinion, what does it matter if he replied to 1's comment? it's not like he is the first person to do so, and definitely not the last. Just cut him some slack, being a bitch over the internet to someone that has done nothing wrong is not always "cool" good day.

Gosh, whys everyone bitching?! I was annoyed by the thread of useless comments and glad to see a post relevant to the FML. Funny, cause people usually bitch for saying something not related, now it's the other way, all because of a perceived thread-jacking.

Someone thread jacked 3s comment too if you wanna go flip out on them 22 and 28. If your going to do it to one, do it for all.

Aren't you also ruining this thread by arguing with him for ruining this thread? O.o

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Just curious, I've never worked at Walmart but can't you were gloves? If I were you, instead of telling her how gross it is I would dramatically put on latex gloves before taking her money. I think that would send the point.

@53- I've seen them wear gloves, so assume it's ok.

twisted_cherub 14

A lady at our local Wal-Mart has very bad allergies and wears a filter mask and gloves, so I'm sure it's okay with the company.

I find it ironic that I finished watching the movie contagion

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That's disgusting.. I'm sorry OP I would have done the same thing. You should of just explained to her how gross that was. I'm sure most people wouldn't take it either.

While I agree - I don't think she cares how gross passing her herpes really is....especially when her first amensment rights are being violated

"I was cashiering at Walmart..." FYL man... FYL

Exercise your 2nd amendment rights as you chase her out of the store.

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16- didn't think about that.. I agree :)

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The next person in line could have received it as their change. My point is that all cash is gross, just because we didn't see something discusting happen to it, doesn't mean it didn't. OP should just wear gloves. Problem solved.

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It's not a cold sore! It's herpes of the mouth!

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33- if nobody ever used worst case scenarios in the FML comments, then this site would suck.

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33 - actually cold sores are caused by the herpes virus so technically yes they are herpes

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33 - Necessarily. *ironic much*

megzzze is correct though, typically the strain that causes cold sores on, the mouth is different to the one that you find on the genitals, but they are certainly transferable.

142-...But it's still herpes right? It's still called Herpes Simplex -1. Right? Or did my health teacher lie to me again? :/

They're both Herpes Viruses and while HSV-1 is typically found on the mouth and HSV-2 is typically on the genitals but that is not a hard and fast rule and both strains can be found at either location.

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Did you take a 6th grade English class?

There's nothing in the first amendment about not accepting herpes-infected money.

You don't say. I never would have guessed.

Though the first amendment does not mention this circumstance, the money itself does say "THIS NOTE IS LEGAL TENDER FOR ALL DEBTS, PUBLIC AND PRIVATE" and therefore legally OP should accept the money as payment no matter how gross the circumstance and so OP should have found some way rather than just refusing to accept the cash.

twisted_cherub 14

65- I've been given counterfeit bills that say the same (just saying). Plus, OP had every right to refuse to touch the money under a myriad of other laws put in place to protect workers from unsafe, hazardous, or unhealthy conditions. The woman could have put the money down on a plastic bag until OP could get gloves and something to sanitize the money and counter area with. Also, there are also several laws that could be used by OP to press charges against the woman for knowingly creating the circumstances for the spread of infectious disease. All of which have nothing to do with the First Amendment.

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There should be a law that requires people to use logic.

But then there would be no Republican party. (Not such a bad thing)

It may be legal tender for all debts, but doesn't mean anyone has to accept it as payment for such.

twisted_cherub 14

118- Actually, that's exactly what it means. Legal tender means that the note must, by law, be accepted as payment for all debts, public charges, taxes, and dues. It's actually in the 10th Amendment: “…and such notes herein authorized shall be receivable in payment of all taxes, internal duties, excises, debts, and demands of every kind due to the United States,…, and shall also be lawful money and a legal tender in payment of all debts, public and private, within the United States,…”

But then there's new health laws and work environment laws to supersede those in this modern, germ infested place.

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#138- Nothing supercedes the Constitution of The United States of America, in the United States of America. What would be the point of it if it could be re-written anytime someone chose to. Please take a moment to educate yourself on Supreme Court law.

The legal tender issue has nothing to do with the 1st amendment. That is a garuntee by the US government to cover the denomination marked by that bill. She can take that to a bank and exchange it for new currency and the bank will mark the old as worn out or damaged. However the store cashier has every right to refuse anything bio hazardous and contaminated. While she cannot reject money she can have that customer go exchange it for clean money.

65 no, it doesn't work like that. A company can refuse money. That's why some say no bills larger than 20 or 50. And I'm pretty sure any counterfeit bill will still say that. A company can not accept any treasury bills at all it they choose to.

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Actually, the guy who posted this said it was a cold sore. Not sure where everyone's getting herpes from.

RetardedPotato 6

The guy in the FML said it was cold sores and not herpes. They're different things. Herpes of the mouth is when you have sex or something. That's what my sex ed teacher told me. In case I don't know crap, let me remind you that I'm 14.

#164: do a little more research. Cold sores are caused by the same virus as genital herpes. As people have ALREADY mentioned, cold-sores are the Herpes Simplex-1 virus, as genital herpes are Herpes Simplex-2. cold sores CAN be transmitted to others by skin-to-skin contact. And, as someone else has also already said, either one can appear in either location. Yes, you can get genital herpes on your mouth.

Ciraxas 7

164- cold sores are herpes.

twisted_cherub 14

153- Even if a sign says "No bills over 20", the company still has to accept any denomination of legal tender--if they can make change for it. I worked at a store and we were told several times to discourage large bills but that we could not refuse cash for any sale. That's why we had a safe that dispenses rolls of smaller bills to break large bills without keeping too much in the register. The LAW of legal tender supersedes the STORE POLICY of no large bills.

There is a law that requires logic. It is called the Law of Natural Selection. No one wants to mate with someone so obviously stupid.

First amendment: One is granted the right to transfer herpes to innocent bystanders. Oh wait...

RetardedPotato 6

The guy posting said cold sores, not herpes. God, some people can't read. -.-

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you dumbass a coldsore is herpes

Did she weight 400lbs? I hate people of Walmart

You have to be kidding...Walmart, one of the largest chain superstores in the U.S. and you are generalizing every person who shops there? Seriously...learn how to have a brain.

xXxIracebethxXx 14

I'm sorry, but what does weight have to do with her picking her coldsore...?

flutter4 7

What does weight have to do with Walmart?

OhDearBetrayal 25

Someone has been reading stereotypes of the Internet a bit too much.

Serious how dumb are you? I worked at Walmart and I have to say it was a good time!

If Walmart was a country I'd be either 17th or 27th richest country in the world. Idr

I have worked at two stores. The one in Waverly OH AWESOME. Moses Lake WA SUCKS.

twisted_cherub 14

Funny since most the people in my town with sores on their lips are super skinny (we have a huge meth problem). The "People of Wal-Mart" thing is a group purposely looking for the most outrageous photos they can find. Most people shop at Wal-Mart (at least occasionally), so there are all types there. I went a few weeks ago in jeans, halter top, and heels (have to say I looked amazing). Bet no one posts a picture of that because it's not disgustingly hilarious.