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Today, I caught my girlfriend cheating on me. Now she's threatening to kill herself if I don't forgive her. FML
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KeannaLove 32

I will never understand how people can take suicide so lightly. She sounds like an awful person all around. You're better off OP.


I agree with #1 dont be put in a stupid situation like that she doesn't deserve you nor does she care and tell the police that there needs to be a paramedic at her house because she's threatening to kill

50- I'm not sure if this is true but I heard that if someone threatens suicide you can call the cops to intervene. He could get her locked up and put on suicide watch if it is.

I think he should forgive her, not because she deserves it, but because he doesn't need to harbor all that hate inside. Besides, forgiving her doesn't mean getting back together.

#122 forgiveness doesn't work like a light switch it's not something you can just turn on and turn off. Forgiving someone is a very complicated process that's different and unique to each individual.

Because she obviously cares about how true forgiveness works.

UserError94 18

Call the cops call her parents and then peace

Forgiveing her would give her a free pass to cheat all she wants, and lock him into her "I'll kill myself if you don't do what I want" routine. Tell her you might send flowers.

no 122, thats not how forgiveness works. OP forgiving her means that he isnt willing to let this destroy him and is moving on. "Forgive, not becauas they deserve your forgivness, but because you deserve peace" and its true. OP may forgive, but never forget.

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Forgive her, but tell her you won't forget.

dump her and move on... too many people do that these days

162, while I agree that it's completely up to OP whether he forgives her or not, I think you're confusing forgiveness with something else. He can forgive her for the pain she's caused without getting back together with her. Forgiveness just means that he lets go of his anger toward her, but it doesn't mean that he automatically trusts her again or that he still has the same feelings towards her that he did before she cheated.

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He won't be encouraging it if OP Simply says something like "whatever I can't forgive you for something like that"

#16 That's completely different. have you read the texts? They're horrifying, and with how much she pushed him, I believe she should've been charged with murder. He didn't even really seem like he wanted to do it, but he did it because she kept telling him to do it. What the other person is suggestion is to tell her to do it and then just let her decide to do it. most people who threaten that kind of stuff do it as a manipulation tactic, not because they're seriously considering suicide.

aredvulpix 23

Does anyone know what the article is called? I want to read it

Saying no isn't the same thing as encouraging

#16, this can't be compared to that at all. She encouraged a clinically depressed person to commit suicide. Even if OP doesn't forgive his girlfriend for cheating and she decides to kill herself, he can't be charged with her death since he did nothing wrong.

Rectov 10

He could, however, be charged for not acting on the knowledge of a suicide

I think one of the major components is that he got scared and tried to back out, but she kept telling him to finish. It showed that he really wasn't as determined about it. Also OP, do not give in. This is purely a manipulation technique and you will regret it all your life if you do. She did something that you find unforgivable, if you REALLY think she's going to attempt it then call the police. But if she wasn't suicidal before, it's unlikely.

Totally agree with you. They are too self enjoyed to harm themselves anyway. She is calling a bluff.

I have to say I think it is awful that she is saying that but I don't think you should tell her to do it. It might be good to report her intentions to her parents or fb or something but to say 'I can't forgive you right away and we are not ever getting back together, but i think you should get some support'. You don't always know whether someone is bluffing with this stuff. It is totally unfair of her to put you in that position but I wouldn't say go ahead.

Exactly. I had an ex threaten to kill himself and said "ok bye" and let the police know. They laughed at him, said I did the right thing and to keep ignoring him. Suicide threats are abusive. Don't let them control you.

KeannaLove 32

I will never understand how people can take suicide so lightly. She sounds like an awful person all around. You're better off OP.

I feel bad doing this, but... Heh heh. Off.

It's a huge sign of an abusive relationship. She's certainly not suicidal, but she still needs to get help for her manipulative behavior.

Give her some bleach as a present, if she kills herself, that's her own fault. But chances are she will hand the bleach back and she won't follow through. Just an empty threat. Also for the inevitable butthurts coming along, this is not a serious comment.

preach it. suicide is nothing to joke about or threaten about when you can't get your way.

Miss33_fml 15

Emotional blackmail is a type of abuse. Get away from her ASAP!

Well dont fall for it. She ****** up and you deserve better. Sorry OP

mariathehoe 15

No matter what she says, don't get back with her. What she did to you was horrible. I doubt she'd do it, but if you're worried about it why don't you call a close relative to her and tell them to keep an eye on her?

Jord_Fox 14

If she loved you that much she wouldn't of cheated on you.

I don't think she's serious. If she is, she is mentally ill and need treatment.

Yeah my first thought was "call 911 and send her to the hospital for 72 hours" because A) if she's not serious, that'll really suck to explain to her family and B) if she is serious, then she needs help NOW.

I know people say this a lot but: Run fast, run far.