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Today, being near-broke, I resorted to shopping at Walmart. Barely ten minutes in, an obese sack of lard posing as a human being shoved me away from the bacon I was looking at. I fell, busted my lip, then got screamed at by another woman for not watching where I was going. FML
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Especially if you are so precious that you feel you are too good for Walmart...

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I'm sorry he gave you such a lard time.


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Especially if you are so precious that you feel you are too good for Walmart...

I agree, op sounds like an ass to me

Agree. Everything about OP's attitude is a problem. Get used to being shoved around by people, I have a feeling it probably happens a lot...

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Why are you standing in front of the bacon?! Grab it and go, OP, so you can eat it!

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She should've slapped him with it.

heinous966 15

I'm sorry he gave you such a lard time.

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Yeah, even gave him a fat lip.

Hey, Walmart stocks guns and hunting knives. OP should've accepted that Walmart is as brutal as the Thunderdome and gone and kicked some ass.

You just made me realize, during the apocalypse, Walmart will become the final battleground for humanity. Different tribes clashing for control of the aisles. Sporting goods conquering the denizens of entertainment, home-ware valiantly defending their home.. wares. With the food section becoming a no-mans land of the constant clamor of pellet guns and fishing line snares. All under one roof, and at low, low prices!

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The Walmart on Hegenberger in Oakland is the REAL Walmart. Ghetto…

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I accidentally wrote this comment twice, so I had to edit the second one. This one.

I'd rather eat out of a trash can than shop at Walmart.

114- You must be dripping with class. Tell me all about your prestigious life and how Wal-Mart is so inferior to your needs.

I don't support evil mega corporations. So yes, I'd rather resort to anything other than shopping at Walmart.

Really, #238? Tell me more about your hut up in the mountains where you hunt your own food, have no electricity or running water, make your own clothes, don't own a car etc.

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I hate walmart... It just feels miserable there. I get the vibe from employees and customers that they want to be somewhere else. Go target!

Wal Mart is actually pretty great where I'm at. There's this greeter in one of the stores that is extremely happy to have his job. I've even seen him go as far as to sing "Happy Birthday", and he gives these things called "bams". Not to mention that Wal Mart opened Crystal Bridges, and that their main gallery is still free admission. It's lovely to see all the lives enriched by old, expensive paintings that otherwise they wouldn't have seen.

astralvagan 20

The things the people of Walmart do never ceases to amaze me.... Just another reason to despise shopping there

Maybe it's just my town, but a ton of people shop at Walmart and I have never had an experience close to this at Walmart, nor have I ever seen an exorbitant number of rude people there.

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I've never met anyone rude in walmart. I guess it's just my town. *shrugs*

astralvagan 20

Come to Houston... There are about 30 different Walmarts each with their own culture and weirdness

I personally think that they need a Wal-Mart category

The only time people are rude at the Walmart I shop at is on Black Friday.

mif_fml 27

People die on Black Friday at the Walmart in my neighborhood..

MidnightMusic53 37

Consider yourself lucky if you have not ran into rude people at Walmart. I've had people run over my foot a few times despite me being well out of their way just to be a jerk. Let's also not forget the people that block off the aisles and take things out of your cart to save themselves a trip.

I've never really had a bad experience in Wal-Mart... And I've shopped in some pretty ghetto locations (N Oklahoma City, South El Paso, etc.) I know it's not Wally World, but the Vons in Inglewood right down the street from Daniel Freeman @UCLA near IHop is classy as shit. That's one of the fancier Vons I've been to. So location isn't a good indicator of how people will act when shopping on a normal day, and saying otherwise is just plain prejudiced. I mean, yeah, if your neighborhood Wal-Mart consistently has rapes in the parking lot be careful when going there or avoid it altogether, but that doesn't mean everyone inside is a rapist.

"the people of walmart" .. I didnt realize you were were creating a whole new class system for the world.

I do not know why people don't like Wal-Mart... Although we don't have any in my country, I have been to one in the United States and another in Mexico. I thought they were a very well rounded store with extremely great variety. I guess people would rather ditch convenience in order to feed their ego, because I highly doubt people unaffected by Wal-Mart being "evil" to people they don't know will affect their decision. I could be wrong , though. The U.S. is such a foreign place to me.

An obese person NOT on a scooter shopping cart?!

At the grocery store I work at, I saw an obese woman, maybe in her 40's, force her elderly mother to push the shopping cart while she rode the electric scooter.

Man that's horrible. A friend posted that he read its a disease now ._. That's sad I knew someone extremely obese and never seen him use an electric scooter.

I'm obese. The ONLY time I used a scooter was when I busted my knee at work that resulted in surgery. Walking around Walmart is much faster than those damn scooters. And despite my obesity, I am otherwise healthy.

But see injury and handicapped are the reasons to use one. But that's good keep on walking!

You shouldn't assume people who are obese and on scooters are not legit handicapped. My mom has been on disability since she was 50 because she has rheumatoid arthritis which is disfiguring and not brought on by being fat. I watched her struggle and suffer instead of using a scooter forever because she's fat and didn't want to be seen as lazy. She was always the hardest working, fun, energetic person I have ever known before she got sick and she suffers from major depression now not being able to work or get around like she used to. Her mom, my grandma, had none of those problems and was active well into her 80s. She often pushed a cart while my mom rode a scooter. Nobody forced her. My grandma was capable and my mom wasn't. You don't know someone's story. Don't judge them.

I won't stop judging, it's in my nature to but that doesn't mean I do not stop and think about what story they have behind closed doors. I just wish majority did not abuse help when they are capable of doing things themselves.

acerredrum 23

"It's in my nature" is a bullshit excuse made by people who refuse to better themselves. It is in my nature to be aggressive and angry but I work very day to keep myself from being mean or cruel to other people. It is hard work but it is well worth it because I am making myself a better person every day by doing so. Also you proved damn well that you did not once consider their story by judging them and pointing them out as an example of what is wrong.

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My best friend's mom is morbidly obese and requires a scooter/wheelchair to get around, but you know why? Her thyroid gland became messed up when she was in her 30-40s, causing her to gain a large amount of weight and now she has terminal cancer. She grew up on a farm and used bicycles to get around until her weight got the best of her. I went on a trip with them from Minnesota to California and let me tell you, all she could talk about was how much she wanted to do normal things. Tending to her garden, going for a walk, even something as simple as sitting on a bench by the shoreline but even for that she had to stay in the car with the door open. No one has the right to judge someone based on their weight. Just because she's fat and on a scooter does not mean she deserves your self-righteous glares.

216 - Do you see the irony in your statements? Because you have definitely cast judgement on everyone who uses the phrase "It's in my nature". It's in everybodies nature to judge others, it's a part of human interaction. That's not a bad thing either. If there's no interaction, there's no basis for judgement. Otherwise, any form of interaction, whether or not it affects you directly, invites judgement. For instance, (Just an example, I would never actually do this under any normal circumstance) if I were to throw a box of kittens off the top of a skyscraper, you would judge me for it, at least I'd hope you would, and harshly too.

#216 I never said I use that as my reason to be rude. I know I judge just like everyone else does even if they know it or not. I just keep my mouth shut because I do NOT know their story. And chill, admit it it is in our nature, depends whether or not we act on it.

acerredrum 23

Someone who throws kittens off a building =/= an obese person in an electric wheel chair by any means that you know nothing about. Also saying "It is in my nature." for doing something you know is unfair or wrong is simply a way to avoid doing anything about it. It is a phrase my mother uses constantly to explain her horrible temper and it is bullshit. If you admit you have a problem but refuse to do anything to fix it then your nature isn't the issue. If you know you have a problem work every day to fix it, it isn't easy but it can be done. Also I judged her for her words, not her appearance which she very well could not help. Things you can help = What you do/say. Things you cannot help = What you look like.

Lol, all this from a joke that nearly 90+ liked and yet people still get hurt.

You're lucky he didn't eat's MUTHA ******* BACON

flockz 19

that obese sack of lard sounds like a real pig.

whiteboy896 9

Cops like donuts more than bacon...

vanessa09865 23

that was very rude. I can't believe people still use the offensive term 'pig' when referring to police officers. I thought that the joke above was that the guy who was going for bacon was acting like a pig. Also, he called him an "obese sack of lard" i thought that was funny as hell

You hate fat people, and we hate you personally. Why are obese people bad people? What the @$&# have I done to you personally? Asshole.

Just because someone is obese, our doesn't make them a bad person. This guy was a real dick. I know many skinny people who are dicks too. I wouldn't call them a boney piece of shit because of their small size.

pretty sure he was trying to make a pig /bacon pun, based on the original wording. Also he said "that" particular obese person was a pig not all obese people are.

flockz 19

thank you 184. i didn't realize it wasn't obvious.

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OP clearly thinks he's better than everyone who shops at Walmart, or can't afford to shop anywhere else.

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Pretty sure you're wrong. There's a huge difference between the way you view yourself in relation to strangers and 'outrageous bullshit tolerance'.

You don't get rich by spending money. Why go to other stores when you can save money elsewhere? People are dicks anywhere you go. There's nothing wrong with Walmart, those people exist everywhere. What's Walmart gunna do, kick out every obese shopper?

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Sounds like you only read the first sentence of the FML. Give your edgy devil's advocate act a rest.

vanessa09865 23

no #46 JukeBox, if they kicked out every obese customer, they would lose over 90% of their customers.

Lol dude if that piece of shit really did that to someone over bacon then he deserves every name in the book. Never seen Devil's advocate. What the **** happened to "Excuse me?" Or any politeness in general. Treat others the way you want to be treated. You're only defending the reason why wal mart sucks ass. Nothing you say is going to make me change my mind. And I could care less if this gets down voted. Please do.

I don't think I'm better than other people, but I very rarely go to Walmart. I can get better quality things at other places for a similar price. In my Walmart in the middle of the day there might be 2-3 registers open. I have better things to do with my time then wait 30 minutes to check out. Also, everyone I know that works at a Walmart is treated like an animal. Just because I dislike their business practices and choose not to shop there, doesn't mean I think I'm better than anyone else.

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Tigerblossom 19

Maybe OP knew that that particular Walmart was a bad one and meant that he had to resort to going to that one.

Amen! And I must add that not all obese and/or Walmart shoppers are that rude. I love going there; it beats spending more money for the same products!

Am I the only one that finds Save a lot and Aldi's way better than wal-mart? I mean, you can buy the same stuff that's under a different brand name for a lot less. That is if you're only grocery shopping.

I don't think its snobbish to hate Walmart, they have SOME really disgusting/badly run stores. I live near a Walmart that is in a crap neighborhood (just over where my city (the beach) turns into downtown. About three years ago I would shop there maybe once a month for bigger purchases but between the consistent lack of staff, lack of open cashiers, rude customers, crazy parking lot, bad stocking practices and their deplorable produce I said screw it and haven't gone back except once in the las three years when i need an air pump at 1 am. We can access the Navy commissary, I live near three organic independent groceries, a Fresh Market, Whole foods, Trader Joes, organic creamery (Best milk ever) and a target (for things like toilet paper) so I just don't need to put up with Walmart's bullish*t, doesn't mean I think I'm better than the people that shop there I just have better options. I also don't buy any household products made in China, whose track record includes lead paint in toys, bpa in the plastic, bad quality stainless steal and poison in the dog food, and nearly EVERYTHING Walmarts sources comes from China or Mexico, including a large portion of the food products.

Yup those sweet old door greeters that nobody else will hire because of their age and lack of relevant job skills sure are treated like animals!

Yeah that's exactly what I was thinking, maybe the real reason op was pushed outta the way was for being an arrogant douche.

lmngrl889 14

yeah I shop there all the time. that's kind of insulting. I wanted to hit "YDI" just for that too. oh yeah, and out of all the times I've been to Walmart, nothing like that has ever happened to me.

what's wrong with Walmart? I'm from a rich neighbourhood (despite not being rich myself just pointing that out to not seem like a prick) and all my friends shop there, it's just a regular store there's nothing wrong with that, you'd be an idiot to shop at Macy's or whatever high end store instead of Walmart, there's nothing wrong with saving money and it doesn't really impact your social status (if you're one of the sad people who care about that) hell I've seen people climb out of Lamborghinis to go into walmart (although both were gallardos if those aren't good enough for you all)

Holy geez man. Chill on the debating! I'm supposed to have fun on this site! Not be reminded of gr. 12 debate class.

@173 Funny thing about greeters, maybe it's not the same at every walmart but ours will not let them sit down during shift. Do you want to be that age and have to stand for multiple hours? Someone I know is 65, granted he wasn't hired as a greeter he was supposed to be on registers. They pushed him to stocking which, he could handle he just had to go slower. Then when the 25 year old had to quit unloading the stacks from the trucks due to a back injury. He got pushed into that. When he talked to the supervisors, they told him to quit and that it wasn't hard to find "another body" to do the work. Thats only two instances. If that's the type of people you support then good for you, but I do not. Aldis is better quality and price than Walmart is for food, during sales krogers is cheaper too. I am a college student, paying my own way. It's not like I have money to waste or that I think I'm better. It is simply the choices I have made. I don't think less of people for shopping there so why should people think less of me for choosing not to?

I find that very many of Walmarts customers are not, in fact, obese. You are just as narrow-minded as some of the other commenters here.

onorexveritas 23

168 - those may be good places and perhaps no one would disagree with you.... if those places were available to us to shop at

Why should the greeters get to sit when the cashiers don't? I don't feel bad for them because they know that when they apply for the job that it is a standing position. That having been said, all four of the Wal*Marts in my area allow their less able greeters to sit on a chair. They not only let them sit but I've seen the greeters be given small table set-ups so that they can have water and stuff nearby the way the cashiers do. I have also never experienced anything worse than catching a couple people shopping in my many years of shopping at Wal*Mart. It all depends on the business practices of the actual Store Manager as to how good or bad a Wal*Mart is.

That's nice that you have all the high "quality" stuff around you...not everybody has a navy commissary or "organic" market accessible to them.