By notadoorman - 25/07/2014 18:16 - United States - Elmont

Today, I held the door open for a woman and her kids on my way out of the bank. She started accusing me of patronizing her, and when I just let go of the door in protest, she deliberately leaned in so it hit her in the face. I felt the glares from the entire bank as she pretended to cry. FML
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Box0choklitz 8

She deserved it for being that kind of person.

And women wonder why chivalry is damn near dead smh


Ghastly_fml 15

Well I hope it wasn't too bad OP! She sounds mean, at least she had to leave at some point!

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Being stressed doesn't give you the excuse to be an asshole.

Ha wow b*tch!

srgsk9 9

@23, so why would she lean into the door? She thought it might knock her out and it would get her away from her kids? OP was being nice and she turned it into a civil rights crusade. Just say "thank you" regardless of who's holding it. How hard is that?

incoherentrmblr 21

This is one reason why chivalry is almost dead. I'm surprised she hasn't tried to sue you with her fraudulent injury. Definitely needs a follow up...

Chivalry is bullshit. Holding the door open for someone is just the decent thing to do, regardless of gender, especially if they're towing round a couple of kids. Sorry this ******* bell end didn't appreciate your kindness, OP.

#65 a follow up for what? "she hasn't tried to sue me yet. I'll follow up again tomorrow". not much to follow up on.

Its her fault that she is stressed


Box0choklitz 8

She deserved it for being that kind of person.

If that was my mother I would be so embarrassed. This lady should be ashamed and teach her kids better.

Imagine what her poor kids must go through.

Feminists. Smh

One of the kids should step up and tell the mom to stop acting like child.

Imagine what the kids will end up like with a mum that'll go that far to get any attention.

That's insulting to children, even they don't act like that.

And women wonder why chivalry is damn near dead smh

Sometimes I am ashamed of the human race.

That includes you, buddy,

No, I am ape. Caesar says humans good. I no like human.

Thank goodness I happen to be a potato.

titandesu 14

and a great one at that

Not just 'a', but *THE* great one :D

Some people are just ass holes

I hope you hit her with the door again in the back on the way out.

That would be well deserved but a bad example for her kids

103 - With her for a mother, those kids are going to be shitstains regardless of what OP does.

She got some insecurity issues. At least you had the mind to help. Don't let some thickheads make you stop doing that.

Or maybe she's just a feminist.

Dont you just hate people like her.

I would have just slammed it on her face and walked away

I always hold the door open for people, even if they're far away because it's funny watching them run. This woman is just a whiny bitch.