By Jennandco - United Kingdom
  Today, my fiancé called me 'thick' for not realising he'd been sleeping with his ex earlier. FML
Jennandco tells us more :
Hey guys, OP here! Yeah hahah, it was just funny because literally 5 minutes before hand, I questioned whether he had, because I had my suspicions and he had a huge go at me for even suggesting it. I'm basically 'thick' because I didn't figure that when we were arguing about his number of jobs, he said 'at least I'm not an unemployed prick' he was talking about his actual genitalia, rather than just his employment (we weren't having sex because I was still recovering from an operation because I had been really ill) I didn't want to believe it because we had been on/off for 6 years and he really meant a lot, but then he showed me their messages discussing their sex just to hurt me further, but then expected me to get over it. So I guess then I kind of had to, huh? But it wasn't the first time he had done that, first time I tried to get over it. Not this time.
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  Setareh23  |  34

@32 probably jealousy and pride. Something like "ha, that bitch thinks she stole him away from me, but the truth is that he has always loved me more, I'm better than her, and this proves it. And now she's the one who is the fool since obviously she has no idea" Pretty delusional if you ask me. You wouldn't be his "ex" and reduced to a secret squeeze if he truly loved you, no matter what he says. Which (imo) makes you the much greater fool than the one being cheated on.

  Brandi_Faith  |  33

32. I think it's one of those "love is blind" things. I think that the "other" person is usually in love and they think that the cheating person is in love with them the same way they are with him/her. They don't realize that the cheating person has more years put in and has developed a whole life with their spouse and that they're just getting their extra stuff on the side as a filler of what they think is lacking in their marriage. Which is why most of the cheaters never leave their spouse for that other person.
What always amazes me is when the cheater does leave for the other person and they get married and both think their marriage will last. First off, as you said, they cheated to be with you what's going to stop them from doing it to you, and secondly, their relationship was based on a lie and was based on the thrill of not getting caught, so when that dies so will the relationship. And then there's the main one, the cheater usually loved his spouse for (let's say) 20 different reasons and they felt they were missing 1 thing, so they get it elsewhere. Well now they're married to the other person and are only getting that 1 thing, which makes them regret that they left their spouse and those 20 other things.

My grandpa cheated on my grandma and they got divorced, he dumped the girl he cheated on her with shortly after and ended up in a common law marriage with someone else that he only saw a few days a week. My grandma got cancer (20 yrs later) and was dying, so my grandpa came to see her. He told her that he always loved her, but he felt like he was just too far gone and had done too much to try and go back to her. Sadly, although she did end up remarried, she always loved him and would've taken him back if he tried before she got remarried. It was so sad.

  ItsAUnicorn  |  27

I thought thick was associated with figure? Like, curvy figures but still, you know, trained and stuff. At least, that's how we use and know it here. In our context, thick is indeed a good thing

  blackonblight  |  32

Depends on the fire. Wildfires often are fought with a controlled burn to remove flammable materials in the path, in order to "starve" the fire when it reaches that point.