By fuckdubstep51 - United States - Willingboro
Today, my boss gave me a warning for "insulting our best customer" after she saw a comment on her customer card saying "stop giving this fat bitch free samples." My boss had written it in the first place, but refuses to either remember or admit it. FML
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  Futacy  |  29

#41, I guess it depends on whether she comes only to eat the free samples or if she buys stuff and then stuffs her face with samples on the way out.

  tisvana20  |  6

Secure a new job THEN quit. There is no reason OP should have to put up with that boss.

Besides, with a boss like that, OP will probably get fired eventually.

  alycion  |  38

It makes sense. Boss knows he did it. Didn't want to admit it. Needed fall guy so gave op a warning. Now he disciplined someone and can attempt to keep up the illusion that he was innocent.

  tisvana20  |  6

Get a new job THEN quit. The boss is going to get OP fired eventually and OP is in a dead end job anyways.

You wouldn't stay with an emotionally abusive partner because of a house, so why would you do that with a boss?

  SuaSponte  |  1

Quit? Quitting will get you nowhere in life. Everybody will deal will shitty bosses in their life, you just have to suck it up, not take the easy route and giving up.

By  AznSamoan52  |  10

Don't worry Op. Your fucktard boss is trying to "mask the pain of guilt." She's trying to put the blame on others to make herself look good to others. I'd say quit the job before she makes gives you a bad rep.