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By Anonymous - 15/10/2013 21:48 - United States - Round Lake

Today, my boyfriend dumped me for knowing more about Batman than he does. He's only seen some of the movies, and as a kid my dad owned a comic book store. He still doesn't see why I should know more, because I'm a girl, and "girls aren't supposed to know about superheroes." FML
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You're better off without a sexist idiot anyway.

You should hit him with your batarang for his sexism ;)


You're better off without a sexist idiot anyway.

ViRepz 28

Im more wondering if OP and her bf are like 14?

Gearden 8

I wonder what he would say if he knew that some super heroes are girls. bat girl, wonder woman, etc.

orsombre_fml 11

Whatever his age, his attitude is stupid. OP is far better without him. There are a lot of guys who are smart, sexy, and will enjoy OP's knowledge about comics!

Can I just say upfront that this guy is obviously a moron. Society is largely equal nowadays, that is to say men and women are equally empowered in the western world. This dunce represents the exception to modern thinking, please keep this in mind before all you wonderful ladies start burning your bra's...

I know lots of real men who would find that not only amazing but super hot! **** him OP, in the comic world, you are queen!

kyu_Q 19

What an ass. That is something you can bond with and share and learn. Send him back to the 60's

I never realized how many FML posts there are involving sexism until now.... From my understanding theres a lot.

fucMyLifeSoHard 18

#16- Yep, that's why she said " as a kid... comic book store."

Okay do you know how rare it is to find a girl like this? I would be happy just being friends with one, but this dumb ass dumped one because he felt like you weren't supposed to like super heros? OP let's be honest I think I speak for most of the fml community when I say you can do better.

The reason we stay hidden is because of assholes like this OP's ex-boyfriend. Sadly, most of us have run into "boy's club" jerks like him and it makes us retreat into our homes to play pokemon in our fuzzy jammies rather than attempt to find a nerdy boyfriend who isn't a total urinal cake.

u kno what's harder than finding a female nerd like this? a queer female nerd....would be sooo hot.

Surely that should be "You're better off without that joker"

I hate hearing on FML about sexist people like him. It makes me loose all my faith in humanity

hatemyluck 15

I agree with katt_is_here. Guys like that aren't even worth any time. He's just super insecure because you're cooler than him.

She said " as a kid her dad ran a comic book store". She never said I'm a kid right now that goes in a comic book store owned by my dad a lot

You should hit him with your batarang for his sexism ;)

Hopefully she dresses as Bat Girl as well. You know, so he gets the full effect.

\ 28

Screw that, dress up as Harley Quinn and do something worse :)

Or you could simply just bat-hand him!

You're well shot of him then, you shouldn't have to put up with someone who thinks people should (or shouldn't) know things depending entirely on their gender. Ridiculous.

All men with functioning vision should know what a penis looks like without thinking about it. All women with functioning vision should know what a ****** looks like without thinking about it. Beyond that, anything is fair game for both genders.

I would hope that women and men would know what the other genders body looks like without putting a lot of philosophical thought into it.

Lemurcat 12

I beg to differ. I'm a girl and ever since a young age, I was never a contourist who could look down at my Va-jay-jay, I never looked at it in a mirror, I've never changed a diaper, and in sex-ed classes at school, they used a star to represent the lady hole (and arrow for the man's rod) So I wasn't able to know what a ****** looked like without thinking about it until I looked up **** in my senior year of high school.

Sounds like your boyfriend has some issues... Don't worry, you'll find someone who loves the fact you know about super heroes. :)

Gearden 8

I certainly would love it if my gf was nerdy.

Well, I'm slightly nerdy myself, being a gamer girl. I have come across these similar idiots like OP's bf and even worse.

As a gamer and geek, I can tell you girls like us are in high demand, OP. Video games, comic books, MTG, and D&D brought my husband and I together. Guys tell him how lucky he is all the time to have found a woman who doesn't just tolerate his hobbies, but joins in.

vuduguru 5

#52 you are so right, I kinda wish my fiance was nerdy and enjoyed playing mtg or d&d or even just a video game with me, so to say girls like you or like op are in high demand is an understatement!

#78, try asking her to sit in on a game, even if she doesn't want to play. I had never played D&D or Gurps before my husband got me into it, and I'd only played Magic on Xbox.

SuperMew 22

I got into roleplaying games in high school when I discovered Magic and Yu-Gi-Oh. I also dabbled in D and D, but we had a horrible dungeon master who would kill me all the time because I didn't want to date him. But now, at 21, I tend to spend my weekends at Magic matches with my friends. I am not sure where people get the idea girls do not like creative outlets like these games.

42, 52, and 101 please tell me none of you are single because if you are that is a shame.

I feel like wonder woman and bat girl would say other wise.

StupidSauce 5

With his mentality... you should be happy y'all broke it off.

That's when you discuss Batman paradoxes with his friends and laugh as he can't keep up.

it's a guy thing lol guys know super heros and girls know shopping..some guys will never be cool with girls knowing more about guy stuff..personally I like it cause we would have something in common. .good luck op

Hobbies and interests shouldn't be segregated by gender.

"it's a guy thing lol" - the exact reason why women have been shunned in male-dominated arenas for time immemorial. You're normalising sexism with that attitude. Stop it.

MyUsernameKatie 31

I agree. I know more about cars then my boyfriend, but that doesn't mean I'm "more of a man" then he is

It goes both ways. A guy who knows more about make-up than his girlfriend or collects dolls would be equally shunned by most people. There will always be differences in the sexes beyond physiology. It doesn't mean they're not equal, just different. That said, this is an extreme case and the guy is an idiot.

SobrietyKills 14

"Girls know shopping" are you some type of serious idiot? Just because someone has a ****** doesn't mean they like to blow their money whenever they can.

Lemurcat 12

Saying that you like it when girls know more about "guy things" doesn't make your statement or yourself any less sexist.

SuperMew 22

Twisted, but historically men used to weak make-up almost more than women. Fashion, make-up, even the color pink more than a hundred plus years ago would have been the realm of men. It was not until the Victorian Era that make-up started to be considered immoral. Egyptian men would put kohl on their eyelids. Early American presidents, like Washington wore wigs and make-up. I also don't think men who know more about make-up are shunned. Most people would just assume they were gay.

Xandrick 22

Not to mention that in a certain age long ago (in which Shakespeare based his plays off of) men who showed their legs off were considered to be more "manly".