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Today, my boyfriend called me and I told him about the AnimeCon I'm attending, and that I wanted to go as Sailor Mars, he told me he had no idea what that was. After being mad for about ten minutes, I realized that I wanted to break up with him over not knowing what Sailor Moon was. FML
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It's really fun reading that in an Indian accent. "Welcome to Apple Tech Support. Sailor moon is my favorite show. Do you need help with your iPod device? I have watched all two hundred episodes. SCREW YOU; I NOW VOID YOUR WARRANTEE!"

  megapeyt  |  17

OP stfu. He sounds like a normal HIGHER functioning human being. You on the other hand have your head so wrapped around a FANTASY world that DOESN'T even exist that for the few moments when reality bites you in the ass, you get pissy and hurt people around you. Grow the frick up. Your boyfriend deserves better.

Besides, the way I look at it, if you're willing to break up with him over something THAT inconsequential, he really is wasting his time.

  OtakuX  |  0

Actually, no, Sailor Moon DOES appeal to male anime fans. At Sailor Moon panels at cons, about half the people there are guys, myself included. Hell, I got into anime BECAUSE of Sailor Moon, back in 95.

And that's a DAMN good reason to dump some guy.

  OtakuX  |  0

I've dumped girls for not knowing Astro Boy, Voltron, Patlabor, and Evanglion. Different girls. If they don't know important stuff, why would I stay with them?

  Greed_fml  |  0

You elitist fuck, you deserve to be alone for the rest of your life. I hate otakus who think they're above everyone else for knowing all the japanese names for obscure series. Fuck you, you're not worthy of respect.


Ummmm, We just like anime. And Becuase you don't have any intrest in it is fine, just, I dont find a reson why should hate us. and why would me think were above everyone eles ....seriously, you like what you like, we like what we like.

  TSDM  |  0

#318, that's harsh isn't it? And as for anime fans knowing obscure stuff, Sailor Moon was almost as mainstream as Dragon Ball Z in its time.

  markssh  |  0

You're dumped them for not knowing about certain characters/series? I hope you realize they wouldn't know unless they were an otaku. That's a small thing. It's your job to educate them and watch the series with them. If they won't do it, then I can maybe see a cause for dumping them.


I don't know how much YOU know about anime, but if you knew half as much as you seem to try to act like you know, you'd definitely know that Sailor Moon is hardly "obscure" in any sense. So how about you take the elitist stick out of your ass before you go berating other people?

  I_Bite  |  22

I think for me it wouldn't bug me enough to dump them unless they blatantly refused to even try to pay an interest. Simply because I'm more than happy to try and be interested in things that are important to him enough to talk about it at least

  Dante167  |  0

Haha dude I totally agree. Anime kids should stay with other anime kids. They're so weird/socially awkward, noone but other otakus/pseudo asians deal with them. :P

Can you imagine if she found out he was cheating on her? She would probly throw some hand signs and try to kill him with some jutsu.

OP: YDI for being such a nerd. :D

  blargity  |  0

how does she deserve it for being a nerd?
maybe she deserves it for being overly obsessive but not for being a nerd :D
this is a bad reason to break up which is a lot like that girl who wanted "someone more like edward cullen"
geeks/dorks/nerds are generally much more friendly and accepting than the rest of society so therefore they pwn everyone else

  Lichinamo  |  33

Not all anime fans are socially awkward. One of my friends who loves Ouran High School Host Club is one of the most popular boys in my grade and is on the football team.