By Bareassed - 29/07/2009 04:13 - United States

Today, I was at a water park with my family. They wanted me to stand underneath this big bucket filled with water. I didn't know it tips over, and my swimsuit isn't the tightest, so when all the water fell down, my swimsuit bottoms fell to my knees in front of tons of kids. FML
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Why would you think the bucket wouldn't tip over? YDI

And what else would a large bucket full of water at a water park possibly do?


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Wear a swimsuit that fits you to avoid this from happening again. Btw, not second!

Could of been an old swimsuit and that she lost weight.

YDI for not getting a fitting swimsuit. It's loose because you're a ***** and it's easier to take off.

Hey you're the only one complaining. Pics please.

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Haa!!! I went to raging waters a couple of weeks ago and was watching people do that surfing thing that shoots up water. One guy's pants flew off AND they had to turn the water off. There was A LOT of people watching. THEN i went down Drop Out wearing a TIGHT bikini AND a body glove. Both flew up and i flashed a bunch of kids who were sitting at the end of the ride. It happens. Luckily, you will never see those people again. Maybe.

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Well if there was that much water falling, you must have been able to pull them up without them really seeing that much right? Unless you just stood there frozen till they stopped dumping it.

Why would you think the bucket wouldn't tip over? YDI

The OP clearly says "I didn't know it tips over"

And what else would a large bucket full of water at a water park possibly do?

of course it was gonna tip over. lol. YDI

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seriously. "come on, stand under this innocent giant bucket of water at this water park! no no no, it's not supposed to get you wet!"

FYL for being so stupid and NOT thinking that a large bucket of water that your family wanted you to stand under, wasn't going to tip over.

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I live in OK like the OP and I know this waterpark (or at least, one with these buckets) The buckets fill and tip over about every minute, so it doesn't take a genius to realize what was gonna happen.

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Think about it- a bucket of water is gonna tip over isn't it. YDI

I think ive been in that waer part, lake garda was it? cause if so there is ALOT of water in that bucket and its is pretty powerfull... so hate that FYL :P

All over the world, there are water parks with buckets that fill up and stuff. Your park isnt special buddy

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surely someone had a camera at a water park

And that's why you get a brazilian even if you're going somewhere like this with your family.