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Today, my girlfriend dumped me because I have never read any of the Harry Potter books. FML
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Buttsexpirate 9

Could've been worse OP. It could've been the Twilight series. *shudders*

thesunsetglow_fml 8

183 - Your picture is of you shirtless in a bathroom mirror. You really aren't in a position to judge how shallow a person is.


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Tell that dirty B not to judge a book by its cover

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I thumbed up, OP's girl obviously felt that was a big enough conflict in interests to end a relationship, they're most likely juveniles.

puppypuncher 5

26, if it hurts to get thumbed down, don't post a comment worthy of thumbs down. Just because Harry Potter is your thing, doesn't mean everyone else must enjoy it, or go through a breakup because they haven't read it.

That's the dumbest thing I ever heard OP, getting dumped for not reading a fiction book series, I'm totally taking that when I need a way out of me relationships.

That is true 34, and I think I was a bit harsh, but it was my opinion. What's the point of lying?

SpruceDread4578 13

...and OP got more YDIs...why? For books? Really?

puppypuncher 5

It's your opinion that OP should be forced to enjoy a book series to be with his girlfriend? Not that they aren't compatible on other levels, but just because OP didn't take an interest in ONE series? That's idiotic. It may be your opinion, but I'm allowed to disagree with it tastefully. Don't lie, just think over how silly that sounds.

No, it's my opinion that Harry Potter rules. I'm not saying that he should be forced into anything. Hey, he might even start to read it and actually enjoy it. I agree, you do have the right to disagree tastefully :)

puppypuncher 5

You said "good on her" in your first comment. I'm quite sure you meant that it's good that she dumped OP by that comment, correct me if I'm wrong, but that's the only explanation I can think of. That's the part that I'm disagreeing on, nothing to do with whether the book is good or not. I haven't said one thing about my opinion on the series. I don't know how you came to the conclusion when I haven't commented on it once. I'm off to work. Good day.

In my opinion, Harry Potter is overrated. There are many other better books out there, it just got lucky.

Zoh_Aubrey 8

I couldn't be with someone who hasn't read or have no intention to read Harry Potter, Green Eggs and Ham, The Very Hungry Caterpillar or Calvin and Hobbes. I.Just.*******.Can't.

puppytaco64 8

Am I the only one thinking of that one FML about phone contacts being changed into HP characters?

nickkingcool 0

dont worry just muggles and there technology

RochelleRedvines 8

And yet, you said "HP rules! :)" as though it was an absolute thing, not an opinion (or even a lie).

Harry Potter is stupid, I'm sorry OP!:'[

How has this became a ydi. Harry Potter is the second worst thing to happen to literature next to Twlight!

GovernorGeneral 8

Harry potter ***** good! I Only read the last bok cause the movie wasnt out but the i read the second last after XD

thesunsetglow_fml 8

183 - Your picture is of you shirtless in a bathroom mirror. You really aren't in a position to judge how shallow a person is.

BeforeItWasCo0L 0

Still no reason to break up with somebody...

#1 Harry Potter did not get lucky like Twilight, it was actually a good read. #2 I am a diehard Potterhead, and I think that getting dumped over it is completely idiotic, so either OP's gf is a nutcase, or she was just looking for an excuse.

What's up with all the YDIs, although I agree HP is somewhat entertaining having read the books, it's nowhere near being the pinnacle of literature or cinema, just because the books don't suck that bad it doesn't mean they should be as overrated and overhyped as they are, the only thing good about HP is that it makes little hipster kids realize that Twilight sucks twice as much.

Horcruxer 0

192- forget being topless, you can almost see his dick. PULL YOUR PANTS UP MAN.

OP- Hey, honey what's up? OP's Gf- We need to talk. OP- Sure. Gf- I feel like we're never on the same page anymore. OP- Are you still talking about me not liking Harry Potter? Gf- I'm sorry but, I just think I need to start a new chapter in my life. OP- *Logs on to FML*

GovernorGeneral 8

Lets just say hes naked. Get some clothes Dx

No no he has pants on. They're just barely visible.

bniggs 0

God stop trying to have all these smart comebacks! Harry potter rules and more power to her if she decides its a deal breaker. Obviously she wants someone to share her passion for the series.

Harry Potter is the only book I've read for fun. I know, I need to read more books but there is no reason to dump over one not reading it. She used it as an excuse.

291- she broke up with him because he had never read the books. Sorry, that's not a good reason to end things. It's not like she even gave him a chance to try reading them anyway. My boyfriend never read the books, but to make me happy, to have something to enjoy with me, he watched every. Single. Movie. More than once. Who says OP wouldn't have done that, given the chance? And even if he didn't, who cares? It shouldn't be a deal breaker.

Ok 1) ops gf prob jus needed an excuse out of the relationship 2) stop hatin on twilight and 3) even though hp is ok ppl still have varryed opinions some say it rule otheres say it,blows DEAL WITH IT!

^ "stop hatin on twilight"? Oh no dear, we can't do that.

Like a series shouldnt really be a deal breaker so... sorry I guess. But honestly ! how can you not have read Harry Potter?

I really don't get how this comment got so many likes. She's DUMPING SOMEBODY - someone who cares for you - over a ******* book that he just shows no interest in. Are you idiots that stupid enough to say he deserved it?

GovernorGeneral 8

Maybe OPs gf didnt dump him cause of the harry potter was probably an excuse...she didnt know how to tell him or when...perfect chance for her i suppose.

dukeunidude 4

Agreed. I would never date a muggle anyways!

Cat_Daniels 6

I feel ya guy who hates shirtless guys pic!! And shirt guy? HARRY POTTER ******* RULES

gandalf is many times better then those pussys in HP who try to fake latin

samanthaxx87 1

how on earth is harry potter bad literature? or anywhere near the level of twilight?? twilight is.....obviously a joke....harry potter is not. at all...

Haha wouldn't be an FML if you ask me.

punjabtimelord 18
bustub2 8

I haven't even seen all the movies.

I see no point OP reading any of the HP books unless he wants to as his girlfriend has already dumped him.

The movies aren't as bad as the books. But damn, they're trying.

SecretMe00 5

Not everyone likes reading! You people need to get the hell over certain books!

xShannonxSammyx 7

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If you don't have time to curl up and read a book, you're doing it wrong.

Not having time is the silliest reason not to read a book. Don't read said book because you're uninterested in it. Don't read said book because you prefer reading other books. But don't use time as an excuse; there's always time if you make it.

If you try to make time then here's other stuff you can't do, reading isn't my facourite thing to do but its not bad, but it takes a while to read seven 500 page books.

I'm sorry, but some people actually have full time jobs and full time studies. Sometimes there simply is no time to read a Story. Hell, my significant other almost broke up with me because I have no time for him thanks to my studies. So yes, time is a very important issue..

xkayxkayx 5

I haven't read a good book in 3 years because of lack of time. Between kids, college, and a husband I'm lucky if I get to shower alone. I really do have no time. If I am going to read something i'm obviously going to pick a text book over something more interesting. Lack of time may sound like a "silly" reason not to read a good book but it's true in some cases.

Am I the only one who doesn't understand how these people are saying they have absolutely no time at all and yet they're posting comments on FML wasting their "precious" time.

There's a bit of a difference between going on an app on your phone for a few minutes, compared to reading a 500 page book for hours.

Also, I'm sure that the people who are posting saying they have no spare time at all do have a bit of spare time, it is just spent on important things like family, studying, taking care of themselves, etc... Not silly things like reading fictional stories.

StopDropNRoll 11

Come the other guy is right if ppl really had no time they wouldn't be on this app. I mean if you don't have time for a shower alone but can manage to waste 15-30 min reading the new fmls and commenting, that's just hard to believe.

xStaciexLynnx 15

To some of us reading is not 'silly' and you can read a book for a few minutes just like you can get on this app for a few minutes.

jaredofmo 22

#10 and #48, you guys are my heroes. Don't have time to read because of your kids? Get a book to read with your kids! Harry Potter, Oz, Tom Sawyer, Narnia, there's a large list you and your kids can enjoy together. Literature improves the mind because it makes you think, even if you think, "dang, this sucks." I read the Harry Potter books for the first time last year from August to October.

Why are people so fixated over this series of books? How the **** is this a YDI? Not reading a book is just as important to a relationship as not liking a certain food...

Just making a point, everyone is saying "7 500 page books, time, blah blah) busy as people are, a book doesnt have to be finished in a day, a week, or even a month. What about 20 minutes a day? I am not saying that not having time is no excuse, because some people literally can not even spare 20 minutes...but most people that claim to not have time can spare at least 20 minutes a day, at some point or another...what about when taking a dump? Reading time right there. Point is, the length of the books and how many there are is irrelevant...a few pages, 20 minutes a day...that is all it takes, regardless of the books.

Cookiegirl222 0

Actually no. You can read at any time. Waiting in line? U can read. Sitting in bed? You can read. At some boring event? You can read. It's so easy, you could just read 5 minutes a day. It doesn't matter if you have a full time job.

Poser1337 5

I personally hate Harry Potter. Sorry, you can have your opinion, I'll have mine. Yes, I can read. Yes, I have read one of the books. No, I don't care if you thumbs me down. I'm stating my opinion.

polkadot3155 6

you have time for FML but not reading? haha okayyy...

CheerGrl0001 4

ObK well my sister has two ap classes she is in NHS and she's read all those dumb books && she loves reading. I DON'T like reading and I don't have ap classes and I'm not in NHS and there is no time even on a good solid no homework day to do something I want to have nothing to do with..( books!) wonder how the hell she does it!!!???

It's not always the time. Some of us just have no desire to read it.

348 - FINALLY someone who gets it. It's not that we have time to read - we do that a lot. It's just that we don't give a shit.

samanthaxx87 1

may i suggest reading another one. because depending on which book you read, your opinion might change. tbh the first book isn't really that great of a book. the 7th however (in my opinion) is much better

Really? Because you seem to have time to post ignorant comments on fml.

Wolvy_fml 3

Just be like everyone the movies and lie.

last time people tried to "just be like everyone else" voldemort and the death eaters nearly killed everyone.

Yha......... No one dose that *cough fail*

Oasispetro1 4

that is totally not what everyone does. it's what YOU do. please don't make assumptions, I'm sure there are other people like me here who've read all the books several times over.

Wolvy_fml 3

Hahahaha people take things so literally/seriously.

Yeah, and when your girlfriend asks you what you thought of peeves you can say...?

The movies ******* suck! The only way to experience HP is through the books

TheShroomMonger 2

Looks like OP has a lot of reading to do if he wants his Girlfriend back!

I don't know how to respond to that question

If so, then there must be a lot of bitches here on FML.

ok Luke. if you watch Jessie you get it.

you haven't?! i've only read 7 books in my whole life and it was that series. you're missin out

Only 7 in your whole life Pentium!? That's so sad to me.. I viewed your profile noticing you're just as active as me and we seem to have similar interests, I suggest the Steve Jobs biography that was recently published! :)

haha, i was attempting to be funny and i failed. you're into electronics? that's awesome, what specifically?

denbeste 3

Steve jobs is dead. We wont hear anything more about that idiot anymore. Seems like cancer finally did something right! :D Yay cancer!

I'm really into a little bit of everything, from computers to gaming consoles, I'm big video game fan but love building computers/doing LED mods and such, over locking CPUs, really anything. Anyways, I suggest the book because he was such a private person and I can't stand how the public judge him without knowing much about him, I personally not a fan of him anymore after reading the book, I'm a much larger Steve Wozniak fan, however. You'll have to read it yourself and find out why! :D

nice man! i also like wozniak more. overclocking is fun, especially P4's HA. such a deep pipeline

I have a hydro-cooled i5 atm, I swear I could use that as my A/C for my house the air it blows off is so cold! :P

sick! yeah i have an H80 on my 2500K. i'm gonna send you a message with my full specs and games i play, cause i doubt anyone here will want to read it and might be considered "spam" lol

I use the app on my iPhone.. Do I have to use a computer to view messages? I've never known. >.

i'm on my phone too, i just use my internet browser on my phone haha

nickkingcool 0

your a horrible person i hope you regret saying someones death is great

Llama_Face89 33

55- you really have no idea how much Steve Jobs did for the technological world, do you? Now I'm no apple-fag (PC all the way) but its hard to be ignorant of his accomplishments. I'd say impossible but you exist apparently.

121- he contributed nothing technology wise, innovation wise, yes. He was nothing but a business man who made things look clean and easy to use, he was a mean but effective boss, however almost none of Apple's products were his ideas.. His engineers however, brilliant, brilliant people.

charlieohcharlie 12

#55 How can you applaud a person's death, especially in the horrible way cancer makes your body degenerate slowly and painfully? He was no murderer, rapist, child abuser, ruthless dictator, nor some political leader responsible for the deaths of millions of civilians during wars and so-called "anti-terrorist attacks" - so despite of not being any of the aforementioned but because of all the apple fanboys, media coverage and actually quite advanced and renovating technologies Apple Inc brought to the world, this man deserved to die? Furthermore, from my experience, it's the people who have never tried out the Apple OS that feel such strong feelings of hate toward it. I feel for you when you rejoice at someone's death - and I do hope you do not find yourself in a situation where your loved ones leave you long before their time. Clearly, either you have not dealt with death before which makes you very lucky indeed but sadly, also incredibly lacking of any form of empathy for another person's feelings, or you are emotionally immature, or unable to express normal human emotion, which would make you some sort of sociopath. Though most importantly, you do not get to judge who is worthy of living and who isn't.

Being proud of having only ever read the Harry Potter books is like being proud of having only eaten hamburgers. They're certainly a fine food, nothing wrong with them. But think about how people would react if you told them you only ate hamburgers. And think about the effect that has on your health.

samanthaxx87 1

you dislike iTunes? and iPods? and iPhones?

Buttsexpirate 9

Could've been worse OP. It could've been the Twilight series. *shudders*

CalCommando 6

*vomits on Stephanie Meyer's cat* Yeah, my mom hasn't read all of them yet, so don't sweat it.

Zoh_Aubrey 8

At least Harry Potter has substance--like friendship and believing in yourself. Twilight? How to bite your lip and sparkle in the daylight.

obviousboy 8

If a chick is dumb enough to dump you over twilight, then you just came out ahead.

Don't worry I think Blade is taking care of Edward and company

At least she did not dump you for ******* TWILIGHT. God Bless You!

Who cares what book it is, it's still a moronic reason.

Androidz 0

Tell her you were going to dump her for not watching every episode of My Little Pony. Her face will be satisfactory.

Watching MLP:FiM over reading Harry Potter any day.

I'd watch Spongebob over reading HP. Hell, he's still awesome after all these years. HP was never anything to me.