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Today, I was dumped. My boyfriend was too afraid to break up with me, so he sent the girl he cheated on me with. FML
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delamer 8

We need a "You're better off" button. :p

I wouldn't say slap her. The best revenge is kindness. All you needed to tell her was if he cheated on you then he's most likely going to cheat on her. That would've ****** up the relationship


delamer 8

We need a "You're better off" button. :p

I'd say she's better off.. I cant believe he didn't have the courage to tell you himself OP. I bet his ass hole compensates for his lack of balls.

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HannahWho 8

While I agree its a shitty move to make, the Other Woman no obligation to Op to not cheat. It is not morally sound but since she did not (seem to) know Op before there is no reason to believe that she knew the complete situation. Op's boyfriend could have 1) told her he was free, 2) said Op was abusive or terrible and he was going to break up with her, 3) been without morals and not cared. It is not the girl's obligation to make sure the bf treats his SO well.

HannahWho 8

Sorry, the first line got messed up. I meant to say, "The girl in this situation did not owe Op anything. They were most likely not friends and the girl would not have known the full situation. Op was not in a relationship with that girl and it was not her problem or fault that Op's SO decided he wanted to seek sexual intercourse elsewhere.

Actually, from the way it sounds, the other girl did know, so she owed the OP an apology. First for helping OPs boyfriend cheat (it takes 2 to tango) and second for not telling OPs ex to grow a pair and break up with OP himself. The other girl probably just wanted to rub in the fact that she "got her man" ( "man" being used loosely in this case, real men aren't pansies and don't feel the need to cheat)

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Amazing!!!!!!!!! Exactly!!!!!!!!! So incredibly true!!!!!!!!! Need i say more?

Jakesterk96 8

He wasn't afraid, he was watching from a distance hoping for a cat fight.

sonrisapreciosa 6

You would think that the "other girl" would be smart enough to not be with such a loser. You're better off OP.

The other girl's already got issues, don't add any more. If anyone requires physical abuse, it's the boyfriend

HannahWho 8

Op entered into a social and romantic contract with her boyfriend, not this random girl. The girl had no obligation to Op. Maybe the girl didn't even know the whole situation or story, she might have believed Op's Idiot Ex was single. If I were the Idiot Ex I would not have told the Other Woman the truth, I would make myself look good by saying Op was some sort of crazy, stupid girl who I wanted away from. If I am interested in someone and express that interest (in a non-crazy way) it is up to the person in a relationship to tell me, "No I am not interested I am with so and so." If I show interest in a male and he says, "I am single/down for it" then it is not my fault, it is his. While morally, if the girl even knew, she should have said no, she really has no reason to put Op above her own needs.

I don't know how low that was, but if you see him again kick him in the ******* balls. And watch him cry.

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41 There aren't any legally bound contracts to guaranteeing a relationship, don't over complicate life.

HannahWho 8

Why? The girl didn't cheat on Op. She has a right to have sex with whomever is willing if she is single. Op's boyfriend is the one who is at fault.

faceplantangel 4

#43 sounds like she has been on the receiving end of one angry ex girlfriend.Feeling the need to defend your actions much??this is like the 3rd comment I have seen with you defending the Other women. Did he tell you his girlfriend was a mean girl an he just wanted to "cuddle" in your boobs to feel better.Oh yeah I can see how your the victim too.plz.

Let's see how many more times 43 comments on this one.. Probably is the other woman..

desireev 17

43- In the FML, it says that the punk-ass-ex was too afraid to break up with OP himself, so he sent the other woman to do it. That CLEARLY means that the girl knew she was going to break up with OP for the idiot. The other girl knew what she was doing when she went to talk to OP. That is grounds to get knocked the **** out, in my opinion. The girl came to MY house to tell me that MY boyfriend wanted to be with her and not me anymore. Although, he deserves it as well, I would have knocked that bitch out! Op, you're way better off, honey! You don't deserve that! And I really hope that you got some satisfaction out of the situation and slapped the bitch!

Icecream93 4

the girl could not have known her boyfriend was cheating on op?

94 - The boyfriend sent her to break up with him, and she did. I'd say she knew. 43 - You have no sense of morality. I hope you get nowhere in life.

I wouldn't say slap her. The best revenge is kindness. All you needed to tell her was if he cheated on you then he's most likely going to cheat on her. That would've ****** up the relationship

It's true, it's worked out for me before...

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3 comments in a row, and all having to do with slapping someone. You can do it, Nicky! Slap her ******* head off!

OP, your ex-boyfriend is a jerk. He doesn't even have the guts to dump you himself. I'm guessing he's a pathetic low-life.

**** kindness, that chick cut output grass and then came to rub it in your face - slap the bitch up the side of the head!

newgiaw 3

True. If he was such a chicken why do you need him anyway?

iiFrench_Fries 5

That says enough about his character... Fyl OP

22cute 17

Yes, but I'd say YDI for dating a big coward.

he's no man to handle it himself. Fate is telling you that you deserve better

No need to be dating a poon anyways. Bette off I say

I find it surprising that the girl actually confronted you.

She has quite some balls, or is out of her mind

desireev 17

Yeah, a girl would have to be out of her mind to confront me and bring me news like that. I'm an extremely nice person, but don't mess with me! Especially with something like that! Because, I PROMISE I WILL SNAP!

I know! What can she even say? "hey ur bf said it was over."

Why would the girl even go in the first place?

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