By Anonymous - 09/10/2012 05:39 - Australia - Cambridge

Today, my boyfriend had a tantrum because I didn't like Black Sabbath as much as him. Apparently our entire relationship was based on him thinking I did. I've now been labeled "The Queen of Lies." FML
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If he thinks your entire relationship was based on you liking black sabbath I think he's the one lying to himself...

Label him the King of Drama.


If he thinks your entire relationship was based on you liking black sabbath I think he's the one lying to himself...

Ironically, "Queen of Lies" is a pretty good name for a metal song

To be fair Black Sabbath is pretty bad ass.

Well it all depends. Are we talking Dio era Sabbath or Ozzy era. There is a big difference

61, both are equally badass in my opinion. R.I.P. Dio.

I agree, they both kick ass. RIP Dio. But I understand music having a big influence in life. It can help you out of some tough shit (experience) but basing your relationship on it? Its like you're dating a 12 year old that lives his life through their songs....beware of the original demo of War Pigs...

Wow..dump him. If he only liked you for that.....

I don't know if its a dumping thing. But they should talk to find out why OPs BF thought she liked them so much if she didn't infant like them that much. But it doesn't seem like a dump him moment. The bf didn't dump OP so it couldn't have bothered him that much.

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I never even heard of black sabbath. off to google!

Hiimhaileypotter 52

And you felt the need to comment that...why, exactly?

skulltorn 8

Really? Im hoping you are not American because if you are, you failed in life for not knowing Black Sabbath and probably Ozzy.

skulltorn 8

Ah shit good point! I forgot they are from England! Haha

Shhhh Alan facts are not allowed! Pay no attention to accents! Gawd what do you think it this is!

...Black Sabbath is and always will be one of my greatest inspirations.

siickman 7

14, since you seemed so into the music i looked at your profile. I have nothing against your "real music" so no need to call other music crappy. You're telling me real rap isn't music? It may be something you dont enjoy but it is real music. Besides most things that are on the radio, those are usually crappy lol..

I was referring to "most things we play on the radio" I may not like rap, but it's a major part of some of my favorite music (Cory's rapping in Slipknot's "Spit It Out") And as for Sabbath, they are amazing o.o


Posthuman you are every goth boy emo cliche rolled up into one person

14 has the most generic music taste I've ever seen. Such a cliche, and there's also no need to be a dick about other people's music. Everyone has their own idea of what music means and everyone likes different things. Get over it, you prick

unknown_user5566 26

Posthuman, I feel bad for you. It's one thing for people to rag on you for an actual comment, but now they're digging information out of your profile? Pathetic. Kudos to you for never overreacting, and taking the waves of idiocy in stride.

Thank you kyleekay. I find that the best response is no response. If someone says you're wrong, foolish, or stupid, don't open your mouth and prove them right. :)

Of course they are! Once a metal band becomes great they automatically become American! Tis the greatest honor any metal god can be bestowed, didn't you know that? *head bangs*

Volbeat is next :)

BeforeItWasCool 12

Sorry people are being so harsh 14! I hate it when people bring profile information into things. Sabbath are amazing, along with so many British bands. My inspiration too! m/

KiddNYC1O 20

Are you motherfucking readyyyy for the new shit?!

-stands up and admits- tomorrow's never comming?

KiddNYC1O 20

First time I heard that song was in a strip club in Chicago last year.

siickman 7

50, I'm not bashing on him for his music, no need to call anyone pathetic. I simply stated he shouldnt call music he doesnt listen to crappy because there is other music that is good that doesnt involve screaming, banging and guitar solos and what not. (Ignore my POV of your music lol) .. I just felt like i should check his profile because he enjoys music that i dont listen too and i wanted to see what he wrote in his bio. Plus a profile bio is written to be read so chill out before you go name calling.

unknown_user5566 26

72- Understandable. I was mostly referring to #37 & #48, who were rude and used the information you found in his bio against him.

48- Please tell me you inserted that hilarious irony intentionally. "You have such generic taste in music, such a cliche" then "Don't judge other peoples' music choices, you're such a dick"

I wasn't saying anything about the actual music, just the combination he chose to give as his favourite bands made me feel bored.

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I don't like anything new Manson has done. :/

I would agree on some songs, however, the cover of "You're So Vain" he did with Johnny Depp was quite exceptional.

#3 My are the most evil troll ever.

Label him the King of Drama.

call him The King of Dumbasses

Hiimhaileypotter 52

Reminds me of the FML where both the girl and her boyfriend lied to each other, saying they loved horror movies when they really didn't.

Yeah all horror movies suck now. It's all mindless gore and recycled crap. Alfred hitchcock, omen, the original exorcism, and most stephen king's and m. Night (shamylon?) are the only ones I can tolerate.

m. night shamalyn(?) is so predictable. horrible plot lines too. intolerable

If an entire relationship is based on liking the same music, some priorities need to be set straight.

Yeah, you really need more than that in a relationship. For example, you could base a relationship on having really really great sex whilst listening to Black Sabbath. I mean, I wouldn't get married on that basis, but for a semi-casual relationship, that would be awesome.

Well unless that music is, acdc...

Your new title makes you sound like Satan's mother.

He must really love them to pick a girl based on it...

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black sabbath is laaaammme haha

soad2014 7

How. Dare. You. Go. To. Hell. >:(


I've obviously never listened to the "good Sabbath", because I also think they're pretty lame. I get that they're iconic and that they were "revolutionary", but the music (that I've heard at least) is not that great. Similarly, I don't get the love for The Sex Pistols or The Ramones, but at least The Ramones had some catchy, fun songs. The Sex Pistols = lots of noise and bad singing. In my humble opinion.